Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017

It is this room where each of us begins the morning, prepares for a new day by performing a traditional ritual. It is this location where our day ends too, when we need to relax, refresh and get ready for bed after labor feats. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of developing competent, practical, functional and beautiful bathroom interior. As it is most often we need to plan the location of plumbing, storage systems and accessories based on a small bathroom area in a standard apartment, it will be very expedient to take a closer look on bathroom design trends & decoration ideas 2017 with photos. And the fact all the designers’ tips visually expand the space will be useful for most of us.

Semi-arched vault in the loft marble finished bathroom 2017 White noble marble finishing for the bathroom 2017

But any owner of an apartment or private house wants to see its own bathroom not only comfortable, convenient and practical in terms of care, but also stylish, modern, relevant according all current trends in fashion of interior design. And this fashion does not stand still – plumbing manufacturers offer us new, original models from their collections; finishing materials are improved and become more practical, safe and easy to install and maintain. Modern bathroom accessories are not only able to facilitate all water and sanitation procedures, but also to transform the design space, to bring originality, accent or emphasize selected stylistic line with their appearance.

Light wooden vanity zone in the bathroom A lot of ligth and mirrors in the oceanside private house Intimate lightning in the bathroom

Many of the trends in the design of bathrooms overlap in the coming season with existing motifs of modern style. This is due to practicality, convenience and beauty will never go out of fashion. But there is also completely new version of the mainstream, with which we would like to acquaint you with the help of impressive collection of design projects, collected all over the world.

Cool combination of wenge wood and glass surfaces within top modern design project of the bathroom 2017 Gray marble accent wall for the bathroom design

Recent trends in bathroom design

All of us want to be surrounded with furnishings that will help to relax and unwind at the end of the working day in the bathroom, and will stimulate to action in the morning. The proximity to nature, the search for harmony and balance, energy saving and the use of modern innovations – these are the main trends in the design of utilitarian premises. Modern designers are able to combine aesthetics, ecology and technology at the few square meters and to create truly comfortable, functional and safe interior.

Milky theme in the calm and relaxing bathroom space with backlit mirror Glass bath cabin for two people in the really modern and top-quality materials finished space White and gray combination ofo the bathroom in contemporary style Wooden splashback and the mirror at the top as well as the pictures for decoration

Bathroom, along with the kitchen space, is one of the most “popular” rooms in any home. All family members spend a lot of time in the bathroom during the day. Here we consume the main amount of water (at the last count – about 100 liters per day per household), and therefore the correct planning of space and energy savings are the key aspects in preparation of to-do list before remodeling or redesign of sanitary facilities.

Yellow wooden surface brings not of rusticality to the interior of the bathroom 2017 Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017 with light wooden vanity

Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017. Ultramdoern design with strict lines and airy light surfaces

Dark marble surface in the ultramodern bathroom 2017with built up white acrylic bathtub

Modern style tends to use minimalist mood in the formation of the interior space. The whole situation in the bathroom boils down to the traditional set of plumbing devices, storage systems and amendments thereto. Nothing superfluous, but herewith everything you need to carry out water and sanitation procedures. Minimum decorating allows you to create concise and fresh images even in small rooms.

Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017 airy zoned layout with unique planning of shower and bath zones Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017 totally wooden kingdom Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017 wenge finishing

Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017. Finishing

Modern materials (mostly) do not adversely impact on the environment and human health. The market is constantly being fulfilled with innovative materials produced on modern technologies. Such products can not only create original interior decoration, but also simplify the process of cleaning the room with a special microclimate.

Steel gray color tile slabs for finishing and squared bathtubGentle light cyan tint for bathroom finishing Noble African style interior of the bathroom in chocolate and wenge colors

The most fashionable trend in the decoration of bathrooms is becoming a combination of materials. And it’s not only in conjunction of a large tile with mosaic decoration, but in principled neighborhood of concrete and plastered walls, glossy ceramic and textured wooden surfaces, ‘pebble’ floor and mirror inserts. The combination of materials allows you to create not only interesting options for design of surfaces, but also to find the best options to protect planes from such noxious agents as high humidity, temperature changes and different kinds of mechanical influences.

Neat steel color for classic style bathroom finishing Glass full-height shower cabin and white rest of finishing Cyan finishing for bathroom with glass shower cabin

The ability to combine concrete, stone, wood and metal with traditional bathroom ceramics allows you to create truly original finishes. Wooden or tree-like surface with a beautiful natural pattern and matte texture looks great in combination with light glossy surface finish. Natural wood or its qualitative analogues you can bring notes of the natural warmth and homeliness to the modern interior.

Large bathroom zone in a spectacularly designed studio Nice looking innovative blinds for modern bathroom in cottage suspended dark wooden vanity and light bathroom decoration Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017 with the suspended wooden vanity

Experts recommend the use of ceramic (or stone) tiles of medium and large size for creating a modern and stylish design. You can used mosaic or textured tile of small size to dilute the surfaces decorated with the help of large ceramic products.

Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017 with perimeter led lighting and marble finish Bathroom Design Trends & Decoration Ideas 2017 snow white finish and oval form of bathtub

In the list of original ideas for creating of a bathroom finishing designers continue a theme of using 3D-surfaces. It is possible to create your own unique style with the help of 3D-ceramic tiles. Such surfaces can be the only subject of the decor in a minimalist bathroom interior and serve as an excellent background for plumbing and furniture.

sirocco white accent wall Accent wall with 3d rippling structure Absolutely white sterile atmosphere of the bathroom diluted by towels

There is a lot of glass and mirror surfaces in modern design projects of the bathrooms. The ability to multiply light emission using mirrors to reflect rays contributes to visual broadening the boundaries of the room, creating an easy and relaxing image of space. In their turn, the glass surfaces perfectly reflect light and seem to dissolve in the interior, while being the excellent protection against moisture and space zoning element. Glass and mirrors often become part of the decoration in the bathrooms of most different configurations, sizes and shapes.

Gray marble finished bathroom for two White first floor bathroom for two with wooden vanity facades White finish and wooden trim for the modern bathroom 2017

Modern style 2017. Plumbing

Bathroom of today has in common not only modern design with innovative technology, but also the functionality of the art. After the creation both ergonomic, comfortable and also aesthetic interior is “aerobatics” in terms of the design of living spaces. Modern design projects are full of original features, creative design solutions. And non-trivial design of bathrooms’ basic idea aimed at creating practical, safe, comfortable, but apparently original plumbing.

Round and oval bathtub as if the alien in the totally gray space Unique placement of the bathtub at the very door to the outside Unusual modern acrylic bathtub's form Futuristic desig of the bathroom with wooden coated extractor hood and complex of vanities and open storage system

Great design is always the result of bold decision-making and use of the latest innovations. Modern plumbing so as its additions (faucets and taps) is a combination of environmentally friendly solutions with creative design ideas. The advent of new materials and processing technologies allows you to create more durable, resistant to various types of loads and impacts plumbing device. Ceramics has become more pliable, “flexible”. As a result – each new collection of sanitary equipment from leading manufacturers becomes a real work of art, full of innovative solutions.

Oval sink for the modern bathroom on the dark wooden vanity White bathroom finish and mirror surfaces White natural lit bathroom with black taps and wooden surfaces' contrast Glass shower cabin in the frame of modern fresh and composed bathroom interior

Designers of modern plumbing devices are inspired by two opposite tendencies – on the one hand we see the smooth of lines and absolute harmony with such natural phenomenon as water, and on the other – the rigor and clarity of forms, even some aggressiveness of geometric solutions, which are accented in either the design of utilitarian space.

Glass surfaces and wooden accent wall with suspended lighting - cutting edge design idea for your bathroom Large bathroom with complex of storage systems zoned by panels and oval bathtub Gray floor tile and wall finish and the bathroom full of suspended plumbing Dark gray and white accent in the futuristic strict lined design 2017

Hanging plumbing designs continue to be popular among modern designers and their customers. Console toilet, bidet and washbasin have a very stylish look. All engineering systems and cistern are “hidden” behind false panels. It is very easy to clean the room and installation of such sanitary ware saves precious centimeters of useful bathroom space.

Turquoise metro tile for the lower part of the bathroom in white and light gray paletteLoft bathroom's spectacular design with large skylight window and gray tiled walls and floorNeat gray and white interior variant for small bathroom

Actual colors

Colors allowing to create close to nature designs do not go out of fashion. Natural shades are relevant as never. If we talk about the choice of colors to create a bathroom finishes, the absolute favorites have become all shades of white, pastel colors, which allow not only to create the perfect background for plumbing and furniture, but also to visually increase the volume of the room. In the scope of small space visual extension of the boundaries of the room becomes of paramount importance. And its main “instruments” is the color, light and form.

Snow white Classic style interior decoration for the bathroom Modern plastic surfaces for vanities in the bathroomWavy blue and white rug in the bathroom Spectacular Scandinavian style design for the bathroom 2017 Totally white minimalistic bathroom design with glass shower cabin

Bright bathroom will always be in trend. The use of white shades for finishing utilitarian space helps to create a clean, simple and fresh image, which is the most authentic to idea of many people of what should be the premise for water and sanitation procedures. But experts warn against the use of light colors for the decoration of all surfaces of the bathroom. Apply a darker color for the finishing of floors, at least. Absolutely white space looks “shapeless”, dissolves in space and does not give a clue about the boundaries of surfaces, which can lead to emotional disorientation instead of the expected relaxation and recreation.

Large window and light finish in the bathroom Typical modern bathroom design with small contrasting tile at the floor White metro tile on the walls and black stone on the florr Suspended vanity and mirrors for the bathroom

Following colors will be relevant for execution of storage systems that often have simple forms and sleek design:

  • smoky shades;
  • graphite and other shades of gray;
  • earthy;
  • beige shades with lots of options;
  • “cappuccino”;
  • “bitter chocolate”;
  • “truffle”.

Light creamy bathroom design and white oval bathtub Loft bathroom full of glass surfaces and wooden racks Dark wooden console for personal procedures

Gray was one of the undisputed favorites with the design of rooms of absolutely different purposes. The bathrooms are no exception. Different shades of gray are able to create not only a perfect neutral background for the snow-white sanitary ware, and perfectly match with the brilliance of plumbing accessories, mirror and glass surfaces. The gray has much of nobility and serene, peaceful luxury. You can get a truly modern and stylish design of utilitarian premises by diluting the gray palette of wood surfaces (or its qualitative analogue) and white sanitary ware.

Dark gray marble surfaces in the dull designed bathroom typical modern design with airy levitating bathroom vanity All shades of grey decoration for the modern bathroom 2017 Rippled structure of the grey wall

Imitation of marble with gray streaks on white texture never goes out of fashion. Traditional surface can imitate ceramics and artificial stone. In the result, we achieve current modern trends in design, but with a bias to the classics.

White vanities and gray framed large mirror for modern bathroom Thick marble countertop of the vanity

Anyone who does not like the “boring” light design projects bathrooms, can safely bid on the modern trend in decoration of rooms – black-and-white contrasts. The combination of white and dark (usually graphite or glossy black) surfaces allows you to create an original dynamic design, where it is easy to feel the rush of vitality and strength.

Bright industrial way of sink decoration Black mosaic tile middle dividing line Loft modern Bathroom with panoramic window and large mirrorIndustrial contrsting interior decoration for the first floor bathroom at the suburb cottage Pop arrangement with thr toucj of industriality of the rounded railway station mirror

For those who seem even contrasting bathroom design variations not colorful enough, we can offer a metered use of bright colors. Will it be the use of accentual surface or the integration of bright plumbing (piece of furniture) – it is necessary to stop on the choice of a bright spot in an alliance with the light or neutral main background in any case.

Orange tiled accent wall Bright accents of orange and green in the modern bathroom interior 2017 Green accent wall for the bathroom with orange line emphasizing the toilet zone Nice relaxing turquoise wall tile interior finishing for the modern bathroom full of glass surfaces

Bathroom Accessories. Finishing touch

Despite the desire of modern stylistics to minimalistic situation, we can’t do without accessories in the bathroom. Especially that we attribute to additional elements such necessary things as faucets, taps, shower heads, handles for bath, mats, kits for hygiene procedures, towels, shower curtains and more.

Gorgeous design idea in green Bathroom in white with black lines and two mirrors Accessories are essnetial for any inerior decoration

Modern additional elements for plumbing consist of not just taps and valves. These are innovative devices which can save water consumption thanks to the spraying jet into tiny droplets, create lighting for chromotherapy, and even to heat and to clean water. But in addition to functional qualities, bathroom accessories are able to decorate the interior, to become its accents and to bring originality into the design of the space.

Gorgeous Greek style modern interpretation in the bathroom Black tap and valves look gorgeous in the bathroom unbelievably easy and naturalistic fresh design for the modern bathroom 2017

Lighting system plays a crucial role in modern design projects bathrooms. In addition to their primary function, lighting fixtures and composition of them become decorative elements. You can use point light sources or built-in lighting strips, but it is important to get not just a well-lit room, but a visual extension of its area and the creation of interesting optical effects as a result.

Water radiator of peculiar form in the modern white creamy bathroom Noble suspended vanity with wooden facade in the creamy design of the modern bathroom

The combination of styles. The balance of Classics and Modernity

Contemporary style is the mixing of elements inherent in different stylistic directions. We can see both minimalism and a loft, Scandinavian style and eclectic, classical and industrial motifs. The harmonious combination of trends in a variety of styles allows you to create simple (in appearance, but not in terms of construction) but interesting interiors, where everyone feels himself convenient and comfortable.

Classic rustic interior of the strict designed bathroom Rounded pedestal of wooden zoned bathtub zone in the Classic decorated bathroomNice marble finish with gray streaks. White accessories

The spacious bathrooms can afford the integration of classical motifs into a modern design style. Storage systems with classic decor and execution or luxurious frame for a mirror, lighting fixtures with a touch of Baroque – all these elements of the interior will not only dilute enough sleek design of the bathroom, but will also raise the degree of uniqueness.

graphite gray interior design for the two zones of vertical aligned bathroom Underground style bathroom tile and sinks Marble and flower in the bathroom creates the atmosphere of coziness Large window and independent standing tap for the oval bathtub in the center of the premise

When looking through modern bathroom projects, we can often find motives borrowed from Country and eco-style. The easiest way to reflect proximity to nature is using materials such as stone and wood. So much contradictory in their aesthetic and technological properties materials can create a harmonious union in the framework of the design project of the premises. Even use of some rustic materials is allowed in the design of the bathroom.

Charcoal accent wall and wooden vault in the bathroom Coffee theme in the Classic styled bathroom for two Wooden eco style theme


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