Decorative Plates in Bedroom, Bathroom and Hallway

OK, we’ve got it somewhat more clear about using this decorative method in the living room and kitchen. But what relation can it have to bedrooms and additional premises of the conventional apartments and houses? The most direct one. In this article, we’ll show you a small photo collection of the decorative plates in the bedroom, bathroom, and hallway applying ideas in almost any apartment. Decorative plates are really universal means to embellish and revive the interior of almost any interior.


Colorful decorative plates for your apartment

Decorate the Bedroom with Decorative Plates

You’ll agree that it is not often possible to meet the plate as a wall decoration bedroom. The more interesting and original they can turn the interior. For example, a bedroom decorated in the style Shabby chic or Vintage styles can be organically decorated with antique plates from your grandmother’s collection, or objects of decorative glassware purchased at flea markets and antique stores. Also, they can remind you about the places we’ve been to.

Decorative Plates in Bedroom, Bathroom and Hallway. Bedroom in the blue theme with Gzhel painted plates Decorative Plates in Bedroom, Bathroom and Hallway. Calm atmosphere of the creamy space with the plates installation above the headboard Decorative Plates in Bedroom, Bathroom and Hallway. Two-bed sleeping room with red contrasting wallpaper and decorative installation

An unusual way to accommodate plates with carved edges with the help of tape on the wall can be a great decoration for the girl’s bedroom. In this case, fitted to the interior color theme ribbons are an excellent addition to the monotonous decorative plates.

Decorative Plates in Bedroom for the girl in pinky theme

In addition to a solo presence on the bedroom walls, decorative plates can appear in the company of other wall decors. Moreover, framing mirrors in luxurious snow-white framed plates of positive mint color became an accentual piece of furniture in the sleeping room.

Turquoise decorative plates in the Shabby chic interior with orange armchairs

Few small plates in the bedroom decorated in a classic style will look more appropriate than at the headboard. At the same time, this wall decor brings notes of home warmth and comfort in the interior of the bedroom.

Rustic style in the private house bedroom with opened ceiling beams, creamy walls and decorative plates at the headboard

Plates in ethnic style, painted on ceramics or woven from colored cords are the perfect decoration for the original design of the sleeping room. Also, it is great to add some other details in ethnic style. In particular, it can be some paintings.

Light bedroom interior with couple of decorative plates

Decorative Plates in the Bathroom? Why not!

Not everybody can Imagine decorative plates that adorn the walls of the bathroom or toilet. But surprisingly this decor looks very organically in the utilitarian premises. The composition of the dishes of different shapes and sizes, plain and drawings, abstract and pithy, became an ornament of the bathroom, done in bright colors.

Toilet can also be decorated with plates looking like a tiles

Original plates-flowers of monotonous design can decorate any room. The design solution for decorating the walls of the bathroom with them was more than successful.

Unusual glass composition in the form of leaves in the burgundy painted bathroom

As if there were strange green plants in the bathroom in pastel colors, contributing design of utilitarian premises with freshness and naughtiness of spring mood.

Original naturalistic design in the bathroombathroom is also a great place to decorate with plates

For rare, vintage, or just expensive decorative plates, it is better to use special holders when attaching to a wall. This is the most reliable way of fastening. Plates made in the same style will look harmonious on a tripod.

Unusual wooden designed rustic bathroom with plates composition at the wall

Hallways, Corridors, and Halls with Plates on the Walls

Huge beautiful flowers with the natural color of steel became a real find for the decoration of the hall. Expressive, voluminous, contrasting, and original – after a few seconds in this room it is difficult to imagine this area without such wall decoration.

Large decorative flowers of the steel plates in the entryway

You can place the composition of the dishes of different shapes, colors, and sizes over a chest of drawers or shelving unit located in the corridor or hallway. This wall decor will look particularly impressive in a monochromatic finish.

Neat blue decorative fishes to decorate the hall Nice plates collection above the chest of drawers шт the corridor

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