5 Den Room and Area Design Ideas

5 Den Room and Area Design Ideas

The modern den has come a long way from the Old English word, “denn,” meaning a “wild animal’s lair,” and further still from the 1771 adoption of “den” as “a comfortable, usually secluded, room.” The same can be said about its design. Over the years, the Den room has become one of the most important parts of a house and it should be designed accordingly. Below you will find five inspirational ideas.

  1. Hide in Plain Sight
    The very point of a den, unlike a communal room like the living room, is seclusion. One option to consider in designing your den’s architecture to preserve this hallowed privacy is installing sliding bookcases to the entrance of your den. The secret bookcase/den adds a sense of intrigue, the thrill of a secret, and the security of knowing that you can’t be disturbed if you can’t be found.This is the perfect place to set your bar if you are inclined to have one. Nothing is more impressive and reminiscent of a speakeasy than a hidden bar. If you own firearms, you may consider storing them here as well.
  2. Find your Comfort
    The second most important feature of a den is comfort. This can be accomplished with couches, beds hammocks, that old recliner that nobody sits in (or likes) but you: this is the place to put it. Here is where your own preferences are the only consideration, so personalize it, make it your own, and make it comfortable to YOU. How comfortable you find your den will greatly affect your desire to return to and spend time in, your den.Consider adjustable lighting fixtures and string lights to create ambient lighting temperatures conducive to restfulness. Consider having blankets and furs readily available for impromptu naps. If you are more interested in a vintage look, there are a lot of cheap vintage decorating ideas you can get your inspiration from.
  3. Ornate
    The third virtue of a den is the unfettered self-expression a personal space offers. When designing the ambiance of your den, consider more than posters, art, and a television. This is the place to put the baubles, trinkets, and oddities you may have collected throughout your life, and which don’t seem to fit anywhere else in the house.Intricately carved doors inside the home can also add a dimension of personalization to your space. Such doors can be used to help identify a room by the design of its passageway. They also serve as pieces of art transitioning from room to room.


  1. Explore Old Ideas
    Giving your personal space a sense of nostalgia can instantly transport you to a simpler, less complicated, and frustrating time. By adding retro lines and colors to the walls, through the use of round and/or vintage furniture, or even just by including plants in your den, the air of the room can figuratively (and literally) change. Again, here your interests will come into play in decorating in a “retro” style.When considering whether or not to add plants to a den, consider whether these plants will be able to get enough light in the room. Living plants also need to be watered and fed nutrients in order to maintain their health. Decide for yourself if you can devote enough attention to live plants before committing to the practice.
  2. Stretch Your Imagination
    The limits of the space you may have available should not interfere with your ability to make the space your own. Working within the confines of attics, basements, or tiny houses can be challenging but rewarding. When plotting out the way your den is going to look, take your imagination as far as it can, and scale it back only when it becomes a matter of practicality.


All things considered, there are many tips you can take into account when decorating your den room. You just have to know your budget and the end result that works best for your preferences. Good luck in finding the best approach!
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