English Style Design for Country Houses

The architecture of the English style design for country houses differs from others with its conservatism and rigor. At the end of the XVII century in England, some events laid the foundation for the landscape style.

Distinctions from other types of architecture:

  1. The use of natural materials (brick, stone);
  2. Large windows and beautiful finish of wall surfaces;
  3. Two-floor construction with a steep roof;
  4. Asymmetry of the exterior;
  5. Planting of trees and different shrubs.

This house will be a masterpiece, as it constructed ecologically and decorated with unusual plants.

Neat English style exterior of the house with a bright houses adjoining garden bed and fancy blue shutters

Every bush has its special place – all these compliments the classic style of the house.

Gray trim of the house and verdure makes the English style of the house distinguishable

Country house with climbing plants reminiscent the mansion of English dukes and barons.

Climbing vines at the facade of the English Tudor style house

Green composition near the house make it solid and allusive to Tudor era.

Plant composition near Tudor style house with sharp-edged structure

The houses, which combine several types of material (brick and stone) during the construction, belong to this style

Brick and stone for the designing of Tudor style estate

The house would look noble if it has high gables and walls lined with large rough stone.

Gray roof tile and tower-like entrance makes the house noble and representative

In some cases they do masonry house of red brick, and the building looks like a fairy-tale medieval building.

Red brick georgian style facade of the country house

Aristocrats had built houses without decoration. It is the Gregorian style buildings.

Classic Georgian style of the English design used for trimming the house

It is possible to select the low-key style of the house with the use of high-quality bricks. Traditionally, such a house should be in two floors.

Integrity and accurate diversity of English house`s yard depends on the correct flowerbed decoration.

The thorough landscape design near the nice modern English style house with white columns and small windows

The adjacent area near the house can be turned into a clearing to relax with the help of lawn grass.

English Tudor style house of different color stones with nice backyard lawn for leisure

On a spacious area you can build a guest house in the Rustic style. Bright flowers and shrubs are good complement in front of the door.

Modern English rustic style house for service staff

A facade of this house has its own characteristics: hand molding of bricklaying, modest design, a small porch.

Nice Tudor style house with house adjoining flower beds, rigor design and wide windows

The front part of the house can be made neat and beautiful thanks to the low basement, restrained shades of the roof covered with tiles. The main attraction is the stone chimney flue.

Modest American house in English style with small porch and stone chimney

A more modern style of the house looks quite elegant and impressive, if a platform for open veranda is prepare. It should match the refined interior of the house.

Cottage from sandy colored bricks and mahogany door and windows with an area for veranda at the entrance

A small house in the English style, surrounded by trees, will remind centuries-old traditions of the kings` reign (as was the custom among the British: a quiet holiday away from civilization).

Nice Tudor style designed house in the quiet verdure surrounding

Discreet luxury is evident in the design of this house with a dark gray shade roof and light gray walls. All the front sides have a distinctive profile, thereby making the house look original.

English style house with dark gray roof tile and grey panelled walls which is favourite for American townhouses

In many homes of the aristocratic style, are used built-in porthole-windows on the second floor. It was an interesting find of the architects. In addition, the interior becomes refined through wide and numerous windows, reminding window openings in the castles of the past centuries. The architects used glazing to achieve this effect.

Classic English facade with small skylight windows at the second floor

Big-sized house has exquisite look, which includes gallery, hall-, guest rooms. It is best to decorate the courtyard with paving slabs or wild stone.

Big house in English style with green decoration, paving slabs and raw rocks

You can design such a house of stone and neat tile in the yard, but a larger area will facilitate the entry of vehicles.

Manor of the natural stone and adjoining area for cars and leaisure

Architectural construction of a house in a form of castle looks great, especially framed by the lush verdure.

castle-like house in Tudor style with sandy finishing and a couple of chimneys

Anyone who loves elegance will love panoramic windows instead of the exterior walls. Their best quality is that bright natural light enters the room. Windows also do not need curtains.

The house location near the carriageway road will be convenient. A house project with a built-in garage is considered as popular.

English Style Design for Country Houses with built-in garage near crossway

Some people adhere to the traditions of England with regard to isolation from the bustle of the city, ie, prefer to live away from people enjoying nature.

Subruban English style one-storey house decorated with trees and white plaster

House-made of natural stone makes it look natural and unique at the same time. And smoothly trimmed bushes transform everything into a cozy place for family holidays. Fence in a rustic style creates a unique look and complete picture of the English home.

Aristocratic English house of three floors, white window frames, dark brown roof tile, two chimneys and trimmed shrubs in the yard

Undoubtedly, many people would agree to be guests in the houses built in the English style, to feel the long history of British traditions.

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