Carved Wooden Door as Piece of Art in your Interior

As you can note, any interior element performs a functional role as decorating and even an artistic spot of the room. Here we come up to another difficulty – not to be lost in the abundance of the myriads of decorative elements. That’s why designer’s holywars about “what is beautiful” are never-ending. But eventually, it is the only owner of the apartment to decide what solution is more attractive. And if we’re speaking about wooden interior or entrance doors, we can’t forget that the carving can bring an absolutely different look and perception of this essential part of your home. Carving is an ancient people’s craft and part of the culture. But it doesn’t mean it can adorn only classic interiors. Use a modern carved wooden door as a piece of art in your interior not devoid of functionality.

Entrance Carved Wooden Doors

If you live in a suburban cottage or a private house and want to stand out from the row of the typical houses at the street or just increase the visual appeal of the entrance of your home, carved wooden doors are one of the most effective ways to emphasize the style of the overall dwelling.

Carved Wooden Doors as Piece of Art in your Interior. interior glass and timber made doors with handycraft swans

Sliding aside segments of the folding doors at the picture above represents a whole eye-captivating motif. And the “Aztec” drawing at the spectacular wide door of the grand villa from the photo below can instantly attract attention and hide possible drawbacks of the garden arrangement.

Carved Wooden Doors as Piece of Art in your Interior. Entry door at spectacular monolithic surface of the hi-tech designed private mansion

Further, we can see that the main themes for the wooden doors you can divide into natural and historical. That relates to the inner style of the house. A natural motif can hint at eco or rustic styles of the interior design. At the same time, historical carvings possibly hide the Classical interior.

Carved Wooden Doors as Piece of Art in your Interior. Natural color of the entrance with peculiar carving on itCarved wooden doors are perfectly combined with metal elements in the form of handles and decorative elements. They also look harmonious with wrought iron chandeliers and wall lamps.Arched entry door carved in medieval thematic

Carved Wooden Door as Piece of Art in your Interior. Noble classic interior with the stairs

Interior Carved Doors of Different Types

The interior doors have the same gradation. Relation to the interior styles is still the same. But we can notice more variability of models. The doors can be one- or two-leafed, folding, or roller. The doors to the basement can be a real masterpiece. Designers decorate them with massive chains or knockers that can plunge you deeper into the romanticism of the Middle Ages.

Carved Wooden Door as Piece of Art in your Interior. Interior door with fancy handmade picture

Carved sliding doors with decorative glass are a decoration for a room in light colors. They give it a cozy and refined atmosphere. A bed or chairs made in a similar spine to the doors will be a wonderful addition to the interior.

Carved Wooden Door as Piece of Art in your Interior. interior partitions in the spacious almost empty ascetic room

At the same time, a cherry-colored rug can make a space with a massive wooden door look simpler and less fancy. For flooring, the best choice would be porcelain tile or natural wood laminate.

Home theater carved doors

Brickwork is a great addition to the classic interior with carved wooden elements. So, you will feel the magic atmosphere of a castle in your home.

Slightly carved doors to the vault Peculiarly carved door in the rustic designed interior

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