Teen Girl Bedroom Decoration & Design

Your daughter is no longer a baby, and she needs to arrange her own room? The task is not easy but interesting and very important. After all, a bedroom for the girl must meet several requirements: strong and healthy sleep, safety, creating a good mood, which directly affects the condition of the organism, a positive aura for games and activities, as well as the warmth and comfort, because here will gradually form  the inner world of a young lady.

Teen Girl Bedroom Decoration & Design with marine theme

All this is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You just need to do everything step by step after everything is carefully planned beforehand.


Note. While designing the room for a child of age 4-5, it is important to take into account the opinion of the child. Of course, he or she can not choose the material for the floor, ceiling or walls himself, but the color of the walls, curtains, furniture, carpet, and maybe their form he is able to pick up on his own. Consult with your child, select the most appropriate options, in your opinion, and have the child choose the one that he likes. Even if a child is categorically stated that he wants black wallpaper or curtains, should not flatly deny it. You can resort to a little trick. Show him how it would look on a concrete example (in the picture or visiting your friends). If this is not possible or it does not work, use the technique of contrast. This means, if the black wallpaper – then a big white drawings. Or offer to wallpaper not all walls, but only one of the, or even part of the wall. Black curtains, for example, also possible to compensate with the white tulle, by the way, not only “under”, but you can hang tulle and “on” curtains, it has become a favorite technique of designers lately. And so on, you can always find a compromise. The main thing is that your child should love the bedroom design idea, and it was at least a compromise for you.

Steps for teen girl bedroom decoration & design

  1. The choice of color or color compositions

Color has a great influence on the personal development of every person and particularly the young and growing one. You need to select the color scheme according to temperament and psycho type of the girl. It is important that she should be comfortable with the surrounding colors. Better if she would participate in the choice of colors for the room. Show her a few design options with different color scheme and let her choose the one that she will like.Turquoise bedroom design for the girls

  1. Zoning

Zoning of the room contributes to a better spending time in each zone. There are few options to do this and we`ll talk about them a little bit later.contrasting wall as an instrument for zoning the bedroom for girl

  1. Choosing a furniture

Choosing furniture a must with a young mistress of the room. Parents determine the material of furniture, its quality, reliability and safety. A girl has to select himself the color, shape and design.

  1. Selection of furniture and decor accessories

The finishing touch is the selection of carpet, chandeliers, curtains, decorative pillows, paintings and so on. The girl should choose those items and decorations that are more to her liking. And the task of parents to prompt and guide their child.

room with unique design solutions in the decoration of the teen girl bedroom

Note. If possible, try to avoid any tech appliances in child’s room. TV, computer, audio, and the like adversely affect the internal and emotional state. It is not desirable even for adults, and even more so for children. Only if the child is required technique to practice, then we can put the most necessary pieces for this.


Choice of color or color compositions

The color of the room must fit completely to its owner. It has to be comfortable and cozy in the surrounding colors. Therefore, the girl herself must necessarily be engaged in the choice of design. But while parents has an important task – to help her daughter to choose the right color. What is it? Just to look at the color in the catalog or on the roll of wallpaper is not the same. Because color looks apart completely different than in the composition of the room decoration. To be clear, we give an example: a red sweater may look cute and interesting, and the room sealed with red wallpaper or painted with red paint – it is something garish, too flashy and perhaps even vulgar. Also in this room is impossible to relax, it will keep people on their toes all the time, which has a detrimental effect on the development and employment of the child, even its sleep. Or another example: the girl’s favorite color, purple for instance. As if it`s normal color and nothing is so terrible in it. It’s not a bright red and somber black. Such a design is to develop creativity in children. But you should know that purple is a mystical and mysterious color, especially in dark shades, so it will act accordingly. Therefore, if to choose this color for the girls` bedroom, it is better do in bright colors (in purple too) and combining with other tones, such as white. Violet-white or purple-white design will turn out tender and soft. But in any case, should not be combined with violet brown or black. Violet-brown mix of too melancholic, and in alliance with the black purple room will be too dull.

So, if parents are approaching for the process of selecting the colors for the room of their girls responsibly, they should carefully examine each color, its effects and the combination with other colors.

The most favorable colors for teen girl’s room is white, turquoise, green, beige, blue, orange and pink.

White color due to its neutrality will suit absolutely any type of temperament, and it is able to visually enlarge the space, whereby the child will feel comfortable and freely in such environment.

White bedroom in the girl`s bedroom with wooden skeleton and pink elements

Turquoise interior fills the room with an aura of romance and nature, as if you are in the wild forest, or on the coast.

Light turquoise interior for the teen bedroom

Green is good for the eyes and nervous system. We rest while looking at it. This situation is favorable for children.

Green color in the teen girls bedroom

Beige and other pastel shades isn`t bad fit for the girl’s room. The only thing not to make the atmosphere too boring. In this order you can add a bit of bright colors.

Light green in the bedroom design for girls Beige color is calming and ideal for bedroom Pastel and creamy colors for teen bedroom

Blue color will fill the room with a feeling of lightness and freedom, it keeps the mind sober and clear.

Blue color and soft wall in the bedroom interior Tender color gamma for teen girl bedroom in the private house with lots of decorating elements

An excellent option of the design is the orange color. It can be supplemented with red or yellow. The room will be sunny, cheerful and always give a good mood.

Red bright color in the girl bedroom White and red cheerful combination in the bedroom for girl

And, of course, the classic color for the teen girl bedroom design is pink. It is soft, gentle, charming and seemed magical. Many even adult girls and women continue to love this color. It creates a fairy-tale aura filled with romance and sophistication. Although not everyone shares this view and avoid pink tones. But this is a matter of taste.

Do not forget that solid color interior can quickly become boring. It is best to combine two or more colors, making transitions and contrasts. The golden rule is a combination of colors – bright colors is in alliance with the pale. In no case do not need to connect bright colors with bright and pale with pale ones. Maybe someone will like such interior design ideas, but definitely nit for the child.


Zoning effect has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in children’s rooms. This technique allows you to divide the room into two parts: area for sleeping, playing games, or receiving guests, and for the classes. For children it is useful by teaching them order and regularity. Zoning can be created unobtrusively by using the color only. That is the area of ​​sleep could be painted with one color, more calm, relaxing (pale purple, lilac, pink, beige, milky, light brown); for gaming (guest) area you can pick up more invigorating and cheerful color (orange, red, green, yellow); and study area can fit cold colors that will help focus the mind and sobriety (blue, white, turquoise).

Zoning instruments in the teen girl bedroom are wall painting, headboard in the bedroom, contrasting floor etc.

Also in zoning effect may be used carpets: a carpet in each zone, it is desirable in various color shades.

Furniture, too, is a good separator, but do not forget that the furniture can take the space, which is very necessary for a growing organism.

Another method of zoning is a curtain. Although this method is more suitable to separate the sleeping area. But it looks stunning.

Furniture for the teen girl bedroom

Selection of furniture

The most important thing to consider when choosing furniture is safety. Furniture must be reliable, durable and of high quality. When it comes to metal, then make sure that it is equipped with the most soft coatings. The fact that in case of hit on the metal does not occur depreciation, as in the case of wood, and therefore the impact get stronger and hit harder. Also remember that metal furniture is always cold. In the case of wooden furniture you need to be sure that it is not treated with toxic substances. The point is that almost all wooden products treated with various substances to avoid rot, fungi and beetles. And there is a chemical treatment of hazardous compounds, or safe ones. The choice is clear.

bright color mix in the teen girl bedroom interior

Further, what should be noted regarding to furniture is its comfort and functionality. The size of the bed should fully comply with the growth of girl (it can be larger but not vice versa). And width should completely suit the young mistress. It is also better to buy orthopedic mattress. The functionality of the furniture also plays a significant role. If the bed has drawers for storing various things, it significantly saves space of the room itself, it is possible to avoid unnecessary bedside locker. A space for children is very important.

textured wallpaper, nightlamps and colored textile creates unique decora in the girl`s bedroom

Seats can also have boxes or a folding mechanism. For example, when the girl will stay girlfriends for night, they will have a place for sleeping. And if there is no space for chairs, you can buy modern bean bags, they take up much less space, but functionality is losing. Although, if too little space, you can arrange a chat with friends right on the floor, but it is necessary to lay the very soft carpet. And if this is the first floor, it would be good to make a heated floor.

Turquoise bed cover in the joyful teen girl bedroom

Wardrobe for girls should be capacious, as young ladies always have a lot of dresses. But it is desirable to be not too high. The girl should be very easy to get to the top shelves herself. Better wider than higher. It will serve as an excellent alternative to built-in closet.

teen girl bedroom design ideas in light strict gamma

Also, the girls are very fond of a mirror or dressing table. You can allocate a single area for this with everything necessary to keep the beauty.

Working area (area for ​​study) have to be near a window. The best option is to be right in front of the window. We need to maximize the amount of light for classes. In addition to the chandeliers equip an additional table lamp to study at night or cloudy weather. Take care of the comfort of the table height should correspond to the growth of girl, width fit all the necessary attributes, as well as shelves, drawers, and so on. It is also important that the seat should be chosen in accordance with the figure of a child. There are convenient model with height adjuster, padded armrests, wheels and so on.

Bright interior in girl`s bedroom

As for the design and color variations of furniture, then there is a huge scope for the imagination. For younger girls will approach the bed in the form of carriages, flower cars, the castle and so on. Even the closet can come up with the shape of a tree or the castle. Shelves, clouds or sun, the desktop in the form of a flower or chairs-bears – thousands of options. Four-poster bed looks very beautiful with a canopy falling to the floor. But, most importantly, do not overdo it and do not oversaturate the room with too many details which may subsequently bored to the girl.

For older teen girls, respectively, occur different standards, and many of them also may want to soak up the bed in the shape of a flower, or chat with friends on the couch in the form of the cloud, why not?

Regarding the colors, everything is simple. It`s just better to choose the color of the furniture in accordance with the overall design of the room, and depending on the zoning, if it is provided.

Bedroom for almost grown teen girl with her own design wishes

Decor and Accessories

When the general design and interior are ready, we have to end up the finishing touches: a selection of decor and accessories. And not just because it’s the girl’s room, but any room looks like an empty, incomplete one without these little details. For each age decor and accessories are different, of course. Chandelier can be in the form of a flower bell or clouds and sun for little girls. A flower decorations like young princesses of all ages. Very young beauties might like stickers or voluminous figures with velcro in the form of animals, fairytale characters, butterflies and so on. Carpets with bright or even variegated colors will decorate the room nice, but it is only if the rest of the design is decorated in the same bright colors. Otherwise the colors will be oversaturated. It`s mean for a bright interior calmer carpets would be suitable and curtains. And for relaxing interiors, you can choose a more cheerful color curtains and carpets.

Mixing of purple, black and white colors in the teen girl bedroom

Lovely trinkets, vases, statues, paintings, decorative pillows or soft toys – all these must be chosen carefully and accurately, so that the girls like, but also need to know the sane limits.

Purple and pink colors in the bright teen girl bedroom design brickwork and purple colors in the bedroom for little girl

Whatever your preferences and tastes of your baby, most importantly, remember that a bedroom is the most sacred place for the girls. There must be a cozy, comfortable and always a pleasure to be in.

Bedroom interior ideas foe teen girls in the contrasting gamma

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