Middle Size Living Room Color Ideas

The color palette of the living room – an ocean of ideas

Living room of 18-20 square meters is quite a spacious room that does not need limitations of colors for decoration. But in terms of possible combinations of interior subjects together, light palette is preferred. Neutral tones are easier to combine and there is no doubt that living atmosphere will promote rest and relaxation.

Unusual mute light and dark shades in the modern apartment with big windows

Middle Size Living Room Color Ideas. Bright colors, bright accents

Even without any skills in design art, it is possible to arrange the living room that will look fresh, modern, practical and extraordinary. A white wall decoration, as a blank canvas for your imagination, is ideal for any color combinations. Light palette and bright of furniture, upholstery and textiles – the situation in the power of any homeowner to manage it.

Fresh accents in the modern living room thanks to bright furniture

Furniture with bright upholstery, wall decor, hanging and floor lamps – everything looks very advantageous on a white background. As a result, you get a fresh and light living environment which is not devoid of attractiveness and brightness.

Middle Size Living Room Color Ideas. Yellow and blue furniture spots on the light living room interior

Red decor elements in the classic interior of the living room with fireplace

Despite total-white tone of finishing the ceiling and walls, the room looks bright and colorful, thanks to the active color of furniture, carpets and textiles. As a result, the image of the living becomes non-trivial, interesting. But not only the color palette influenced creation a unique interior – furniture arrangement in a circle has created a harmonious arrangement with a pronounced center of the composition.

Original green colors in the bright vintage living interior

Pastel colors and natural tones to create a cozy atmosphere

Nature has a lot of pleasant shades of eyes that can soothe our psyche, to appease emotions, enable the body to relax after a hard day’s work in the family circle. We do not need to invent something new, it is enough to trust nature. Even reddish shades of brickwork  as an accent of the interior living room look not just appropriate, but also attractive and original.

Middle Size Living Room Color Ideas. Country house living room desgign in classic style with creative elements

The pastel colors of the trim and furnishing of the next living room is successfully integrated with decorative utensils painted imitating Russian Gzhel. Cool shades of blue and white palette diluted easy colors premises, but also became her accent, the centers of attraction views.

Leather upholstered furniture and Venetian blinds for light living room design idea

Light minty shade of the main living room decoration has created a neutral backdrop for the room, wall used as dimly accent, wallpapered with gilt lettering. Noble tones transform the room and bring elegance to the most usual situation.

Eco historical Roman and African design in green for modern refurbishing in the living room

The atmosphere of the living room is literally saturated with proximity to nature and all thanks to the careful selection of colors. The active use of wood (or its successful imitation) and carpeting successfully simulating the young grass, creating the effect of presence at the open air.

Unusual folding furniture in the modern eci designed living room

Colorful trim – an interesting interior room

The average size of the family room is not a reason to deny yourself from the possibility of using colorful, saturated colors for decoration. If you do not like bright palette, if the white-beige interiors evoke longing, and you want your lounge to be cheerful and keeping everybody on their toes, have a look at the next picture. Bright, eclectic family room is capable of much. It is literally blowing with the spring mood, joy, festive mood and positive from its interior.

Bright colorful trim and furniture make the living room very sanguine and joyful

Brick imitation has become more than a bright finish for the walls next living room. With such an active background, the furniture should be in light, neutral colors. Use textiles to decorate the window openings optionally in this case, the same applies to the carpet.

Middle Size Living Room Color Ideas. Brickwork in the living room is ageless classical method

Deep, dark shade of emerald wall decoration was the perfect backdrop for a pure white edging of niches for open shelves, windows and doorways, original wall decor, motley seat upholstery prints.

Table from the stratum of the ancient lacquered tree looks chic and vintage in the living room

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