Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde

Church chandelier, pendant candlestick are the terms of the “dark” past. They have been transformed into the modern light devices along with their types and species a long time ago. Current models are blinding of beauty and glare emanating from “many-lamped” sources. With each new collection, they do not cease to surprise us with the flight of design ideas. What chandelier do you want to have in your kitchen? Do you want to admire with the tenderness of crystal pendants, to be shocked by the futuristic design or loudly cheering the original exemplars? Among the variety of stylish kitchen chandelier types: Classic to Avant-Garde and more different shapes, materials, and creativity it is quite possible to find both strict forms and splendid art-design.

It can`t not by too much light in the kitchen a priori and do not doubt that a few sources will be an overkill. According to the decorators, we should better to make duets, trios, and clusters of transparent glass beads of the lighting devices hanging over the dining table. Composite groups with elements of the delicate filigree decoration are called to cover and ornament our life from all sides.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde in the light designed modern kitchenStylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Crystal and steel combination Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Candlestick type in the white interior of the kitchen

Turn on the lights in the kitchen!

It is a good tone to combine several types of lighting in the spacious dining room. Subdued flow from the lamps is considered to be spare and always ready to substitute the showily glittering lamps, flashing in the solemn moments. Use the dimmer to adjust the permissible power of chandeliers at weekday evenings. Connect the muted light from the furniture illumination to the play of highlights.

This principle will help to distribute the flow rate depending on the functional zone. At the same time, flowing light beautifully emphasize the merits of design and lighting fixtures will perfectly decorate the room. Since chandeliers conventionally divided by oval, spherical, conical, square and elongated shape, such a classification is relevant to the lighting scheme.

The first two are located in direct dotted line for a given vector. When the ceiling area allows, the electrical appliances of up to 3 m are dominating in an even row above the table and the home bar. Their complex layout is not excluded wither. Several single tubes can form a circle to be diametrically scattered on the ceiling and focused on segments. At the same time, they solve the problem of zoning by grouping longitudinal models.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Natural materials of rattan furniture and white tabletop in the island kitchenStylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Black and white contrast along with flower stylistic Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Creamy interior of the kitchenStylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Pendant long wired lamp composition and black table of the wooden design of the kitchen

When preparing a composition row it is considered how will metal parts of electrical appliances harmonize with operating counterparts in the kitchen. Color match problem becomes secondary with the complex equipment. It is enough to choose tone details matching from different collections to let the overall design look organically. And it is better to abide certain requirements. Shades of gold, except for “samovar”, light gray and aluminum, polished steel can be easily combined with each other. But that is not true of the neighboring group: brass, bright shades of copper, bronze, burnished silver.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. unusual matted glass "petals" of the lampshades

You can be not afraid for the aesthetics if we combine the classic on one hand and neoclassic with hi-tech, minimalism in the flow of the active light on the other. Eco-style and Japanese direction better rhyme with minimalism and country music. Ball, dripping, cube or rectangle with clear glass, airy parts will organically merge in tandem with the difficult combinable retro steampunk or decorated in the spirit of the country style. Suspended structures in retro will be ideally prescribed in the kitchen-living room in natural design, Provence or Industrial. More complex decorative ideas are also welcome, but the universal schemes would be enough to start.


Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Unexpected and creative

Some types of chandeliers are unique due to the unusual shape with a chaotic disposition. Others due to the performance techniques and new formats. Spiral configurations, hemispheric solutions, glowing tubes, complex interweaving of metal and a long series of materialized steel ideas pretend to become home decoration.

How to decorate the kitchen originally and elegantly when your interior is designed in the single style and the idea should be to elaborately emphasized? Modern furniture modules do not mind the neighborhood with pendant lamps made in the spirit of modernity. Chromed body, gazing down with pendants, multivariate types of diffusers in Murano and colored glass correspond to the idea.

Rounded chandelier silhouettes themselves are interesting and are self-sufficient. They are not seen in the room design before, except for the identity of the structural part. Bunches and garlands, flower stalk, horns, and other formative branches are attached to a central backbone. They form the direction of flows this way and are relevant from the viewpoint of surfaces lighting.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde within one interior

In the concept of the avant-garde is better to prefer complex and non-standard versions. The design, resembling the exploded bomb, accurate shelf with vases, the craft hovering in the air in a spirit of air punk, drums, variations in style of clockpunk with the decor of gears and conical fabric shades will be happy to inhabit the upper space. An extravagant model with ceramic horns, similar to the ladies hands with gloves, a copy of the coffee service look unusual from a horizontal height. Such a glamor from the Italian manufacturer is perceived as the original invitation to pass the time with a cup of refreshing beverage prepared with female care.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Flower naturalistic theme of the kitchen interior

Among the original species occur stylish lamps that resemble tentacles, falling dewdrops with the exclusive decor of Swarovski crystals. Ultramodern design chandeliers are not limited to forms, materials, and creativity. Sometimes they built on contradiction, although integrates the entire interior.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Unusual spherical form of the candlestick lamp and marble countertop are the accents of this kitchen

Thus, the concept of techno could be profitably emphasized by diffuser or matt black glass. it is easy to grasp the characteristic nuances of the interior in the harmony of digital photo frames arranged inset on the wall and lighting of identical sconces. forged elements glare crystal glass will add “zest” to the Art Deco. it is difficult to compete with the magnificent execution of this chandeliers. This materialization is only due to the overhead lighting and such a choice cannot do without nightly using of sconces or point lights.


Old friends

Classic lighting emanates lyricism and tenderness. Chandeliers are decorated with flower petals and pearl beads, ornate leaves. The austere interior is close to the established form and decoration, accompanied by the jingle of crystal pendants. Glass trade of Czech Republic, known since the XVII century, and its production of Bohemian crystal in a comparative series of modern manufacturers probably has no equal. Though the beauty of the sparkling glass in the windows provided by different companies is impossible to argue.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. White kitchen with black wooden floor Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Calm classic ambience of the kitchen full of natural light

In many of today’s collections are marked variations with interesting ceiling decoration round case cones. And if your dining space is not sufficed with 12 light bulbs, then surely lighting 18 lampshades, decorated with Swarovski stones, will be to their liking. Such models will become accentual on the background of stucco decoration. And fascinating “magic” crystals will attract the eye for a long time on the focal point.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Massive marble countertop of the island layout kitchen

Among the Italian and German cones from expensive fabrics with gold and their colored design, wonderful chandeliers with light bulbs will be certainly found an interesting form. The theatrical effect will be formed by ceiling structures with a closed dome of crystal pendants and drops of dew. Spherical views from the masters of Murano, with carved openwork of crystal leaves with facet, have a hypnotic effect.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. White interior with flowers as decorative elements Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. White soothing interior of the kitchen

Many things have mutated over time, but the changes did not affect products from Tiffany. Lampshades and ceiling using a completely different technique of staining glass are produced under these brands. Disposable layer inside eliminates the need to treat the surface, and patented the idea involves skillful hands of the master job. Another know-how of Lewis Tiffany was the principle of fastening transparent stained puzzles of copper and tin strip. To mark the beginning of light fixtures of colored glass in combination with forged elements. Until now, his author`s technology is still relevant and antique fans know the value of stained glass products.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Chandelier is a real masterpiece in this modern kitchenStylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Contrasting kitchen intwrior in hi-tech style

New Times Mean Another Forms

Time does not change a constructive part of the chandelier with candles, but the choice of sources has become more interesting. Models simulating chandeliers equipped with long-minions “Candle in the Wind” type, relief flasks coated in gold, amber or silver. Colored rays, painted to match the spraying, the kitchen is filled with beautiful sparkling lights.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Wooden black furniture and steel kitchen set surfaces in the union

Stylish chandelier with candles-columns can`t be ignored. The shape of the cascade, metal, and glass will successfully blend in a minimalist design. A model with bronze horns is better to reinforce with similar fittings. Wrought iron chandelier in the Gothic style of silvered metal and elegant crystal with powerful circles will remind the past. Pop art is open to challenging projects and better perceived with halogen lamps. These models are equipped with a remote control function of the light dimming with the ability to create the desired lighting scenarios.

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Marble island and round lampshades in the wooden ambience of the kitchen set

Modern variations with glamorous design and innovative ideas can be called a masterpiece. Ambience of 3D format is known, but what is the three-dimensional light? The models of rectangular and square shapes with glass fragments and LED lamps come to the aid of imagination. Pendant lamps with tetrahedral elements, consisting of scattered plates, generally resembling the blades of the fan will surprise you. Colorful powder coating on the outside of the glass together with light forms a bright glare and fills the kitchen with heat. Angular forms become the most popular. Steel pendant lamp in the style of origami is an absolute leader.

Illuminate your kitchen with powerful streams! Add the light to your life together with the new chandelier. And other colors will come up to replace the black-and-white stripes!

Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Low-key classic interior of the kitchen with all modern appliances Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Country style interior of the kitchen accept the candles too Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Interesting dark and white contrasting design emphasized of the glass unique lamp sections Stylish Kitchen Chandelier Types: Classic to Avant-Garde. Totally white conservative but interesting kitchen interior demands the presents of candle lighting

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