30 Ideas on Transforming Small Kitchen into Comfortable Cooking Place

Do you find your kitchen uncomfortable just because it’s small? We will prove that size does not matter for comfort and coziness. And we also have something about 30 ideas on transforming a small kitchen into a comfortable cooking place easily.

What mistress does not dream of a large spacious kitchen! However, not everyone was lucky. Should we be upset about this? Let’s try to transform your kitchen so that it always makes you happy.

No matter how you like the fitted kitchen in the store, it is not for you if it is large. In a small kitchen, there should be only compact furniture. U-shaped kitchen layout is the most universal for small areas, but not always there is the possibility to use it.

Gray classic styled kitchen with unusual lined backsplash

Modern design ideas are moving the industry forward, and today there are many options for kitchen furniture, even for the smallest kitchen. Pay attention that the overlap of one surface on another allows you to use both. At the same time, the kitchen space is saved.

Blue color for the figured design of the hi-tech kitchen

Separate the cooking place with an arch and you will also get a dining room in a small kitchen.

Arch and the bar counter at the modern kitchen

The kitchen area can also be separated from the dining zone without walls. Such a set, in fact, is a kitchen island with all the necessary appliances.

Gray design of the Contemporary styled kitchen

In a small kitchen, furniture should not only be compact but also functional. Then you do not have to clutter up space with superfluous items, which are easily removed into the cabinets.

Foldable cabinets at the Rustic styled kitchen

No one single centimeter should be wasted in a tiny room of the kitchen. The place near the windowsill can easily be turned into a dining area.

Universal windowsil dining place at the small kitchen

If desired, the sill can become a working surface. By the way, it is very convenient in terms of contemplating beautiful surroundings.

Nigh sight at the white color decorated Casual styled small kitchen

Do not try to squeeze dining furniture set into the small space – it fits not every kitchen. More often it takes much more space than a small table with chairs.

Light colored Classic at the kitchen

Maximize access to the kitchen zone. It can take over some of the kitchen utensils and thereby unload the main space.

Modern small kitchen interior model in light tones

A bar counter in a small kitchen is not an excess, but an additional working surface, and, if necessary, a dining area.

Nice multifunctional kitchen set with bar counter in classic style

If space is still a problem, use this unusual table. It looks non-standard and almost does not take the area, and it is very convenient to use.

Unusual semispheres in the form of shelf

Today’s kitchen can not be imagined without home appliances. The main thing is that different devices occupy a minimum of space. The best way out is the built-in appliances.

Ideally constructed fitted kitchen set

Even if the built-in appliances are not the solution, try to keep the work surfaces free. For example, a microwave oven can be suspended or found in a ready-made cabinet.

Red l-shaped kitchen with maximum utilized space

Most often, the working surface of the kitchen is cluttered with all sorts of devices, without which no mistress can manage. Today, the railings (systems that allow you to arrange designs with jars for spices, hang towels, place any kitchen utensils) help out from this misfortune.

30 Ideas on Transforming Small Kitchen into Comfortable Cooking Place. Nice idea of chalk board built in to the kitchen facade

Sliding tables are indispensable in a small area. They never interfere and they can be used at any time.

Retractable dining table from the kitchen furniture set

Try to ensure that your furniture is equipped with similar storage systems. These are convenient, compact, not in sight, always at hand items.

Nice idea to store your cookware in one cabinet

Such universal cabinets for storing all kinds of kitchen items are simply irreplaceable in a kitchen with a limited area.

Wooden Angular solution for storing liquids

The same purpose is served by retractable systems in modern kitchen sets.

Wooden Angular solution for storing liquids

Organizer for bulk products is a new modern gadget for the kitchen. Its dignity will be appreciated by any mistress, and especially by the owner of a small kitchen.

Multifunctional gray cabinet

The last squeak of the kitchen fashion is a retractable cutting board with a hole and garbage can under it. Women are delighted!

Cutting surface with the hole for waste

No newfangled gadgets? Try to ensure that even the doors of cabinets in your kitchen carry a functional load.

Universal wooden cabinet with plenty of shelves

Do not be afraid to take something out of sight in a small kitchen. With the correct organization of space, kitchen objects will not spoil the general appearance, but rather complement it.

Dark modern interior

But if you prefer that nothing superfluous spoils the appearance in your kitchen, use comfortable closets, where there is a place for absolutely everything.

Folding and rotating metal shelf for cookware

Not every mistress will reconcile the fact that someone periodically tries to invade her territory. If you are one of these housewives, separate the work area from the main kitchen. Your household will soon understand that they are not always welcome guests on your part.

Blue color to emphasize for the modern kitchen zone

One of the saddest cases is when the kitchen area does not even give hope to accommodate the dining area. In this case, try to make the kitchen most functional and convenient at least.

Contemporary gray space with sparkling steel hood and fridge

If you have a small family, there is no need to purchase a full-fledged cooker for cooking. A small two-burner will be enough.

Wooden trimmed kitchen facades

Your kitchen will seem much more spacious if the furniture will have a glossy surface of the cabinets or appliances in it. It always visually expands the space.

Juicy lime cooking area

Reflective surfaces make the kitchen lighter, visually larger, and more comfortable.

Wet asphalt colored kitchen set

Decorate the entrance to the kitchen unexpectedly, and its size will go to the background.

Arch zoning of the kitchen from the other areas

Try to organize the space so that everything can be reached at arm’s length. This is an undeniable convenience.

Unusual u-shaped variant of the layout at the light decorated kitchen

A comfortable little kitchen is not a myth. It has a lot of advantages. Experienced housewives appreciate their dignity.

Neat pink tint on the kitchen

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