Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Full Review and Choosing Advice

The kitchen is needed practical, comfortable things.  Such constructions may include products of alloyed steel. The kitchen sink determines the choice of a suitable material. Industry offers a good selection of sinks from stainless steel for kitchen. The range of manufacturers and prices is also significant. Stainless steel kitchen sinks have gained wide popularity with the release of models suitable for any chosen by customer design style. Functionality of sinks, their original form, depth, variety of exterior finish and durability inclines many housewives in favor of equipment their kitchens with washing utensils of stainless steel. In specialty stores, retail outlets of the manufacturers, the company’s website etc. you can be accessed with models, obtain the necessary information from the sellers. And in this overview you can find stainless steel kitchen sink full review and choosing advice to be more acquainted with the question of what these products can be like and what is their difference.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Full Review and Choosing Advice. Modern look of the sink within hi-tech styled large kitchen area

Kitchen interior and sinks of stainless steel

Hostesses pay much attention to the interiors of their kitchens, as spend time for cooking food for the family in these rooms. While the dishwashers are only gaining popularity in the modern houses and not always available for small condos and apartments, the kitchen sink is to claim the first place. Stainless steel successfully combines with many materials: glass, granite, ceramic, plastic. This material fits to the classic style, the interior of high-tech, Art Deco, and rustic as well. Everything is determined by the outer shape and finish construction.

Washings are made of stainless steel whose composition is tested by science and practice for ages: nickel additive in an amount of 10%, chromium – 18%. Steel of this composition is resistant to high temperature extremes, degradation by chemicals that are used for washing and cleaning utensils, scratches and shocks. Additives of several chemical elements provide gloss design.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Full Review and Choosing Advice. Two-cell one


Kitchen interior kitchen make two methods: stamping and welding

Stamping method.

Ease of manufacture of stamped sinks affects their price (which is low). No seams in such sinks relates them to the safest. But the depth of the stamped design can provided up to 15 cm by any manufacturer. Such depth not always satisfies users. In addition, the thickness of the extruded sink may be inhomogeneous. The reason may lie in the choice of poor materials or violations of production technology. Such defect can create an emergency situation in the long-term use.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Full Review and Choosing Advice. the overview of the stamped way of production

Welding method.

According to the technical characteristics, welded version superior stamped design sinks in many ways. Weldment models are distinguished by reliability, deeper bowl, design and forms.

The process of manufacturing the sink is divided into several stages:

  • forming a bowl;
  • stamping of the sink base;
  • conjunction parts by welding;
  • grinding and polishing of the structure.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Full Review and Choosing Advice. Unusual complicated form for the functional thing

Main thing in the production of welded sinks is welding quality. Defect in the seam of the sink inevitably leads to an emergency situation (leakage).

Experts recommend choosing the manufacturer with a proven reputation when choosing a stainless steel sink for the kitchen.

Pros of Stainless Steel Sinks

  1. Low cost combined with high functionality and attractive design;
  2. significant resistance to corrosion and shock impact;
  3. Easy to care. Stainless steel sink is easy to clean, not only special cleaning agents, but also agents have long been used by women: soap and soda. Stainless steel sink is easy to disinfect, it does not lose luster and does not corrode when used sufficiently strong disinfectants.
  4. Design sink stainless steel provides excellent resistance to temperature drop, withstands extremely hot kitchen items – pots, pans. Chemical additives to the steel provide exposure to high temperatures – up to 1450 ° C.
  5. If necessary, it is no problems to replace the kitchen sink: sink will be accepted in the reception areas of waste metal as it can be recycled.

Cons of sinks made of stainless steel

Sinks made of stainless steel have one significant problem – the noise during dishwashing. Manufacturers are making to the washing unit special pads that attach to the outside of the sink bottom.

Stainless steel sink design

External finish of sinks is quite diverse. Manufacturers have taken care of creating the appearance of their production. It can have brilliant smooth, matte, mirror surface. Designers of different makes offer a simulation of different materials having interesting, pronounced texture and embossed patterns on the surface of the structure. Custom designed sinkы will have a higher cost. But the ultimate choice remains for the user.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Full Review and Choosing Advice. Modern kitchen element with many working surfaces

How to choose the sink

  • First step is to be sure in the proper material composition of the selected sink. Put a magnet on the surface of the sink, it will show a stainless steel quality. The magnet will not stay on the steel surface which is corresponding to the norms of containing of nickel and chromium.
  • The composition of the stainless steel determines the lifetime of the equipment.
  • When planning the purchase of sink for the kitchen, you should decide on the form, the parameters and the number of bowls. Should be there a place for drying dishes, how to position the faucet, of what design should it be? Whether modern accessories arrangement is expected to ensure sink usability. The depth of the bowl should be at least 18 cm. The small depth will not prevent water from splashing.
  • Decide on the type of sink is easy. It all depends on the design of the kitchen units and the hostess wishes.

Manufacturers offer such options of constructions:

  1. Overhead type is versatile, simple to install and suitable for placing on any surface except the artificial stone and steel;
  2. Mounting of these sinks is more complex. If no special skills, it is better to invite a specialist
  3. Sink simulating the table top. This type of sink should be installed only by professionals.


  • Buying a kitchen sink is associated with its long-term use, so guarantee of its quality is mandatory. This issue can be taken only by official representative of the manufacturer’s trade point.
  • The hygienic properties of stainless steel sinks are high. However, the time and chemical agents used for washing dishes leads to the loss of the original design form. The loss of gloss, the acquisition of a fatty plaque deprives washer design appeal. To preserve the appearance of the device you need to make little effort to clean it:
  1. after dishwashing using detergent inside of the sink should be washed with water;
  2. periodically remove fat with special cleaning agents for stainless steel appliances


Optional accessories for the sink

Most advanced users require modern additions to the tabletop with the sink:

  • Colander (device for products that require drying);
  • board for cutting products;
  • dispenser for soap;
  • container for fruit and vegetables;
  • hose for filling water in large containers.


Complementing the kitchen set with the sink, you should be based on manufacturers whose reputation is highly respected in the market of stainless steel products. Trademarks of Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Finland are well known in the American market. Equally popular are Russian, Polish and Chinese manufacturers of stainless steel structures as well as the local makes.

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