Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas

The kitchen, which has direct access to the balcony, has hidden functionality. By removing the partition and combining the kitchen with the loggia or balcony, you can optimize the space. In addition, the combination of spaces will allow you to unify your interior and make it looks solid. We will briefly overview the main kitchen combined with loggia or balcony design ideas and explore some of the main pros and cons of the experiment.

Such a solution will allow:

  • Make the kitchen lighter.
  • Increase the free space and dimensions of the room.
  • Make sound and heat insulation is much better due to the warming of the balcony/loggia.


Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Wooden backsplash and white plastic kitchen facades Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Another successful design in hi-tech style with unusual circles ceiling design Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. The former wall is the ending of the kitchen furniture set composition Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Large panoramic wall separates one zone from another Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Typical condo design with open layout Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Combined floor covering shows the cooking zone Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Former wall as an equisite bar counter in modern interior

The interior of this kitchen always looks very interesting and non-standard. Putting a maximum of imagination here, you can design and organize an original space and organize a balcony/loggia as a bay window or a panoramic window.

Disadvantages of the combined kitchen:

  • Re-planning requires legalization – it can be a long process, costly in time, nerves, and in finance.
  • Changes entail a large cost of insulation, glazing, decoration, and improvement of the floor.

Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Casual interior with latticed panoramic window Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Accent crimson wall with TV

Briefly About the Main

The kitchen can be combined with the loggia in one of the following ways:

  • Partially – the partition is used as a tabletop or substructure, windows and doors are removed.
  • Completely – a single room is created, the walls are removed.

If you remove only the window, then no papers and permits are needed, but during the sale of housing, you will need to return everything to its original form. In the second case, with the demolition of the wall, approval of the updated planning in the instance dealing with this issue will be required.

If the wall turned out to be a carrier one, then the combination of the kitchen and the loggia would not be possible, and no one would allow such redevelopment. Moving and transferring the central heating radiators to the balcony/loggia is strictly prohibited, which means that you will have to plan the heating system in this area in advance.

Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Plenty of artificial light in the modern styled interior Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Kitchen set and island in gray tones Kitchen Combined with Loggia or Balcony Design Ideas. Classic style of the small open space

It is important to remember that it is strictly forbidden to carry out any work independently. Even in the case, the partition is not carrying, you can’t just take and demolish it. Conducting the redevelopment and unification of the kitchen with the balcony/loggia without consent is to incur extra danger and problems. In addition, it is fatuous and not profitable financially. As soon as the authorities identify violations (to do so is very easily), they immediately impose penalties on the offender, and the kitchen will have to return to its original form. In order to calmly engage in redevelopment, you should not study this issue on the Internet, it is best to immediately contact the local technical inventory bureau or consult a designer.

White and red spots at the light furniture set of modern kitchen Classic designed interior with white upholstered Eames chair

“Legalization” of the demolition work between the kitchen and the balcony/loggia is very responsible and serious. In order to resolve this issue, proper preparation, consultation, collection of necessary papers and documents will be required, which entails temporary and financial expenses. Moreover, there is no one-hundred-percent guarantee that a positive decision will be made upon completion of the proceedings, therefore this undertaking is not always justified.

White American classic style at the kitchen with bay window Removed decorative partition of the balcony turned the space into one Classic interior with an arch of the former entrance to the balcony

In order to effectively and with maximum benefit use empty additional meters, you need to glaze the loggia with special aluminum or PVC window profiles. They keep up the heat inside the building well. The floor, walls, and ceiling must be insulated with mineralized cotton wool. This also arranges high-quality waterproofing. As an alternative material, polystyrene plates can be used. Also an excellent way out of the situation will be the use of heated floors. You can use a fan heater or an electric convector as a means of heating.

Wooden planked accent wall in the kitchen with open layout and added space of the loggia Yellow splashback and creamy facades of the kitchen furniture set in the hi-tech styled interior Close-up to the table on the modern styled kitchen

Ideas for Combining the Kitchen with Loggia

  • Location the dining area on the loggia. This option comes to the comprehension of most people because of thanks to such an idea the working area of ​​the kitchen increases and becomes more spacious. Moreover, dining on the loggia is much more interesting, because you can admire the view from the window or watch the “whims” of the weather while sipping a cup of hot tea. Also, as an original idea, you can use panoramic glazing, which will create a cozy atmosphere and will give the kitchen a maximum of natural daylight.
  • Kitchen with breakfast bar. On the heated loggia, you can create a dining area in the form of a bar counter. In order to save money, the partition, demolished earlier, can be used as a stand of the rack. Also, the partition can be used as a table for lunch or storage of cans and other things.
  • Arrange the balcony with appliances; place a pantry, a plate, or another working area in this zone. This idea should be carefully considered, take into account the maximum permissible load on the balcony area. In addition, it is important to take into account that when the plate is located here, it is necessary to conduct appropriate communications. For example, you can place a slab, a work surface, or a refrigerator, but this is not always convenient and you need to build on the functionality of interior items. If you live on the first floor, you can get permission for a complete transfer of the kitchen to the balcony area.
  • Kitchen with sitting area or study. Combined with the loggia kitchen can be used not only for its intended purpose but also to translate original ideas into reality. For example, you can arrange a winter garden or a mini-bar. The original idea will be to create a playground for the child to be always under the supervision of the mother or the installation of a personal home office. If this idea proves to be interesting, and it will be implemented, for visual separation and creation of separate zones it is best to use screens or a “French window”. Among the alternative options, it is possible to note shelving and original racks that will not only serve as a partition but will also have a functional role.

Combined balcony/kitchen with the rack in the spot of former partition between spaces Common space of the kitchen and loggia

Zoning, Lighting, and Curtains

After the works on combining, you need to implement the decoration and furnishing of the interior. In this case, you need to follow the advice of designers:

  • It is necessary to create a unified style and combine similar color schemes for the integrity of the interior of the kitchen and the loggia.
  • For zoning, it is best to use transparent doors, screens, and “French windows”.
  • Floor swings can stay untouched and be used as a podium for dividing zones.
  • The windows are best decorated with panels, roll, or Roman blinds. In separate cases, curtains and blinds are also suitable; it all depends on the style of the kitchen.
  • If the additional space is small, then it is best not to overload the room with furniture, instead of using cabinets and racks.
  • Lighting should combine. It is best to use spotlights on the ceiling, the walls are best used with sconces.

Brown accent of the wall in the noble classic styled kitchen in light tones Classic designed kitchen with the dining zone in the balcony zone and on the pedestal of the floor difference Modern open layout hi-tech designed kitchen with steel surfaces of the hood Partially L-shaped kitchen set with gray classic facades Kitchen Design 3D modelling in light green tones

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