Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes

Living room is perhaps the most versatile room in any home. It was here held various meetings, parties with guests, and just chatting with each other both with households and friends. Sometimes of necessity living becomes a romantic place with subdued light. And hence to meet all these requirements, it is necessary to provide decent lighting of each existing functional areas. We want to explore the most efficient and modern living room lighting placement schemes in this article. After all living provides a huge field for the realization of any manifestation of fantasy and design abilities.

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes in the luxurious light wooden rounded room interior

Living room lighting placement schemes. Where to start?

The design of lighting the living room, as well as any other room, requires creative approach, evaluated from different angles. For example, it may be based on the availability of reliable communication networks that are responsible for the supply of electricity to lighting equipment. Then technical calculations of the required light level, the availability of funds and, accordingly, the price of lamps and of course how the model of various chandeliers, sconces, etc. will be in harmony with the overall interior room are also necessary.

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes in the wide area with creamy colored finishing Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Plastered ceiling with spotlight in complicated design Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes in the snow-white interior with shelvings-partitions of functional zones  Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. bluish interior design with original corner spotlight sections

If you are going use basic general lighting (Chandelier or decorative light located in the center of the room), the main disadvantage should appear  that bright light will only be in the center dimming consequently to the corners of the room. Therefore, using the general illumination, uniform light distribution throughout the room is unreachable. As it is impossible to put focus on one or another part of the interior, or to highlight any detail. The most rational is to use the mix of local decorative lighting together with spot and directional ones.

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Adjustable ceiling spotlights can arrange the mood

Local decorative lighting

There are several ways of the local lighting. For example, if you have niches in the living, it would be expedient to arrange a directional backlight in them. This method allows the designer to create a simulation of the windows through which the reflected light will penetrate into the room. Incredibly spectacular are lamps with upward or downward light. The walls thanks to such method acquire lightness and transparency, as light pours them in thin layer. At the same time, there are two options for the use of such lamps: open and hidden. Hidden means the lights arranged in a disguised way, which gives even more mystery and will bring enchanting intriguing element to the room.

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Disguised strips of the lamps  Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. LED strip lighting of the ceiling Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Large area zoned by lighting fixtures Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Partition lighting Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Wall level "masked" lighting Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Wall shelves with recesses

If living room zoning is produced by means of the podium, ie floor has a drop, then it would be great to build fixtures along this drop. In such way we can not only issue the decorative lighting, but fixtures will find another function – they will serve as a reminder of the drop in the floor level.Floor levels lighting fixtures in the living kitchen large room

In addition, it is recommended to apply the clear light accents on the wall paintings, on the favorite photos or even any valuable things – this technique helps to stage the whole composition in general and create a similar effect using a variety of lighting fixtures and directed light lamps.

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Spots row for illumination of functional segments

Types of lamps for local lighting:

Desk lampLiving Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Desk lamp

Desk lamps took a big part in the living room lighting placement schemes (the viewpoint that they are only for sleeping rooms is incorrect), especially if it’s a lamp with a luxurious shade. It can become the main decoration of the living room and you should place it at bedside table or corner table, using both single and several lamps symmetrically arranged;


Floor lampsLiving Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Floor lamp

floor lamps of different designs are the ideal option when you want to direct lighting. The best place for them is the corner next to the sofa. It should be noted that modern fixtures perfectly generate ambient light in the room and at the same time are applicable for the local area illumination;


Wall sconcesLiving Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Floor lamp

due to the fact that they are mounted on brackets to the wall you can save some space in the living. The most relevant place for such a sconce will be near the fireplace;


Pendant lightsLiving Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Pendant light

are used for lighting the living room instead of the traditional chandelier, and represent the most common type of lighting with lots of various designs and mounting methods, variety of lamps and their number (there are one-lamp pendant lights), and the lens material;



Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Luster

It is the traditional way to add some elegance to the room, commonly used for the interiors in a classic style. Though, there is now a huge variety of designs of modern chandeliers. It will help room interior to acquire the sophistication and nobility;


Special lighting:

SpotlightsLiving Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Spotlights

It is most appropriate if necessary to highlight some details of the interior. Good solution to draw the attention of visitors to works of art or to the different design features. In addition, spotlights are appropriate as an auxiliary lighting on the ceiling;


Directed spots

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Directed spots

Downlights, often with halogen lamps, allowing to create a bright spot that serves as backlight for a desired part of the interior. The spots may have one or more lamps. Their main feature is that they can be rotated in all directions, providing directed lighting. Some new models are equipped with a rheostat (dimmer), whereby it is possible to change the brightness and direction of lighting;


Mixed lightingLiving Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Mixed lightin in the fresh natural colored interior

… largely transforms the living room, turning it into a magnificent glow of lights. This makes sense to use different types of lamps. For example, in addition to the chandelier in the center of the room to place a table lamp on the corner of the table, and use spotlights to illuminate the wall painting.


Lighting as a way of zoning the living room

First of all, it should be noted that the zoning area is the most important function of the light used in this area.

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Floor lamp helps to highlight the resting zone

When zoning the living room with the help of lighting, the desired effect can be achieved due to the nature of its orientation, as well as using lamps of different colors and designs. The light can be directed both directly and diagonally. Creating multiple functional areas with a particular environment can be achieved through various areas of the luminous flux. Thus, can be formed separate cozy nooks in a room. For example by locating a table lamp or hang a sconce in a places to relax and read. Place it low from the floor in the area for watching TV or, for example, it is better to mount a little sconce into the wall. To create a romantic and intimate environment lights with dim colored lighting and, in some cases, just candles will fit perfectly.


What also should not be forgotten

When choosing lamps you should pay attention to their design, whether it will be in harmony with the design of your living room. After all lights are not just for lighting, but they also exhibit the aesthetic functions. With the light off they need to become an ornament of the room. In each separate functional area fixtures must be placed at different levels. Also, it should be remembered that in the evening hours to be light enough, but comfortable. It is better if the lamp will serve as a central chandelier with halogen lamps and matt shades that will soften the contrast in the room. To create a more pleasant atmosphere, we use the lighting from below, however, this is only possible in cases of furniture free corners. It is good to set section of the lanterns equipped with light regulation on the suspended ceiling.

And another important point – no matter how well your artificial lighting is organized, you should not forget about the natural one, appearing as no less an important design element, the use of which is extremely desirable. Therefore, curtains or should not be too tight, or you should be able to open them, leaving a translucent tulle.

Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Different lighting types used in the living Living Room Lighting Placement Schemes. Modern greenish interior with complex low-key light system

And finally, I want to remind that the main purpose of the living room lighting is above all to create favorable and comfortable conditions for spending time with all family members. It can be achieved by using several lighting devices in combination, and by their consequent switching on.

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