Gray Kitchen Cabinets as Neutral Complement in Design

We’ve already a lot about different size kitchen layouts, kitchen furniture (bar stools, islands, furniture sets), what is galley kitchen, fitted or bespoke kitchen, how to organize its space or combine your kitchen with laundry, reviewed many different styles of kitchens and now we want to talk about gray kitchen facades. Why? Because it is probably the most used color for kitchen furniture out there. Many people think that gray furniture in the kitchen is only for Classic design and is obsolete. But is it true and how do we use gray kitchen cabinets as neutral complement in design, we will review in this article.

Classic Kitchen Design

This is most habitual interior to find gray cabinets in. It is most likely that you already saw that planked or carved gray cabinets in some apartment or have one at home.

Minimalistic Classics with modular furniture and built-in appliances Classic interior with planked wooden furnitureCalming atmosphere in the Contemporary styled kitchen with modular setBuilt-in appliances and classic cabinetsClassic style with steel sinkDark kitchen island for large combined room

Such cabinets are real win-win solution for folk rustic styles as well. Mediterranean, Provence, American village style are most used themes to be complemented with wooden gray facades.

U-shaped layout with dining island in the centerTypical Classic interior with glass chandeliers and wooden islandLight facades and gray tile in the kitchen

Gray color is also a great fit for experimental interiors and combinations of styles. It can be the kitchen with touch of steampunk philosophy.

Combination of colors and materials at modern kitchen

In order to add spicy contrast, white walls and gray cabinets can be diluted with bright retro refrigerator. Hence, even such small loft attic room turnining into full-fledged kitchen with plenty of light and not deprived of sophistication.

Red retro Smeg fridge for casual interior design

The mix of modern materials and technologies is more powerful when paired with unusual shades of gray. Olive, bluish and sea gray tints make the interior fresh and new despite Classic stylistic.

Olive cabinets with low LED-lightingBrown accents for monotonous interior Open ceiling construction for large Classic kitchen with stone walls

Modern Kitchen Design

A real freedom of using materials, combinations and proportions opens with switching to modern styles. And prove wrong people who think that modern kitchen don’t like gray cabinets.

Contrasting design and panoramic window

Of course, they can say it is more of white glossy surfaces that become grayish under the influence of reflection from other kitchen elements. However, you can see how diverse can be the gray palette of kitchen cabinets’ decoration.

Gorgeous wooden brown ceiling and plastic coated island Light wooden design of the upper tier of cabinets and dark gray contrast at the low tierDark colors and bar counter

Instead of summarizing, we can remind that all principles of using gray color in the apartment are also true for kitchen either. You are up to combining gray kitchen cabinets with different design solutions and elements. Such kitchen can be an independent design or be the prolongation of combined room. Moreover, kitchen cabinets also can be the constituent part of the common composition including door, table and other furniture in the kitchen.

Kitchen living room combination in contemporary style Dark kitchen furniture and light glossy table

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