100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas

How to properly organize a kitchen interior of 100 square feet (9 sq. m) to use its capabilities to the maximum? This issue often becomes relevant for owners of medium-sized kitchens. Such an area allows you to place a compact dining table, a comfortable set, but nevertheless, its arrangement requires a careful and competent approach.

Let’s consider the basic principles of the organization, which designers pay special attention to today, as well as actual solutions to the latest trends.

100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Gray modern color scheme with the plastic furniture surfaces 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Sparkling white austerely minimalistic design for the modern cooking room 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Restrained simple Casual style for the light decorated room  100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Checkmate plated floor and white interior of the modern kitchn 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Colorful room thanks to blue brickwork splashback, orange lampshade and pictures 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. White decorated minimalism


A correct kitchen layout of 100 square feet is the main criterion of success in terms of its practicality and functionality. And in order to achieve the desired result, it is important to organize two main zones – working and dining areas. Between them, a clear distinction must be made. But the work area and the dining area should not conflict, only harmoniously complementing one another within the same space.

100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Dark plastic seats for the sun lit room 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Strict black and white lines as if drawing of pencil

Designers recommend using several methods:

  1. Object distinction – when pieces of furniture are used to separate one zone from another. Most often it is a functional element in the kitchen, such as a closet or a rack. So you can use the space as efficiently as possible. But no less successful divider of the space can also be an object of decor, for example, a curtain of the appropriate design.
  2. Visualization – delineation using visual techniques. To achieve the desired effect, use different materials and shades to cover the floor, walls, and other surfaces. Designers also emphasize the difference between decorative elements and interior items.

100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Modern minimalism and floor visual zoning

Lighting zoning involves the allocation of areas with the help of the organization’s individual way of lighting for each one.

Helpful Hints:

  • experts advise applying several options, correctly combining them with each other. So, you can achieve greater effect and convenience in terms of practicality;
  • when zoning of a 100 sq. feet kitchen, it is best to avoid massive dividing objects, such as a large screen or kitchen island.

100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Dark noble flooring and swivel chair

100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Organization of the Work Area

This part of the kitchen should be equipped with everything which is necessary for the mistress in the process of cooking. Traditionally, there is already a ready-made kitchen set and built-in home appliances. There are two main types of planning in this part:

  • angular;
  • linear or straight.

All the options are practical and functional in their own way. The linear layout is best suited for compactness and simplicity. But if you want to increase the working space, it is more advisable to install a corner kitchen set with a sufficient number of drawers and pedestals.

100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Monolithic kitchen furniture set of noble oak 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Romantic light colored Provence interior 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Piquant light alder timber for the minimalistic designed room

When choosing a material, pay special attention to quality – it should be durable and practical in care. As a rule, wood, chipboard, etc. are used for the basis or carcass. Be selective to the tabletop. They can use the same material as for the rest of the furniture, but often manufacturers make the countertop more durable, thickened.

For active housewives, who often display their culinary talents, it is better to install a countertop made of concrete. It is much more durable and stronger than analogs from other materials. In fact, when choosing the built-in technology, first of all, it is necessary to build on the preferences of the owners for whom the specific zone is being settled. For example, lovers to bake and cook dishes in the oven do not need to save on the appropriate quality equipment.

100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Dark bottom tier at the private house's space with window at the center Open ceiling beams and the large dining zone of the Casual styled kitchen Cute Provence kitchen design in gray with white combination Linear kitchen arrangement and dining zone with wooden furniture at successful kitchen plan 100 Square Feet Kitchen Functional Design Ideas. Classic cooking space and dining zone layout

If the cooking process involves the operation of the stovetop only, you can buy a hob. Either way, an extractor should be built over the work surface.

Two color zones of the minimalistic English Country kitchen

The refrigerator is an irreplaceable element in the kitchen. For convenience, it is better to place it near the work area. On request, you can also put here a dishwasher and washing machine.

Black furn set

The lighting is of great importance in the kitchen. It is best to provide not only the central (ceiling) light but also the local one – in the working area above the countertop and under the hanging cabinets.

Black backsplash Spectacular wooden planked ceiling with matted pendant lamps Rustic island Typical modern galley White wooden kitchen set Casual tiled backsplash

Arrangement of a Cozy Dining Corner

The organization of the dining area primarily involves the creation of comfort and coziness of the hearthstone. Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of different types of sets. You can easily choose the option of any size. Of course, the main component of this zone is the dining table. It usually has a round, oval, rectangular, or square form. But the most convenient and practical are folding models, the size of which is adjusted if necessary.

Plastic chairs and table Yellow seats of the dining chairs on black metal frames in the Casual style

In addition to the table, it is worth taking care of comfortable seats. Whether it’s a stool, chairs, or upholstered furniture (so-called “soft corners”), the choice and design depends on the preferences and stylistic of the kitchen. By the way, the installation of a soft seating area, which provides a place for storage, increases the functionality of the room and the rationality of the kitchen interior in general.

Classic designed kitchen with dining zone Suburb cottage kitchen interior with black extractor hood Lime colored Classic designed kitchen with the bar counter as the table Ultramodern hi-tech glossy plastic

Tip: When planning storage space for dishes, the best option is to place them near the eating area. This approach will simplify the process of cooking many times.

Kitchen Facilities 100 sq Feet with Balcony

If the apartment has a balcony, access to which is provided through the kitchen, this complicates the task of free furniture location. The most popular and effective option of the kitchen floor plan is a galley kitchen furniture arrangement. On the other hand, if you properly organize space, the balcony can be a significant advantage.

White prim glossy surfaced galley kitchen Scandinavian urban stylistic for the white colored kitchen Latticed entrance to the balcony from the kitchen Functional design of the galley kitchen with panoramic window Galley kitchen with steel gray bottom tier furniture set Glass table and plexiglass chairs in the white causal decorated kitchen with balcony

You can consider the following options for a rational arrangement:

  • The balcony serves as a storage room. In this case, it goes with shelves, and other furniture for safe storage of dishes, products, inventory;
  • balcony as an additional dining area. Here designers put the appropriate equipment. The option of arrangement will depend on the size of the balcony, the furniture planned for it, as well as the personal taste preferences of the owners.

The premise in the area of 100 square feet is an excellent option for arranging a functional and practical kitchen. The main thing is to choose the right methods.

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