Real Eclectic Kitchen Interior Design

Typically, Eclectic style which is a mix of some different design ideas, concepts and motives we can imagine as a stylistic direction chosen for the arrangement of the living room, less often – the bedroom. But for the most functional space of the housing too, such as kitchen, eclecticism can be a good way to design the space. When using combinations of elements and methods of finishing from different stylistics, it`s important to maintain harmony not overdoing it with the variety and stick to the basic concept even in small things. We present to your attention project design of a kitchen, which decoration demonstrates that the balance and harmony in the room with different design ideas taken from the canons of diverse genres are not only possible, but transform into an interesting, attractive and practical interior.

Real Eclectic Kitchen Interior Design of island angle unique form

Corner layout of kitchen units is universal option of storage, work surfaces and appliances allocation in rooms with an average area. With such an arrangement remains sufficient space to install a kitchen island, for example. The operating triangle which consists of a refrigerator, stove and sink is ergonomic and allows you to comfortably carry on cooking care. Herewith storage is sufficient to accommodate all kitchen utensils. As for the facades of kitchen cabinets, they have a look of traditional surfaces in a white version with fittings made of stainless steel. They are perfectly combined with elements of home appliances and the gray structure on the marble countertop work planes.

marble, steel and white glossy surfaces made the perception of eclectic kitchen

Bright finish of the premise in combination with dark flooring simulating a wood plank allows you to visually expand the boundaries of a medium-sized kitchen space. And the use of deep black color to paint one of the walls creates an interesting and, at the same time, practical emphasis.

Nice pastel gamma of colors in the eclectic kitchen

You can not only post family photos, notes from magazines or recipes, but also to share information, write notes, reminders, to-do lists to each other with products that should be bought or just with words of tenderness – the surface can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge at the accent wall or special cover on it.

Writable black accent wall in the eclectic kitchen interior

The use of ceramic tile with oriental two-color prints for finishing the surface of the work area became a highlight of the kitchen interior. The combination of dark gray and white tones in the picture at ceramics fit harmoniously into the overall atmosphere of the kitchen space, not to mention the fact that the tiling is the most practical alternative to decorate the splashback.

Built-in appliances act as monolith in eclectic kitchen

Rounding out the image of the central part of the kitchen work areas, and the room in general, two metal pendant lights of the original model. The industrialism of these lightings brought some brutality to the room, the spirit of the industrial interior.

Real Eclectic Kitchen Interior Design with marble counertop and dotted wallpaper

The wall of the corridor is inevitably a part of kitchen space design, so a clear geometric pattern за vertical surface brought some contrast to the interior decoration. To support the black and white theme with thin lines the picture in a black frame were hanged on the wall of the kitchen area.

Real eclectic kitchen interior

The presence of live plants allows to dilute the white-gray-black palette of kitchen space and bring a touch of natural freshness to the interior. The original two-tier plant stand makes it possible to move it in the kitchen, depending on the level of light or household`s desire of visual changes in their kitchen.

Eclectic kitchen with flowers and arched tap

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