High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects

The style of “high-tech” is manifested not only in the use of the most modern building and finishing materials but also in the very principle of building projects. High-tech is a challenge to traditional forms and architectural solutions, it is conciseness and functionality in a modern shell. High-tech in the construction of private homes, as well as in the construction of public buildings advocates the demonstration of human achievements in general and advanced technology in particular. Even a small one-story house may become a symbol of technological thought, the ideal of pragmatism and functionality. If you go with the times, if advanced technology and laconism are what you’re looking for, then our impressive selection of design projects of houses in high-tech style is for you either.

High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Red and white mirroring houses

Features of High Tech Home Design

The house built in within canons of the high-tech style is not difficult to distinguish from other structures. Such buildings are laconic and as functional as possible, have a regular shape, subordinate to strict geometry, and devoid of decor. A harmonious combination of space, light, and form is the key to creating a practical and yet technological building that is comfortable to live in. Construction, decoration, and installation of various communications in high-tech style are not cheap. It is because at all stages of creating a home using the fruits of advanced technology, the latest words in the fields of production of building and finishing materials. But all investments pay off in the aftermath – durability, ease of operation, and lack of need for alterations make such projects profitable from various points of view.

High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Great exterior materials combination with white panit and darkwood

Let’s note the features characteristic of buildings erected in the high-tech style:

  • The large size of the structures, which involves both the external scale and the spaciousness of the interior rooms;

High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Eco house exterior with plants in all white High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. White and gray color combination for exterior

  • Large and simple forms, clear lines, the prevalence of cubist and constructivist elements;

High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Concrete fortification looking mansion with trimmed lawn High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Three-story mansion with panoramic glass facades High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Totally white exterior and mild lighting of the cottage with lounge zone

  • The interior space of the houses has a minimal set of partitions, leaving the living space of the houses as free as possible;

High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Cubism styled house with the a bit of expressionism and wooden lattice as a decoration High-tech Style Houses: Fresh Ideas for Individual Projects. Southern landscape and skillfully created design with concrete slabs

  • When decorating the facades of houses in the style of “high technology”, such materials as concrete, glass, metal, and plastic (its various modifications) are actively used. The decor is found in a minimal amount, both in the design of the facade and in the interior arrangement of the house;

Simple universalism of the two-story building with flat roof and levels Boxed exterior design with wooden ceiling finishing

  • The roof is predominantly flat with an emphasis on maximum functionality. Hence, the roof is usable. It is very often equipped with a recreation area in the fresh air, a place for air baths, and even a sports field. The second option for the roof is creating a transparent roof of glass. Thus it is possible to saturate the inner rooms with a maximum amount of sunlight (while saving electricity);

White eco friendly simple house with high-tech influence in strict lines and forms Simple yet very effectove high-tech design of the house with total glass panels all over the facade creating the sense of capsule

  • the color solutions for the facades of the houses are subordinated to the strictness and a certain coldness – different metallic shades are actively used, as well as the entire spectrum of gray, contrasting combinations of light and dark surfaces;

Sweeping but strict lines in the design of modern high-tech design of the large house Dark gray top and mild gray concrete basis of the high-tech house

High-tech advocates maximum use of sunlight, so the construction of houses actively uses panoramic windows, often the entire facade is glazed, there are projects with glass inserts on the roof. By using glass to actually create walls in houses, it is possible not only to achieve maximum light inside the dwelling but also to create a visual increase in the volume of the building in terms of the exterior. Often it is possible to create the feeling that the building seamlessly transitions into the adjoining territory;

Concrete walls and garage shed Gray siding and wooden ceilnig for countryside high-tech house Protruding flat concrete roof and steel basis of the high-tech house with glass panels

In order to reduce the light load on the interior space on hot days and not to spend money on the power consumption of split systems, glass should be equipped with a special coating that reflects ultraviolet rays. Another effective way (not for all cases) – arrangement of a pergola at the patio or in front of the house. The structure will partially block the penetration of sunlight, but it must be executed in a strict, laconic design, without decoration.

Masterful lighting of the great cubicle design of the house Mansion with open balconies designed according to high-tech canons

Often a spacious terrace is arranged next to the house, which not only increases the size of the building but also creates a comfortable open-air place to relax. Access to the terrace is most often in the form of large glass sliding doors, which seem to blur the line between the interior and the exterior of private apartments;

Lattice topped lounge zone with wooden deck Alien looking high-tech house with small windows

Using vegetation to decorate the facade is unacceptable – no climbing plants. But a perfectly flat lawn in front of the main entrance or in the backyard is the best landscaping option for a small yard;

Protruding windows with black frames Unique exterior of the high-tech house with wooden, concrete and stone finishing

Facades in the style of high-tech often have original lighting, given the use of glass and mirror surfaces, you can achieve a non-trivial effect in creating images of buildings in the twilight and darkness;

Stone siding for a great high-tech design of the smart house with complex lignthing Box design of the small high house

Many utility lines are part of the facade of a building. They are not hidden behind cladding but are deliberately for show. Ventilation systems or stairs become a functional feature of the building.

Nice symmetrical high-tech designed house with abundant greenery on both side of the entrance Futuristic design with gray faacde

But in recent years we can say that the style of high-tech “softened”, became a little closer to nature. For example, we can find wood in the design of facades, most often in combination with plastered surfaces. Finishing “wood” involves the use of the following materials:

  • block house;
  • lining;
  • glued laminated timber;
  • wood imitating siding

Wooden design of the high-tech house with panoramic windows and box forms of the stories High-tech designed cottage with concrete paved garden

The use of “wood trim” in the design of country houses is particularly effective. The presence of natural material (or its effective imitation) allows a “soften” a bit the industrial image of the building, slightly eliminate the uncompromising look and coldness of the building in the style of high-tech.

Wooden finished facades of the house with black metal frame Great far protruding wooden roof on vertical boards for metal sided house High-tech cottage on the slope with wooden imitating exterior materials

Variations of High-Tech

In the very stylistics of high-tech can be divided into several subgroups, each of which has its own distinctive features and characteristics:


Industrial high-tech – the name speaks for itself, industrial aesthetics (open utilities, pipes, fittings, crossbars and piles, a lot of metal elements, from heavy supports to bolts and rivets) is actively used in the design of buildings. Many ideas are taken from the design of various shops, workshops, and warehouses, effectively intertwined with the features of residential interiors;

Nice mix of wood and concrete for multi-story building with open balcony and large windowsWhite concrete and gray paint for flat surfaced and strict lined high-tech house at the street

Geometric high-tech is one of the most popular uses of this style. The basis of this variety of high-tech is to obtain complex designs, proportions, and shapes from traditional elements. Constructivism and cubism are the main sources of inspiration for this variation of the “high tech” style;

Geometrical forest high-tech house in bright granite and amber facades Gray and white comination of the facade colors for modern house with garage and an open terrace on the second level Constructivism in every line of the modern high-tech designed house with stone and cement cladding

Bionic high-tech is the part of so-called “organic architecture” which seeks to imitate the forms and structures of living nature. High-tech in this case deviates from its canons, taking rounded forms, creating buildings with smooth lines. But herewith bio high-tech remains committed to its traditional materials – glass, metal, and concrete. Characteristic elements of buildings and facades are membrane slabs, the use of flexible threads and ropes, which are used to mount suspended structures. In the construction of bionic houses, great attention is paid to the environmental friendliness of all materials – safety both for people and for the environment. The active use of renewable energy sources is a trend of bio-hi-tech. Houses in the form of a drop of water, a wave, or a mountain slope are quite popular in Europe and the United States. Bionic variation of high-tech style is a splash for Western World at the time.

Brick looking fundamental exterior design of the high-tech house with patio and paboramic windows Metal siding for sunny lit house at the cliff with small patio for chattign and sunbathing

Modern Private House in High-tech Style: Economy, Functionality, and Efficiency

The concept of high-tech style is to achieve maximum results with the help of modern technology while using a minimum of available resources. Therefore, a modern home designed in a “high-tech” style is economical and “smart”. Modern homes are created on the principle of energy conservation and even strive for maximum energy independence. The ideal high-tech home is able to supply itself with electricity, water, and heat.

a complex building in high-tech style with high panoramic windows in the central part and white painted walls Platform based high-tech house with gray walls and hovering stairs Forest house with touch of chalet and strictnes of modern high-tech among the mountains

The use of solar panels allows you to abandon the cumbersome, occupying a lot of usable space in the house, central heating. And with the help of innovative methods of creating thermal insulation, you can achieve a reduction in heat loss by 40-45%. Solar panels and wind turbines – devices that help to provide autonomous energy saving, can be considered symbols of high-tech style in terms of innovation.

Modern complex building with mix of finishing materials and levels, as well as transitions White colored exterior of the high-tech mansion with shady patio zone and a couple of balconies at every story

Country house in a high-tech style very often has its own well and is independent of the central water supply in terms of drinking and technical water (the system of filters allows you to achieve a high level of purification of water with any original composition of impurities). So-called rainwater harvesting systems, which help provide private homeowners with service water, are becoming increasingly widespread.

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