Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016

Modern interior design combines the latest trends and technologies to provide the most practical and at the same time visually appealing solutions. There is a big part of technology involved into the decoration of premises nowadays. In former times it was more about the Art and painting. Anyway, the main idea will always remain – we try to make the interior atmosphere the most comfortable, relaxing and not boring for the homeowners. Especially when it comes to the bedroom, where all of us want to relax and to be inspired for the new productive day. We want to represent you a photo collection of the latest trends of unusual bedroom interior design ideas 2016 where we`ve gathered not only spectacular and breakthrough developing in the filed of the bedroom furnishing, but we tried to find the most cozy and applicable solution for the wide range of real average apartments.

If you are a creative nature, you`ll definitely like this original approach in the arrangement of the bed`s headboard, which also became the accent wall. It was easy to implement by installing the  blackboard, matching black curtains and two contrasting cushions with dreadlocks.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Headboard in the mathematician style with unusual bouffant pillows

We can conditionally divide bedroom interior decoration into three main groups: austere design, chic and luxurious style and bedrooms for kids and young ladies. And we can intuitively distinguish these categories by semantic content.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Austere and low-key solutions

Scandinavian style and Minimalism are the best suited for such contrivance. If you want to achieve an unusual bedroom interior decoration easy, fast and at a minimum cost, you should consider this approach for your  home.

White wall trimming and the minimum of decoartion with large cozy bed is the main features of such design solution. Nevertheless, it is possible to add some zest even to the most simple interior through applying of unique types of plaster, window blinds, creative approach to the headboard designing or by adding decorative elements.

127Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Trendy wooden hradboard decoration139Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Monumental bedroom decoration with the large stone tile slabs as the headboard

If you are the owner of large private house with rustic wooden trimming, you can easily implement comfortable minimalistic design in your bedroom. Use the solid framed bed of royal size or without legs.

060Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Wide door to the sleeping place at the ground floor

Small bedrooms can be zoned out from the rest of the room by spectacular wooden interior partition with carved inlays and glass paneled doors.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Separate entrance to the room

The white trimming is very convenient to combine with the wooden raw treated materials within one interior.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. The bed located right at the door decorated as the barn gate

Also you can resort to the oldschool method, which is still relevant. Use graffiti to decorate your headboard wall and to vitalize the whole image of the room.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Graffiti at the headboard

Practical solutions for utilizing the space

Minimalism is possible to realize without the reverent attitude to the limited space of your bedroom. To turn your rest room into the multifunctional area able to accommodate a lot of useful things, designers use the pedestal contructions under the bed. You can have almost every important thing at your hand when you wake up!

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Practical idea for utilizing the space under the bed132

Luxurious design of the bedrooms 2016

When you are not tense in budget and square feet of the bedroom, you can unleash your creativity. But first, consult a professional designers and inspire yourself with spectacular implementations of the latest trends and design ideas in real apartments.

Spacious bedroom can bear the dark finishing. The additional lighting can be found in the decorative recess instead of traditional headboard with backlighted shelves. Pay attention on the successful realization of the hidden closets on the perimeter of improvised headboard.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Nice headboard recess with the backlight

Oriental theme is very convenient to create the unusual chic interior. The scope and grandeur of the atmosphere can be transmitted through the abundance of traditional decorative elements of the style.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Wooden Oriental theme in the small room

Chic can be modest. Pay scrupulous attention to the construction of the ceiling and walls. Complex lighting and individual curvy forms of the main parts of the interior can complete the overall situation.


There are also complicated color palette along with big number of decorative items can come in handy when you plan to decorate your place. Impressive wall painting and the original lampshade design can significantly improve the image of your bedroom.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016.Modern decoration for small bedroom

The bedroom zone in the large studio apartmetn can also be luxuriously decorated. You can allocate it at the pedestal, provide it with video area and bedside tables.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Honeycomb lamp at the ceiling of the large living with the sleeping zone

Kids` and girls` bedroom ideas

The bedrooms for kids and young ladies can also be creative and functional. It will teach young people to appreciate the value of  design work, will develop their creativity and craving for beauty.

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Enchanting pink decoration with the shelves in the bedroom for two138Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Lunar and Lilo & Stitch theme for the kids` roomUnusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Kids` room with nicely decorated carpeting

Artistic girls and even young women not necessarily should decorate their bedrooms in the subject of cartoon or fairy-tale theme. It is enough to put one-two romantic strokes into the overall atmosphere. Nice pink coverlet and fluffy bedside rug reflects the romantic aspirations of presumably female owner of this room

Unusual Bedroom Interior Design Ideas 2016. Girl`s decoration with original lattice of the loft entrance

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