Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas

Conveniences  that are brought into our lives by household appliances and electronics have a downside. A huge number of wires from a computer system, lights, TV, phone, twisting fancy rings are trying to weave in a tangle of snake or clearly demonstrate what is the “Gordian knot”. Cables are here and there, and the more devices in the home, the greater and more confusing  is the accumulation of different cords. And you’re trying (often unsuccessfully) to disentangle them, to organize or hide them, believing that left in sight wiring spoils the interior. But with our simple advice you`ll realize that it`s not so difficult to tame your digital helpers and to use their wires and cords as interior decorating ideas.

We propose you to use the wires “for peaceful purposes” . To turn your walls into a masterpiece of decorative art. “Yeah, okay” – you might say incredulously and you`ll be wrong. This problem has the original decision, which does not entail large financial costs. in addition, it will bring you great pleasure of creative activity, and you will become the overall winner in a grueling fight with cords on the floor.

Take a look at photo ideas presented here. You can be repeat or use them as a source of inspiration for your creative solutions. Creativity is manifested not only in the decoration of the walls with the help of wires, but also in their decoration in various ways.

We have white wall. Black cable from the lamp is fixed in the right places (in strict compliance with safety regulations!) and voila, –  as a result – a recognizable silhouette of New York, Paris, London, Rome (your choice) or symbolic loom of the building  from your hometown. It looks modern and unusual.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas on the white wall by the black cord

Black cable from the lamps is the perfect material to create a wall of a masterpiece

If you prefer a simple straight lines and clean edges, try a geometric pattern, as in this case. This kind of wall decoration will look great in any space with high ceilings: in the home hall, a theater dressing room or in the shop.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas in the wardrobe. Loft style

The geometric pattern of black cords are always strict and elegant

And here is another example of wall decoration. Simple black cable “naturally” twisted in a bizarre shape, looks very interesting, just like a work of art in the style of abstract art. In addition, it is a simple way to create a focal emphasis in the room, which is organically combined with even expensive designer furniture.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas in the dining room with abstract image

Twisted wire – is now an original design element, whose plexus has turned into artistic merit.

If you haven`t got some ready fruitful idea “what to invent” in your head, you can always experiment with combinations of straight and curved lines, various geometric shapes and abstract shapes. It can give an outstanding result, worthy of an exhibition at the Museum of Design Art.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas. Strange picture on the wall is still interesting

Combinations of lines and shapes of the wires are countless variations

This interesting sketch was created with a long black wire and light bulbs. Great idea for a modern home. All you need is lots of cable and a blank wall. The outline of any vehicle (not necessarily a bus) would create a “road” mood and will remind you that the world is large and it is always opened for travel.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas easily transforming into VW Transporter 5

Decorating with a cord and bulb creates a fantastic effect!

The glamorous version of the cord with a colored textile insulation coating. The uniform arrangement of the grid for the retro-patterned lampshade and weaves on the wall makes the interior cheerful and somewhat childish. Fluorescent color on a white background is a win-win method of “reviving” of the achromatic interior.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas for the lamp with pink shade in the reading zone

Decorative colorful wire enhances the expressiveness of any accessory


Very long cables are typically rolled into reels and try to hide from sight. But by adding a little imagination you can leave electrical items in sight and turn them into spectacular decorations. There is no need to locate figures from wires high above the floor. Skirting will wonderfully suitable for the role of a basis for “a landscape with trees.”

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas twop create a trees from cable

Decorative figures of a long cable was successfully used for decorating lower part of the walls


Try something not too difficult for the decoration of cord in your bedroom. Colored tape or paper would be quite suitable as a material for decorating. And here we have a bright little bird sitting on a branch of the white wire with green leaves. Very cute. And the figure can be changed to some other one, depending on your mood.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas. Bird and tree abstraction

Decorating wires using paper and tape

TV and game console, computer, printer, modem and other office equipment will inevitably have a set of wires that are not so easy to hide. Yes, and do not need to do that! Organize and secure them in a certain order (symmetrically or asymmetrically, as you want) and unlikeable connecting elements will create a unique pattern in the Hi-Tech style.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas for the playzone

The pattern on the wall of the connecting wires

Decorative frame in the Victorian style of a long wire above the fireplace is also an interesting solution. You do not have a fireplace? And the mirror? Maybe the picture? These accessories can be more expressive in the frame of the white outline, and the interior will acquire features of elegant classics.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas imitating fireplace on the empty wall

Decorative frame from wires decorate the fireplace or a mirror

A complex combination of vertical and horizontal lines of the electric wires can visually change the perception of space, making some areas of the premises higher and wider. The contrast of black and white is the most appropriate option for strict classical interiors.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas. Tricky decoration in the loft style of the white area

Decorative set of vertical and horizontal components

Simple design does not necessarily mean boring one. Bright orange cable twisting with rings on a gray background, goes on to the adjacent section of the wall and becomes virtually invisible on the red brick laying. The striking juxtaposition of color combinations is the essence of design ideas.

Wires and Cords as Interior Decorating Ideas in the complex decorated area with red cord

Orange cable looks differently on a gray and red-brown background

Do you still think that to hide the wires under the wallpaper, plaster, wood or plastic panels, into special containers, etc. is the only appropriate solution for the perfect interior design?

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