Colorful Design Ideas for Modern Kitchen

Today, interest with glass furniture is gaining popularity. Glass products – is not only a natural environmentally friendly material. Glass has a powerful energy, disperses and reflects the daylight, oozes positive vibes only.

People with good taste appreciate exquisite glass pieces of furniture. They elevate glass countertops to the rank of art. Especially the colorful facing glass is in demand, for example, marble etc. Multi-colored, with delicate patterns, mirrored or polished, they are in harmony and are suitable to any style. Today, specialists create these sketches of glass furniture, combining seemingly unsuitable parts and images of different styles of art. Variety of design and decoration ideas is stunning.

Unique colorful design of modern kitchen

Glass as if fills furniture with volatility and weightlessness. Thanks to this transparent material the environment transforms and becomes sunny, attractive and comfortable.

Currently in Europe arose fashion to combine metal profiles with glass tables and laminated glass. The main sensation and most prestigious product of the glass remains “invisible furniture.” Absolutely transparent tables, chairs, armchairs, stands for televisions and audio equipment, bathtubs are the most delicious treat for the fashion connoisseurs.

Colorful Design Ideas for Modern Kitchen in the blue marine theme

Elegant pieces of colorful kitchen and dining room furniture made of thick tempered glass attract attention too. For example, the design of the stained glass in the form of design screens and partitions have spectacular look. They are often decorated with patterns, hand-painted silk screen, inlays of precious metals. Tempered glass does not rust, rot, as metal or wood. Due to practicality it is widely used by ordinary consumers.

Colorful Design Ideas for Modern Kitchen with tempered glass table as a zest

Toned countertops in the color of your kitchen will look worthy and stylish in the interior. Unique glass tables can be created for a relatively low price with the help of latest technology. And your kitchen will be transformed into one-of-a-kind, rare masterpiece.

In the manufacture of glass furniture used additional processing, so in our modern technological age the glass has both the reliability and durability.

Glass furniture is diverse in structure and finishing: transparent or with a variety of internal texture, with lighting, any shape and frame, with different shades, with patterns or with combined colors.

Colorful Design Ideas for Modern Kitchen in orange palette with glossy surfaces and plastic and glass furniture and appliances

How poor and sad looks ordinary kitchen table, and even a pretty tablecloth seem mediocre on it. But if only replace it by a glass dining table and the kitchen would be illuminated, creating a feeling of fresh air and expands space. Glass table is ultimately harmonizes and fits into any modern style. For example, for ethnic style the composition of woven or leather decorated base and chairs in the same spirit will suit perfectly.

Colored glass tables enrich any kitchen design. Black glass table is perceived especially luxurious. It gives the wealth and splendor to the whole interior. Peerless tandem with black table will make white chairs. Glamorous black and white kitchen is inimitable and stunning visual effect.

Colored curtains as colorful design ideas for modern kitchen

Any hostess creates its reputation and is committed to purchase the kitchen ideally fitting curtains. Therefore it is not so much on the quality of the material, but rather our precious women are paying most meticulous attention on the color and pattern. Among the huge number of different options lady finds her “soul mate”. She is very responsible and careful approaching to the choice, knowing that curtains give exclusivity and completeness of the whole interior of the kitchen.

Joyful orange curtains in the interior of the modern kitchen

The standard kitchens all over the world have a small area, so the we recommend choosing curtains in bright colors. Dark colors visually reduce the space. Experts advise to choose a bright cotton with flowers, poplin, staple for little windows. Curtains should be purchased in the very end when kitchen design is finished. If in the interior present blue decoration items and the curtains must be of the same tones, in the patterns or other images. The size of the image on the curtains should match the size of the kitchen: the smaller room, the smaller picture and vice versa. If the wallpaper is monochromatic, curtains with a pattern or design will look exclusive. Do you want to focus on your window? Then the curtains of juicy shades focus on your beautiful window. The towels or pot holders of the same color will be to the purpose.

Blue leitmotiff of the tablecloth and curtains in the classic designed kitchen

The result depends on your desires and preferences. If you have any doubt you should contact the experts who certainly emphasize the dignity of the dining room and create an atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

Small Kitchen atmosphere is warmed up with summer`s curtains

Chandeliers and lamps made of colored glass

Most often high-quality spots and lamps of colored glass is used for lighting in modern fashionable interiors. They are so varied in color and shape, make a choice that can be extremely difficult. They can be divided into categories: Wall (Bra), floor (floor lamp), ceiling (spots, chandelier), table (lamp).

Lighting in modern hi-tech steel and glass kitchen

Colored glass chandeliers endow the room with colored light. Depending on the color of the glass room becomes interesting for perception, creates the effect of fabulousness or romance. Due to such lighting the room can be visually expanded or, conversely, made more comfortable.

Pendant spotlight on the wooden board in the colorful kitchen looks maximum relevant

To allocate the most decent room area or just to focus on any detail of the interior you can also due the colored glass lamps. Sent several light jets on the ceiling, creating the illusion of scattered light. Spotlights are very economical and less costly option. They usually set in the dining room, which need to have more powerful lighting. When using the suspended ceilings is recommended to built-in single spots, spot systems, mortise, overhead spotlights.

Blue glass chandeliers in the modern blue themed kitchen

If you want to create a unique design of the kitchen, take a dip into the collection of color photographs of suspended ceilings. The choice of colors and hues is huge. In addition, the ceiling lights illuminate the whole kitchen and create an atmosphere of grandeur. Such kitchen will become the special place that will delight sight for all households and guests.

Modern interior of the kitchen and colorful chandeliers and furniture

Of course we can`t to enlight all the great diversity of modern kitchen designs and haven`t talked about even a small part of the subject. For example, we didn`t speak a word about the color schemes for the walls of the kitchen, materials and color for kitchen cabinets and other facing surfaces, about the flooring of the kitchen. But these topics are reviewed in the specific articles and you can read them individually. Thanks for staying with!

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