What Is a Keyholding Service, Anyway?

You’re locked out of your business, now what?

What Is a Keyholding Service, Anyway? Key in the keyhole

The average locksmith will cost you anywhere between $100-$200, or possibly even more than that.

Given the cost of a single mistake, plus a variety of other situations, having a spare key to your business is essential. You can give the key to a trusted employee, or even take on the responsibility of keyholding yourself, but these won’t always provide a foolproof solution.

For example, your keyholding employee could be unavailable or a security issue could arise when you’re not awake to hear your phone go off. This is where professional keyholding services come in. They help your business by providing an extra outlet of relief, whether it’s because of a security concern or a simple mistake.

But what is a keyholding service, anyway? Read on to learn all about keyholder services and how they can benefit your business.

Professional Keyholding Services: What Are They?

Professional key holding services are third-party security companies that hold onto a spare key to ensure that authorized personnel always have access to your business premises, no matter the time or the circumstance. These services add an extra layer of protection and security to help make sure you and your employees can get in your building without having to deal with the expense of hiring a locksmith.

Benefits of Keyholding Services

Keyholding services are about more than just having a spare key that you can always count on. In fact, they add a number of other convenience and security benefits for your business.

24/7 Availability

You may be your business’s one and only keyholder, or you may have one or more trusted employees that hold a spare key as well. However, in the event that no keyholders are reachable or available to bring a key, professional keyholding services are available 24/7.

Additional Add-On Service Options

Many professional keyholding services also offer a variety of other security options to protect your business. For example, if your business’s alarm goes off, they can act as a first responder to investigate the situation so you don’t have to. This is especially convenient for “false alarm” situations that can be an inconvenience.

Plus, by having a keyholder service come out in your place, you won’t be risking your own safety if your alarm goes off for a real intruder. Instead, you’ll have a trained professional with a key that can deal with the situation for you.

Alarm System Knowledge

Many keyholding services also know basic troubleshooting to fix your business’s alarm system. This can save you time and money in the event of a malfunction.

Protect Your Business Today

Being your business’s sole keyholder or trusting keyholding responsibilities to other employees presents a risk to your business. Now that you know more about the benefits of keyholding services, you’ll be more informed about protecting your business and avoiding costly locksmith visits.

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