Overall Review of Possible Ceiling Finishing Materials in Modern Apartment

What can you do with the ceiling? Not so long ago, the main option of finishing was whitewashing or painting. But today, such decor methods are outdated and quite rarely used. Let’s make an overall review of possible ceiling finishing materials in a modern apartment.

Firstly, we need to make a design project for the ceiling. Of course, for this purpose, it is better to hire a specialist. But it is possible to perform this kind of work by yourselves as well; there is nothing hard in this. To do the plan, you should estimate the shape of the future ceiling, its color and calculate what you need to accomplish the task.

Perhaps a multilevel ceiling with separate zones will be the best option for your home. And maybe the mirror, or figured, drywall, wood or even art painting ones will be more appropriate? There are plenty of options. By the way, their number is limited only by your imagination.

What’s next? You know exactly what ceiling you would like to have. So, it is now necessary to make an outlay estimate. You should do the calculation according to the material used and the surface area. Incidentally, if you hire professionals, it also should be included in the overall price.

What material to choose

Drywall, PVC or Wood Panels, Mirror Tiles, or Wall Paneling

A suspended ceiling is a modern and practical room decor option. You can make it of different materials: drywall, PVC or wood panels, mirror tiles, or wall paneling. In general, the design solutions don’t know any limitations.

Suspended type of the ceiling made of plasterbpard multilevel construction

The false ceiling is based on a rigid frame made of metal or wood. It has filed on decorative materials (drywall, tile, etc.). Under the space between the ceiling and the frame is very convenient to hide the wiring and other unnecessary wires.

Stretch ceiling is considered to be the most expensive option of ceiling finishing. It comes multi-faceted and multi-leveled, in the form of an arch, tent, tiers, or even with artistic painting. In addition, the installation of a stretch ceiling is a fairly complex process. In this case, you need to know some of the nuances in the work.

Combined Stretched Suspended construction of the ceiling


Wallpaper is not so long ago justly considered the main option of finishing the ceiling, but with the advent of the new finishing, materials receded into the background. A wide variety of colors and low cost are the main advantages of the material. But you must strong hands to put the wallpaper on the ceiling.

Bright red wallpaper at the balcone ceiling looks very fresh and intricately

We should also highlight the liquid wallpaper individually. It is the most economical option (after painting) option of finishing the ceiling. With the help of this decoration, it is possible to create unique effects and color combinations, to give an original texture to the surface. Unlike paper-based wallpaper, a liquid one is not glued but applied as plaster.

Liquid wallpaper for the ceiling trimming

Putty and Paints

Painting is considered the most budget and easiest option of all finishes. Align the ceiling, paint it with emulsion paint – that’s all. This process leaves a lot of litter. Therefore, you need to cover furniture, floor, and walls before working to avoid staining.

Of course, you may want something like a picture on your ceiling. Maybe, the blue sky with the birds will decorate it. To order such a painting will cost much more than cover the ceiling with paint of the same color.


Ceiling finishing methods are limited only by imagination and budget. Depending on the material, the installation process may differ. For your convenience, all the necessary information about the decoration of the ceiling, we divided into sub-topics and placed at the top of this page.

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