Home Improvement Ideas That Add Value

You can significantly improve the resale value of your house by making small tweaks and adjustments to the interior decor. Due to the high ROI, a home renovation project can be worth your time and money. The only problem is the dizzying variety of things you can do with home improvement projects. Here are 5 tried and tested ideas that can make all the difference.

Home Improvement Ideas That Add Value. Great outdoor barbecue zone with parasol and stone cladded stove

Upgrade the Appliances

Your kitchen appliances will play a big role in the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Remember to stick within your remodeling budget and find appliances that match the decor of your home. For example, if your house carries an old-fashioned and rustic appeal, it probably won’t make sense to buy industrial appliances due to the generational conflict of two vastly different architectures.

Minor Bathroom Upgrade

It can cost quite a fortune to redo the entire flooring, tiling, and painting of the bathroom – but the results speak for themselves. If you don’t have the budget for a bathroom upgrade, you can do a few DIY projects such as applying a fresh coat of paint and applying spray-on texture for damaged walls.


Landscaping your property is a great way of boosting its curb appeal and making the home look more enticing. There are several easy and effective DIY landscaping projects you can do over the weekend, these include:

  • Planting new trees (and removing dead trees)
  • Weeding flower beds
  • Removing dead leaves and grass
  • Adding hanging baskets and planets

Smart Home Products

IoT products for home automation are becoming wildly popular in real estate and can significantly add value to your home. Some of the best smart home upgrades include:

  • Doorbell cameras
  • Home security systems
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart carbon monoxide, radon, and smoke detectors
  • Smart lighting

Furthermore, going digital can significantly trim the cost of using heating and cooling appliances. Smart thermostats can save hundreds of dollars by streamlining critical functions such as cooling, heating, and humidifying.

Don’t worry about costs, with vendors like gimme.com.au, you can purchase your favourite products and pay for them later.

Improve the Security of Your Home

Burglars don’t like resistance and prefer to target unprepared homes. This is why it helps to bolster your home’s security in different ways. Inspect all your windows and exterior doors to make sure the frames are strong and the hinges are durable. Add window bars and reinforce glass with security film.

Consider upgrading to smart locks that can be controlled through an app.

Pro tip: Reinforce sliding glass doors with a glass break sensor that will sound an alarm the moment it is tempered with – that should scare off most burglars.

Wrapping Up

It can be difficult to find home improvement projects that add value while being affordable. This is why it is important to prioritise the ones that come with the most benefits, as outlined in this blog. If you ever decide to sell your house, the renovations you make will boost your property’s value.

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