Is Dark Floor Kitchen Design for Spacious Rooms Only?

The choice of color is one of the most difficult parts of the design of the new kitchen. Budget, the principles of stylistic design and the existing form of the room often determine the overall layout of the kitchen. However, the choice of color is the most important aspect of the interior to create a chic, practical and stylish look. Bright white kitchens are in fashion today, but many are also interested in something more daring, for example, in darkened floors. However, many people know that dark color reduce space. So, we will try to answer the principal question: is dark floor kitchen design for spacious rooms only? See the original solutions depicted in the curated photos.

Zoning with black tiled floor Noble black granite imitation for dark colored kitchen Material combination for modern kitchen with LED lighting Bright red glossy table in large apartmen Light Scandi interior with dark floor Dark wooden facades and floor for ultramodern modular design of the kitchen with white top tier Open layout apartment with dark floor and white kitchen furniture Rustic design with large island and burcher block Striking accent of light wooden furniture facades and dark ambience in modern room Large impressive picture and colorful rug for large room

Kitchen design with dark floors

Modern design and decoration materials make it possible to create renovation of your dream. If you are sure that the dark floor in the kitchen is your choice, then it can look amazing with a certain combination. First of all, what is the mood you want in the room?

White glossy plastic and matte steel combination White kitchen facades and steel for urban apartment Modern transparent seats of the black chairs and dark brown wooden floor

What effect does the dark floor have on the kitchen?

Think about how you want your kitchen to look? Are you looking for a light, airy mood or something more intimate and cozy? Dark floors absorb more light and will “ground” the space visually. For some people, this provides a sense of security. In the end, you will use this room for many years, so create it as comfortable as possible.

Chocolate colored dark wooden floor in galley kitchen Classic neat white interior with double steel oven White plastic cabinet facades and wooden trimming of low tier Spectacular modern design with dark concrete floor and granite kitchen facades

How much light is there in the room?

If you need a light kitchen as a whole, you can still use dark floors if the room is spacious and sufficiently lit. The amount of natural light is an important factor. If you have a lot of space with a lot of windows, this means that the design options are innumerable. But in a small kitchen with one window, dark floors can make the space too tight. However, a well-constructed artificial light can also play its role. If there are enough lamps and other fixtures, and also there is lighting under the cabinet, then the dark floor can start playing with charming hues.

Sunroom and kitchen combination with wooden benches and shelves Arabian rug on the black floor of white rural kitchen  Black squared window frame and black furniture set

Dark tiles in the kitchen: how practical solution it is?

Dark floors are quite an interesting and bold decision. Such interiors have some of a mystery. But how practical are they? For example, if scratches appear on dark wooden floors, they become visible. It is clear that such a surface is delicate. And what if the kitchen is tiled? Even if your dark floors are made of tiles, they will still accentuate the fallen light hair or crumbs from eating. If you are particularly concerned with the purity of your home, you can opt for not too dark floor. This is especially true if you have children who can throw crumbs, or pets with shedding hair.

Red chairs and glossy plastic table built to the island Green tops and island in the mix of styles decorated kitchen Splendid black ceramic tile and countertops as accents in modern kitchen

The dark floor and light kitchen are a bold contrast

Dark floors will provide a clear contrast in the kitchen with light cupboards. Again, this is neither good nor bad, but you will have to build the interior only from your own taste. If you need a small color contrast in the kitchen, but also a practical choice that will not show dirt, try an average darkening of the floor.

Tulle on the window and upholstered creamy colored chairs at the round table Classic kitchen in pastel colors and inlays to carved furniture facades Large modern designed kitchen with contrasting black floor Contrasting black island and dark floor in the light elegant Classic interior


White kitchen with dark floor

White cabinets and a combination of dark floors can be very effective, whether modern or traditional style you choose. Everything depends on what is right for you and harmoniously fits into the overall interior of the house.

Dark brown laminated floor for ideally white modern kitchen interior Laminated floor in dining zone and white kitchen facades of the open layout apartmentEbony floor for classic styled white large kitchen

Pros and cons of dark floor in the kitchen

When it comes to actual living with the chosen color of the floor in the kitchen, remember that the creative appearance of the finish is not always practical. So, the first thing you need to solve is functionality. Be sure to consider the pros and cons of each option. Dark floors will always be elegant. White ones inspire with their openness and additional light. The dark floor will have a big contrast with your kitchen furniture and appliances, as well as with the color of the walls. If you choose pastel or colorful paints for walls or furniture, then black tiles will emphasize them. But when it comes to maintenance, then especially dark brown and black surfaces can cause a lot of inconvenience. From dust to stains, everything will be visible. So think carefully about how you are up to every day cleaning. However, this decoration will look great in any decor.

Industrial design of the kitchen with black fureniture and dark gray floor Modern kitchen design with combination of materials, colors and functional elements Dark matte floor and white island for Classic kitchen interior Brickwork and raw treated kitchen facades White marble with dark dots countertop and dark wooden facades Mirroring black surfaces and white kitchen set for modern kitchen Black floor and white sided island in the huge modern kitchen zone of private mansion Galley narrow kitchen with steel and dark floor shining Black facades of the modular kitchen with local lighting

Kitchen with dark floors is a stylish solution. But such an interesting design requires increased care. If there is a desire to equip your kitchen with such a floor, then do not be lazy to clean often. Remember, if you prefer dark colors, choose a matte finish, since the glossy will seem dirtier.

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