Kitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos

Big kitchens, especially without top cupboards and therefore upper tabletop lighting, require additional fixtures to illuminate the working surface. The pendant lighting is essential if you have a kitchen island. The ceiling light and even a chandelier would be insufficient to provide really comfortable illumination to every working zone. But we will talk not only about the functional part of the lightings. Every element of modern dwelling has acquired also aesthetical meaning in the design of the interior as well. And we need to mix business with pleasure combining the functional role of the fixtures with their eye-pleasing effect. So, let’s overview the kitchen pendant lighting possible design types with photos.

Black metal dishes-shades over the island

It is only two main types of shades for such lightings that exist by far: metal and glass (plastic). And we will find out which of the are better.

Metal Kitchen Pendant Lightings

These noble fixtures can be met all over the world in kitchens of almost any design style. Using the versatility of the material designers create really stunning pieces of kitchen design. Such lightings can have a more or less simple design of black metal park lantern or it can be a chrome mirroring surface. All depends on the taste of the owners.

Wrought black shades over the white kitchen island

To obvious advantages of such lighting, we can certainly attribute nice look of the construction, ecological friendliness and strength. But if the material doesn’t have stainless properties, the shade can lose its initial look (become mottled with stains, fade, corroded, etc.) It can occur very rarely. Big manufacturers calculate all possible risks of course.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos. Unusual color combination for bold modern hi-tech spaceKitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos. Complex lighting scheme for the private house's premise

You can also find the combined variants of the lightings. But we consider such universalism excessive. Possible disadvantages of the materials sums and the complex design make it more difficult to clean the fixture or change the lamp in it.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos. Nice creamy color theme and almost invisible noble metal fixtures

Glass Pendant Lightings for Kitchen

The most common type of kitchen lighting fixtures of course has a glass cover. And this is simply understandable. Such models are cheaper, also eco-friendly, and have long life. They can also come as peculiar formed figures, have matted shades, be combined with different inserts. But the only drawback of such material is its fragility. Therefore you can safely choose these lightings if don’t planning to grind something solid in the blender which can fly out and crash the shade. Or your wife is not scandalous woman… I`m kidding 🙂

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos. White large square island in the spacious room with wooden floor  White and timber decoration for the cottage    Kitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos. Black chairs and glass fixtures Unusual form of shades is reminiscent of flipped over wineglass

Matted glass lightings look very effective and modern in the hi-tech or futuristic interiors. One long luminaire with a round shade adds sophistication to the spaciousness of the room. It also goes well with the round dining table underneath.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos. White matted plate of the chandelier and small lights Kitchen Pendant Lighting Possible Design Types with Photos. Gray interior and white fixtures

In most projects, table lighting is created by a pendant lamp 55-60 cm above the counter. Large, impressive chandeliers should hang 75-92 cm above the countertop. Adjustable models, which can be easily lowered and raised, are more practical. Thanks to this you can place the chandelier so it won’t dazzle or blind people sitting at the table in any situation.

It is good if the chandelier for the kitchen over the dining table is closed at the bottom with frosted glass or light-scattering material and closed at the top. The table will be illuminated evenly and its surroundings will remain in the penumbra.

Square glass shades in thin black wires

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