Country House Living Room Design Ideas

When it comes to the repair or reconstruction of the rooms in a country house, we usually have to deal with quite a spacious room with the lack of restrictions not only on the square of the area, but also stylistic trends. Especially this concerns the living room – a common room for the whole family. Seemingly, it is a place where every creative ideas and design solutions could be implemented. But freedom of choice imposes certain obligations. Homeowners often hardly  determine what the interior they would like to receive as a result exactly, but to relegate to the designer all the important decisions is not desirable either. Because to live and relax in this room will be the members of the household and their guests.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas шт dark shades of wooden trim

Most of the owners of country houses prefer the presence of natural materials in interior decoration and as a raw material for the production of furniture. Hence the love to the country-style of  every designer all over the world who is engaged in interior creation for private residences or vacation houses. Wood and natural stone – these are the two main pillars on which rests our bonds with nature, reflected in the interior of certain premises. And in country houses it is expressed most vividly for obvious reasons of the proximity to the environment.

Living room with natural materials at the private house

At present technological progress develops more and more, modern technologies penetrate our dwelling and vacation houses are no exception. But natural materials are capable to coexist harmoniously within a single interior with modern gadgets and advanced appliances.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas

Unique suburban futuristic lunar design. Living room os the private house

Ultimately, the main criteria of assessment the of the modern living interior by homeowners is practicality, comfort and beauty. For each of us, these concepts are expressed in different forms of color palette, furniture, decoration and technical equipment. We have tried to collect a compilation of modern living rooms, located in suburban homes, for every taste. Despite the different approaches used for the family room decoration, there is a general trend in all design projects now: a mixture of at least two stylistic directions within the same premises. We can rarely meet classics without admixture of country style or high-tech style. Urbanization touched country homes either, left their mark on the placement of furniture, the presence of steel and chrome surfaces, absence of unnecessary decoration.

Wood and stone rustic style in the living of the countryside house

Modern living room in a country house can harmoniously reconcile signs of minimalism with the presence of rustic country. Herewith, the interior will look comfortable and cozy.

Dark wooden beams as a contrast in the white scandinavian living room style of the house

Let`s take a closer look to what stylistic trends and design solutions can be relied upon the design of living room interior, taking into account the lifestyle, taste and color preferences of homeowners and their families.

Country in modern living room is an indispensable attribute of suburban life

No matter how many thousands of years the progress goes, but people will always tend to the presence of natural materials in their home. Recently, using practically raw materials with their natural look speaking for themselves is a growing tendency. Progress does not stand still, artificial analogues of natural raw materials become more, they are presented in a wide range of textures and colors. Perhaps it is linked to the desire of designers to integrate stone and wood into the modern interior close to their natural raw state. As far as possible.

countryside house with ultramodern living room design and the stone trimmed fireplace

Fireplace is one of the main characters of living in a country house. It is the center focus of attention, a gathering place and a source of heat, it is a decorative element and canvas for design ideas. A fireplace design with use of natural stone is classic for all time. And fashionableness of the rest of your living room doesn`t matter . The presence of a fireplace or stove with a stone finish instantly indicates the country lifestyle. And add to that the focal point of the room the canonical wood trim of the room ceiling, and you get a comfortable and attractive place for the whole family.

Perfect ideas for the two-leveled private house living room with

Rustic perfectly with classic or contemporary furnishings. Rough, raw stones, revetted fireplace, are in harmony with a little bohemian atmosphere of the living room.

Lake house Living and the dining room with wooden beams

The presence of wooden beams on the ceiling as a slab or solely for decoration is also one of the design elements that indicate suburban location of the living. Against the background of fairly modern ambiance natural material looks as a contrast and brings surprise and originality to the design of space.

Massive wooden bearings in the interior of modern countryside house` living room

Against the backdrop of snow-white finish living-dining room wooden elements with roughness and eccentricity of texture look the most contrasting, bringing a natural element to a minimalistic urban environment.

Wooden living room in the townhouse in eco solution

In this luxurious living tree was used not only for finishing the ceiling, but also for walls. Light wood types used in vertical surfaces, dark wood was used for the ceiling beams, reflected in the decor of the fireplace space. But such a situation does not pushing on the present people, light carpeting, upholstery and furniture frames refresh interior itself, give some freshness to it.

Minimalistic urban design of the living room in the house

Contrast design of this living room is fascinating. Conciseness of modern furniture and the presence of country elements on the background artwork, create unique atmosphere.

Modern living room gallery design with stone and wood

Bright living room in minimalistic style is literally decorated by a stone wall adorned with two trim levels. In combination with a grayish flooring tinges finishing looks great and producing cheerful mood in the interior.

Stone work in the creative countryside living room

Another example of how to combine gracefully the stonework of walls with bright palette of living or dining room. Fresh and modern interior looks attractive, but it is practical and rational.

Light wooden types in the trimming of the two light living room at the countryside mansion

Light wood types used for the finishing of all surfaces and furniture of the living room, created a really nice, cozy atmosphere of the restroom in a casual, relaxing ambience.

veranda-like living room in countryside house

Stone for walls, wood for ceilings and plenty of live plants. Given the abundance of natural light coming through the glass walls and ceiling, there is a feeling that is living is located in the open air, the borders  with nature are erased.

Stone walls and forged airy stairs and tectile furniture as a design concept of living room in the private house

Here is an interesting way to implement country-modern design elements in the living room, which is connected with the study. Bright stone at the walls contrast with the dark ceiling beams, window frames and wrought iron staircase.

Wooden and stone finishing of the suburban housing in the usual apartment style

Despite the traditional setting, the presence of a fireplace, wood and stone finishes, interior room looks incredibly modern and city-advanced. Quiet combination of shades of neutral palette will be enjoyed by many homeowners.

Living room with stairs – the interior peculiarities

Having stairs in the living room is often case for country houses as many of them have more than one floor. For some homeowners exactly a ladder becomes the center of the attention focus, and the requirements for its design are corresponding. Others want to take away the focus from this device, switch it to other focal points of the living room. Here are some examples of how you can integrate the staircase in the living room interior and how to decorate it.

spiral staircase in the living room of the country house

A spiral staircase requires the minimal amount of space from all types of fixed ladders. It is easy, does not weigh down the interior, looks quite lightly and does not require high financial costs for installation.

Living room with natural materials at the private house

The interior is so saturated with the influence of country-style, literally demanded massive wooden stairs, as reliable and durable as all elements of suburban living. The abundance of wood and stone surfaces and the presence of natural elements, even in the decor and lighting system, creates a truly rustic atmosphere of country luxury.

small modest wooden stairs in modernistic living room interior of the beach house

It is obvious that such an option of staircase is suitable for small modest premises, the space of which simply does not allow to set a fixed ladder with spans. For living in a Scandinavian style in a minimalist setting this ladder of light wood suited perfectly.

Beach house with unique window panels to the sea and almost vertical metal staircase

Another example of the stairs leading from the living room to the upper level of a country house. This is a more reliable and sustainable option made of steel with wooden steps. Of course, setting the stairs of this type, it is important to take into account the presence of children and elderly people in a country house.

semi-floor stairs in the wooden bright interior of the living

In this case, it is not so much about the stairs, but rather about a couple of steps leading into the living room, located on an elevation compared to the ground level. Wood trim in the design of the room was extended to the stairs space, harmoniously linking the two objects.

Airy forged black elegant staircase in the design of countryside living room with light wooden open shelves

Light, almost aerial ladder design with delicate wrought-iron fittings is very harmoniously blended into the modern interior room. Comfortable sofa, armchairs and original shelving system with open shelves create a cozy and yet luxurious atmosphere.

Dark and white contrasting staircase in the countryside living room

Stairs in this room as contrast as does the interior itself. The classic combination of dark shades with white color has become the main trend of the entire design.

Natural colors and materials in a rustic countryside living room with built-in fireplace and black massive metal stairs

Dark shades of the reliable and durable ladder repeated in the decoration of window frames and doorways, found continuation in the colors of the upholstery. Bright, non-trivial design of the living room is simple and concise at the same time, devoid of unnecessary decoration and pretentiousness.

Fireplace in modern living room is a creative solution for traditional environment

The presence of fire in a suburban living room is a tribute to the tradition, the classic of the genre and practical amenities. But the designers of the day found a way to create from a rational object which provides heat also an element of decor, art object with its own history and related paraphernalia.

Wonderful living room with rounded design and marble floor

In this bohemian lounge with elements of the rococo style, with a fireplace in the royal performance and luxury, a huge chandelier with an abundance of crystal elements, it is difficult to find out a countryside living. But with all the pomp of the room, it has quite cozy and comfortable setting.

Living room and restroom two-in-one in the harmonical natural design project

The surface of the wall with a fireplace is made in contrasting finish to the total design of almost snow-white living room. Accent wall perfectly combining with the flooring and wooden dining table.

Brickwork fireplace with gorgeous mirror on top makes the ambience of the light house living room

Strict and rather traditional setting of the living room with a bay window was in need of a little rough way to finish near-hearth  space using masonry.

Stone hearth and unusual elements of the interior in the countryside house White fireplace in the living room decorated with painting and flowers

Fireplace serves as the center of focusing attention the whole design concept of the living room is built on its decoration. Mantelpiece and artistic works over the hearth are paid much attention.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas in the eclectic mixing style

Another striking example of design in which the fireplace stands a center of symmetry and a key piece of furniture. Design panels above the fireplace makes an incredible impression, completing the image of extraordinary living room with lots of bookshelves and sofas for reading.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas for the sporty minimalistic fresh light living room interior

The original design of the fireplace in this room with a reading corner was the logical completion of an image of comfortable, bright room for the whole family.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas in the scandinavian style

Full of contrasting design findings, this living with non-trivial approach to the design of fireplace area creates a festive mood and adjusts for comfortable rest.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas in the interior with fireplace and coffee table

Eclectic living room in a country house – the flow of creative solutions

The eclectic style itself supposes the mixing of different stylistics within a single design space. Where if not in the living room you can find an opportunity to apply the creative projects, to implement design solutions? Given the considerable space that usually the living room offers as a canvas for creative in a country house, the scope of stylistic mixing can be impressive. Here are some non-trivial and bright living room design projects located outside the city, in private houses.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas. Wooden furniture and artificial lighting

Eclectic as if specially designed for travel enthusiasts, who loves to bring and collect souvenirs. Open shelves and shelves allow to provide cute little things to an exposed overview. Collected within one interior antique furniture, modern lighting fixtures and lamps, handmade products and new technological gimmicks have created an amazing and unique atmosphere of the living room.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas in the airy lampshades of pink tone

Full of contrasts, bright colors and unusual decor, living room makes a strong impression. Personalized interior provided space for design ideas and color schemes.

Country House Living Room Design Ideas for the beach house

Despite the snow-white finish almost all surfaces in the living look incredibly bright, and the reason is not only active textile colors and creative design of lamps and chandeliers center, but also an abundance of natural light entering through the arched glass door-windows in the Spanish style.

Marine and wooden theme in the townhouse living room designing

This lounge in the cool color palette full of eclectic finds and incredible mixes. Such interior will never  become boring, its parts can be enjoyed forever.


Living room erading corner in minimalistic style

This built-in reading corner in the living room, save a considerable amount of space. Convenient and practical arrangement of working surfaces, allows the use of a wide window sill not only as a surface storage, but also as a work desk and seating area.

Fresh lilac design of the suburban house living with fresh lilac twigs

Minimalism as a way of organizing space of suburban living

One of the branches of modern interior design is to constantly striving to simplify the environment and minimize the decor, and the rule of function over visual appeal. Many homeowners like the interior, devoid of frills and filled with simplicity and brevity, with a practical and rational set of furniture and accessories at least.

Scandinavian rustic minimalistic style of the living room in the house

Living room with modern fireplace is an example of the integration of the principles of minimalism in modern but cozy design. The room has everything you need, but it is not overloaded with details, our view is free to slide along the surfaces with sharp geometric lines and volumes.

Hodie Cooper design of the suburban living

Space and tranquility is the basic concept of any minimalist design. As well as possible these two concepts are suitable for the living room in soft neutral colors with a minimum of furniture and a maximum free space.

Minimalistic light design with fireplace and rest zone

Elements of minimalism can be very comfortable if placed within a small space. Just a couple of sofas with a coffee table can create a comfortable atmosphere for the living room of country house or villa.

Living room of the townhouse in English style

The bright and warm colors in the palette of this minimalist living room with original fireplace design, set up on the peace and quiet. Austere, but comfortable environment promotes relaxation.

Garage remaked under the spacious and snow white living room with all the functionality

This snow-white living room was converted from the former premises of the garage. It is a vivid example of how the unused rooms can receive a second life and serve to its residents as a spacious, bright lounges with a continuation outdoors.

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