Making Your Own Zen Zone: How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom

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Making Your Own Zen Zone: How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom. The place where you can relax

According to research, 55 percent of Americans feel stressed during most of their days. Stress is on the rise in the United States, and it seems that no one knows the tools to reduce the stress in their lives.

One of the main causes of stress in your environment, if it is chaotic and busy, you will feel the same in your mind. This is why you need to have a relaxing bedroom to come home to, a place that gives you peace of mind and a feeling of zen.

The problem is, with so many things that we need to keep in our room, how can we create a bedroom that helps you to release stress and regenerate your energy levels?

Keep on reading to learn how to create a zen-like relaxing bedroom so that you can fall asleep easily and reduce the feelings of stress.

  1. Ditch the Electronics

We are going to start it off with the most important, and the most difficult part about creating a relaxing bedroom: ditching your electronics.

Every moment of every day you are surrounded by the stimulation of electronics and the energy that they omit. No matter what you are playing on your tv, smartphone, tablet, or laptop, they are all emitting a frequency that is more disturbing than relaxing.

By separating yourself from your electronics in your bedroom, you give yourself the ability to be with your own thoughts and process your emotions without any extrinsic distraction or stimulation.

  1. Add Some Living Elements

Not only do plants help to purify the air and help us sleep, but they also bring a sense of life and nature into your room. Being around nature helps to ground us and bring us back to our roots and connects us to what really matters.

You do not need to have a green thumb to reap the benefits of house plants. Here are some of the easiest ones to grow:

  • Sansevieria
  • Monstera
  • ZZ Plant
  • Cutlass Aglaonema
  • Hedgehog Aloe
  • Lemon Lime Dracaena
  • Golden Pothos
  • Jade Plant
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Snake Plant

There’s nothing more relaxing than a quiet walk in a forest. But since you can’t bring the forest to your bedroom, the green plants are second best. They’ll help you to feel the peace of the outdoors without needing to leave your house.

  1. A Soft and Perfect Mattress

A good mattress is essential to creating a relaxing bedroom environment. Without proper sleep, your body will not be able to combat stress effectively.

The right mattress really depends on your body’s preferences. You might need it to be firm, soft, or memory foam. Make sure you properly read mattress reviews first before making your purchase.

  1. Color Your Room Calm

If your room has bright and busy colors, it will reflect on your energy levels and overly-stimulate your mind. Instead, opt for calming colors such as light blue, white, grey, light green, and pastels.

You can add accents of darker shades such as hunter green, navy blue, and dark grey, but make sure it is just an accent or else it could put stress on your eyes.

Lots of white will help you to stay in that state of zen, as it’s less distracting and very relaxing. It also looks great with the hints of living greenery you have in your room.

  1. Clean Out the Clutter

Contrary to what most people believe, it isn’t the stuff you have in the room that counts, it’s the space between the stuff that really creates a zen-like feel.

One Buddha statuette can add to that energy of zen. However, five is excessive and can start to look busy. Same goes for candles, flowers, books, and other decorative items.

Clean out the items that are extra or aren’t useful and you will start to feel more relaxed instantaneously.

  1. Have the Right Lighting

If the lighting in your bedroom is too bright, it will cause strain on your eyes and lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm. Instead, add a dimmer switch to control the amount of light you allow inside your room.

If you need to read, add a soft reading lamp on your bedside table to help yourself see but not overwhelm your eyes.

  1. Add Some Hygge Feel to Your Room

Hygge is a Danish word that describes the ultimate cozy and content feeling you have when you are surrounded by things that make you feel comfortable.

This could be snuggling up with a cup of hot cocoa, bundling up in cozy blankets, laying on a faux fur rug, or smelling the scents of a delicious candle.

Hygge really depends on what makes you comfortable and can be individually set by your preferences.

  1. Add the Senses

Candles can really add the perfect touch to creating a relaxing bedroom. They are a soft source of light and add a hint of delicious aromas to the room.

The element of fire is also a benefit, as it is the symbol of transformation and a great tool to use alongside your meditations. Watching a candle burn is similar to that feeling of staring at a campfire for hours.

  1. Play with Texture

Have you ever laid down on a faux-fur rug and experienced that sensation of ultimate comfort? That’s because textures have a lot to do with creating your mood and relaxing your mind.

Adding some textures to your room such as faux-fur, thick blankets, knitted materials, and velvet accents is great for ultimate relaxation.

  1. A Big and Comfy Chair

It’s important to use your bed only when it is time to actually go to sleep. Otherwise, you could confuse your mind into thinking it is time to sleep at the wrong moment.

Add a big, comfortable chair to your room for times like reading, meditation, relaxing, and unwinding. This way you can still relax without thinking sleep is the only way.

Go Beyond Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

Now that you’ve soothed your senses by creating the ultimate relaxing bedroom, you probably want to update the rest of your house for even more of a peaceful atmosphere.

There are many elements to creating a relaxing house. Keep checking our blog for more decor-related articles to keep your house feeling like a home.

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