Modern Loft Living Room Design Ideas

If your private house has an attic, it would be strange not to use this square footage for the benefit of the family. Living room, bedroom, guest room, a dressing room, an office, or even an extra bathroom – the opportunities for the renovation of the attic are limited only by your desire, needs, and size of the reconstruction budget. We offer an impressive selection of design projects and designs of roof attic living room decoration ideas, to meet the common needs of their owners. Let modern loft living room design ideas, practical and attractive interiors will be an inspiration to your alterations.

Modern Loft Living Room Design Ideas. TV-set and the blue accent stripe for the originally designed room

Modern loft living room design ideas. Remodeling the attic

The process of living arrangement simplifies for an attic with skylight. The room is filled with sunlight and you have at least one free wall in the front of the building. This free plane can be used to arrange the video area or to install an artificial fireplace. And in the space with the lowest ceiling height, you can set sofas and armchairs. Bright finish, a pair of bright accents, and even a small space under the roof will look attractive, comfortable, and modern.

Modern Loft Living Room Design Ideas. Nice lobby at the small area near the stairs White trimmed room with exposed wooden ceiling beams

Attic rooms of private homes are often executed with the active use of natural materials – wood is the most common option. This finish has excellent sound insulation. We do not forget that we will be under the roof, which is exposed to pounding rain and even hail. Wooden panels are able to “breathe”, not to mention the fact that this design gives a natural warmth to all the images of the premises.

Totally wooden trimming in the loft styled attic living room Large space for homey rest of the whole family Modern Loft Living Room Design Ideas. Abrupt slant of the wooden beams Garland of bulbs and dark trimming for the intimate atmosphere

Living room in white tones with lots of sunshine – none of your guests will guess formerly cluttered attic or loft in this magnificent room. Light furniture adds elegance to the interior. Glass and mirror surfaces, shiny accessories, pieces of furniture, and lighting – all together create a completely airy, light atmosphere.

Modern Loft Living Room Design Ideas. Absolutely white trimming of the complicated shaped attic premise

To make a living situated in an asymmetric room, pastel shades would suit perfectly. Popular “nude” tones, supplemented by a pair of contrast-bright accents, will be a perfect option for the basis.

Very homey atmosphere with bright decorative elements

It happens that the attic space has a very small size. In appendage, it represents the form of unknown geometric variation. But even such a complex space can be equipped inefficient, bright, modern style. Here is an example of such a bold design project with a bright finish, the unusual choice of furniture, and a non-trivial approach to decorating.

Black and white decoration using orange accent wall

If the bright, pastel colors for decoration are not your favorite, but the contrast, original design can cheer you up, you can start with an attic room or loft alteration to try your hand in the original design. The following room to relax, for example, widely uses a combination of dark design elements with wood paneling. Modest in quantity, but original in design furniture, a large window with a beautiful view and a contrasting finish – non-trivially decorated space is ready!

Modern loft living room design ideas. Creamy and dark design of the family space under the roofOpen brickwork and ceiling beams in an attic

If you do not have enough courage to give free rein to your design ideas in such important family rooms as a living room, a bedroom, or a kids’ room – you can try your hand in the attic! It is here you can safely use unusual shapes and creative colors, DIY made furniture, and paint walls on your own.

Absolutely unusual design of the sleeper near the window

We came up with the option of making not just a living, and the tasting room out of the attic for all lovers of wine products, collectors. Wine cabinets, built in areas with the lowest ceiling height, comfortable sofas and armchairs, a small cupboard or wardrobe showcase for the dishes – what else do you need for a comfortable and relaxing get-together with friends?

Classic interior arrangement with dark matte ceiling

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