Save Space and Stay Comfortable With a Ductless HVAC System

A lot of important decisions go into designing your new home or addition that can impact how it turns out once finished. One decision that may be overlooked during the process is your HVAC system. However, the temperature in your home plays a significant role in the comfort you feel, so it can be beneficial to look at all your options. A ductless HVAC set-up can be the right choice when you want to get the most out of your new space with an efficient system that promotes excellent airflow.

Your Comfort

Many of the choices you’re making about your new home or addition have to do with your comfort level. Furniture, flooring, lighting, and more contribute to how you feel about the new space. Temperature is just as critical in this category. A ductless HVAC system allows you to personalize the temperatures of the different areas of your home when set up using a service like Miller’s Central Air. It eliminates the need to fight over the temperature. You can have your living room set to a cooler temperature than the bedroom.

Your Health

The air quality in your home plays a large role in your health. A dusty system can impact respiratory health. While any new HVAC system will be clean initially, over time, a traditional system can have dust and debris build up in the ducts. A ductless system won’t have the same issues. There are no ducts to spread harmful particles throughout the home. The indoor air quality will not have problems later on after dust can accumulate.

Decor Friendly

Save Space and Stay Comfortable With a Ductless HVAC System. Contrasting black and red minimalist interior

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Ductless HVAC systems are also very decor friendly, especially for those that are looking for a minimalist design scheme. A ductless system stays out of the way and allows you to create the perfect look for each of your rooms. There are no vents that will stick out and look out of place with only a few selected pieces of furniture and decorations. You also don’t have to worry about accidentally covering vents and impeding the airflow into or out of a room.

Cost Savings

In your old home, you may have noticed that over time, your energy bills have gotten larger. This hike in price is often due to an aging central HVAC system that is not very efficient, but it can also be because of the way a traditional unit is set up. Setting up a conventional unit in your new home will be more efficient than your old home’s system, but it still has drawbacks compared to ductless. You often have to heat or cool the entire house at the same temperature rather than just the zones you and your family are currently using. Ductless changes the game and lets you be comfortable while using less energy.

Adding a ductless HVAC system to your new home or addition is an excellent option. You’ll have all of the benefits of a traditional HVAC system and your home will be comfortable, in addition to all of the benefits that come from going with a ductless system.

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