Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home

Sanitary ware for the bathroom is becoming more constructive, interesting, and practical. Manufacturers strive to ensure that interior items for sewerage and water supply meet increased functionality, reducing water consumption, facilitating comfortable use, protecting from bacteria, and speeding up cleaning. Therefore, the toilet is not only a basic element of interior design but also important bathroom equipment for organizing ergonomic and ecological space. But what to do when a small bathroom in the apartment is a problem for installing the necessary plumbing? Of course, consider the space-saving vanity design, wall hung toilet, which is presented in the photo gallery below.


Gorgeous fresh design for light bathroom Gray colored and modern styled bathroom with white floor Gray ceramic tile to finish the moden bathroom with fake column for placing the toilet Modular furniture and large mirror for bathroom with wall-hung toilet and airy vanity

Advantages of Wall Mounted Toilet Bowls

With the help of suspended toilets, one can follow new trends from the world of sanitary engineering, replacing voluminous models with unsightly details. The space of the bathroom will be visually enlarged due to the wall hung toilet, since a free plane will appear on the floor. The territory of the premises will be easier to clean because the mud will cease to be collected in hard-to-reach areas under plumbing. Practical frame systems for toilets allow you to fantasize about the interior design of the room, and also provide the opportunity to install the most innovative equipment for personal hygiene procedures. Modern manufacturers of sanitary ware specialize in making installation structures for corner mounting, which allow you to use even the closest corners of the bathroom.

Large mirror, adjustable lamp and blue checkered tile in the bathroom

The main pros of suspended toilet bowls:

  • lower depth and space-saving;
  • the best combination of plumbing with small rooms;
  • more space for other facilities in the room;
  • the same convenience as to when using a standard toilet.

Dark matte asphalt color trimming for the bathroomgray tile imitating marble in the Classic styled bathroom

Hanging Toilet with Installation System

Installation systems for the toilet are optimal for arranging the interior of a modern bathroom. Through a hidden construction, the room for water procedures can become a comfortable zone for physiological needs, as well as the decoration of the entire house. The flush-mounted system will make it possible that the wall hung toilet bowl fits harmoniously into the bathroom and is not burdened with excess parts in the form of a drain tank or sewer pipes. The installation system of well-known European/US brands will allow the best installing pendant faience and ceramics. The bathroom will get a modernized look.

Bidet and toilet, gray vanity in the Contemporary space Green colored accent wall in the bathroom with large mirror Unexpected turquoise color to finish the modern bathroom with suspended toilet bowl Original design of the bathroom with black decorative elements and wall hung toilet

At what height should you place a wall hung toilet?

  • The suspended toilet is best placed at an altitude of 40-50 cm (15-20 inches).
  • The decisive factor should be the height of the person using the toilet because this is the indicator that provides convenience in use.

Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Modern modular design of the small bathroom Side LED light in the modern solid design of the bathroom with bidet, bathtub and toilet Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Casual styled bathroom with wooden furniture Gray color and bottom LED-lighting for small bathroom

How much space to allocate for hanging the toilet?

  • Free space in front of the toilet should be about 60-80 cm.
  • The distance between the toilet and other devices must be at least 20 cm.

Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Dark wall and white ceramic toilet bowl Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Neat gray casual design in the bathroom with glass shower cabin Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Sandy colored wall tile with textured surface in the modern designed bathroom

Rimless Wall Hung Toilet

The problem of the owners of traditional toilets is the difficulty of getting to places and nooks where dangerous bacteria multiply, as well as high water consumption during washing. Thus, today the manufacturers of sanitary ware have tried to solve these problematic issues as much as possible with the help of a hanging rimless toilet. This is not only a popular trend of design solutions for connoisseurs but, above all, the warranty of clean bathrooms, safety, ecology, and economy. This is an innovation that is based on the special design of the bowl. The absence of the rim causes water from the hidden tank or water reservoir to spread inside the bowl so that it reaches all its recesses. It should also be noted the optimum washing system inside the bowl. Dynamic nozzles direct water over the entire surface of the ceramic, without splashing it.

Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Close-up rimless ceramic toilet Concreted gray walls and floor in the spacious bathroom Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Indian tile in the gray themed bathroom with wooden vanity

Advantages of a hanging rimless toilet bowl:

  • much faster cleaning: to maintain cleanliness in the toilet, there is no need to use cleaning agents with a special contour dispenser, such as Domestos;
  • less water consumption: from standard 6 liters to 3-4 liters for rinsing;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • hygiene.

Gray marble streaks and black pattern tile at the wall of the bathtub Wall Hung Toilet: Comfort and Cleanliness in Your Home. Bluish metro tile and airy shower zone

The wall hung toilet bowl is a product worthy of attention. The design of a toilet seat without an inner yoke is one of the most popular trends in the bathroom industry, which is used by almost all leading manufacturers. Why? Toilets without a rim are a guarantee that the bath will be clean. They protect users from bacteria and saving water.

Total steel trimmed bathroom with round portholes in the wall Complex designed modern bathroom with hovering vanity and suspended toilet

Wall Hung Toilet with Micro Lift

The competition in the market is huge. Every manufacturer of bathroom items improves its products, adding attractive solutions that make human life easier in all respects while maintaining a beautiful design. Especially popular is a suspended toilet bowl with a micro lift, i.e. with a smooth lowering of the lid. Today there is a wide range of such plumbing, so it remains only to choose the most suitable model for your bathroom. Manufacturers are increasingly abandoning the standard standing toilet because the suspension model has already gained great popularity.

Dark gray interior of the bathroom with wooden elements Loft designed bathroom with black shaded illuminaries Wooden accent wall in the bathroom with large mirror Shallow mosaic in dark color and the steel handrail in the bathroom Suspended vanith and toilet bowl in modern designed gray bathroom

Today, more and more people prefer pendant toilets, as they are characterized by a more modern and elegant design. Such models take up less space, and their tanks are located in the walls, where only the flush button is visible. Wall hung toilet is a synonym for saving space and the aesthetic appearance of the entire room. A great advantage of such structures is that under them it is very easy to clean the floor. In addition, the suspended plumbing can be installed at a higher altitude, which makes it suitable for tall people. Toilets for wall mounting mean a large selection of models with interesting designs and different shapes. Suspended toilet bowls are ideal for modern bathrooms, as you have already seen, considering the presented photo-gallery.

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