150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas

It is believed that spacious interiors can be equipped quickly, easily and pleasantly; but compact ones not. There is much truth in this statement. The organization of a small living room can turn out a problem. So, how to create a functional, fashionable and spacious living room on 150 sq. feet? The key to success is a thoughtful concept, which you can develop on the basis of numerous interior tricks. In the case of small living rooms, you need to properly plan the space and carefully develop the layout of all furniture. Thus, there is no room for random solutions in small areas. However, we have gathered some of the most trendy and fashionable 150 square feet living room best arrangement ideas. We hope this will help you in turning the small common room into the place of attraction.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Typical Classic space in pastel tones

Living Room Design on 150 sq. Feet: the Sofa Plays a Decisive Role

The center of family’s and social life in the living room is undoubtedly the sofa. It is here where you rest after a hard day, greet guests, indulge in your favorite reading or watch the film in your home privacy. Corner sofas look perfectly in the living room of 14 sq. m, which not only allows you to effectively use every foot of the room, but also accommodate all members of the family and guests. The sofa can easily complement the round coffee table, which has no corners, giving the interior the desired lightness. Do not forget to choose a small cabinet for the TV in the recreation area, presenting it as an ornament.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Great accent wall decoration in black 150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Green pouf and gray leather sofa

Interesting! Colorful pillows, a beautiful carpet and a lamp that will definitely revitalize the room in restrained tones, can be the highlight of the interior.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Large window and tulle on it for Classic styled interior

Bright furniture maximizes space

Furniture in bright colors will optically enlarge your 150 square feet living room. It is not necessary to choose only pure white designs, since neutral internal shades of cream and beige, whitened gray tones, delicate pastels, natural wood will ideally look in a small interior. If you want to bring a little color to the room, use bright textiles and small accessories.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Mid-century style in the room with light decoration and wooden furniture

Kitchen-Living Room of 150 Square Feet with a Dining Corner

The next step is choosing the right table, at which the whole family can enjoy meals together or just sit and talk. It is worth taking care that furniture in the dining corner matches the style of the entire room. Try to find a place for the table which will allow you to move freely on each side. It will also be a good idea to choose a collapsible model so that it does not take up too much space every day, and you could easily increase its size if necessary. This solution works well in the living rooms combined with the kitchen. The table can also serve as a bar, which is now a very fashionable solution, especially in small studios.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Classic decoration and suspended lamps over the living zone

Are your living room and kitchen too small to put a dining table in one of the separate rooms? So, combine the two spaces. You will win the place, and the formed territory will be very spacious and cozy. If you still do not have enough room for a table, take advantage of the charm of the kitchen island, which has many functions. See how easy it is!

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Large living with kitchen combined and island dividing two zones

Advice! Some impressive carpet, which will balance the interior, can be used in room zoning. In addition, you can hang an elegant ceiling light above the table, especially if the area is away from the window and daylight.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Apparent rest zone in the middle of sunroom with carpet

Take Care of the Lighting: the Living Room Photos

Proper lighting also plays an important role in organizing a small 150 square feet living room, which will give the room a unique character and make it larger. The main source of light in the room is often a ceiling lamp, which evenly illuminates the interior. But next to a sofa or an armchair it is desirable to put a floor lamp, which serves as the original decoration of the living room. Do not forget about the spotlight that will direct the beam of light to the place that you especially want to illuminate.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Gray designed room with crystal chandelier 150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. White wall decoration and many shelves

The shadow limits the space of your living room, so if you want the room to become larger, focus on sufficient light. The top light should be strong and illuminate the whole room well, but sometimes one lamp is not enough even in a small room. You can introduce additional points of light on different levels of the living room:

  • Wall sconces with a light source pointing upwards will make the room higher than it really is;
  • instead of a standing floor lamp, which occupies some space, select a table- or wall-light that you can set at the chosen height;
  • furniture with built-in lighting will be ideal in small interiors, it does not take extra space, and in the evenings it will create a unique atmosphere.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Gray Classic decoration

What Color of Walls to Choose in the Interior of the Small Living Room?

When planning interior design a small living room of 150 square feet focus yourself primarily on the main problems, such as the color of the walls. Light colors optically increase space, so it’s best to choose white or, if it seems too boring, light beige or pastel shades, such as pink powder or blue. But the white wall should not be faceless, so decorate it with a wall painting or drawing. A cabinet with 3D door can also be an excellent alternative.

150 Square Feet Living Room Best Arrangement Ideas. Green stools in the lving with large black window

Interesting! If you do not want to abandon the bookcase, choose a shelf that is appropriate to complement the rest of the room.

Shelving for decorating the gray colored living room

Floors in the Interior of a Small Living Room of 150 Square Feet

The same principle, which was used in the decoration of walls, is applied to the floors. Warm beige, white and gray directions – the room will look awesome in these colors. Ideally, the floor should be uniform, so it should be laid in the living room, corridor, kitchen and bedroom if they are connected with the living room. Thus, the rooms will not be cut off from each other, so that the consistency of the arrangement is maintained. Monochromatic floors are in fashion!

 Contemporary Scandi style for sun lit open layout apartment

How to Optically Increase Small Living Room? Choose Scandinavian Style

First, it’s worth to get acquainted with the arrangements, thanks to which the living room will appear more optically. Ready-made inspirations stem from the Scandinavian style. These are apartments that are famous for being full of light, and thanks to this it seems that they are very spacious. Scandinavians skillfully “expand” the interiors.

Milky and cacao shades for high sun lit living room of the cottage

First of all, the room is filled with white color, which reflects light well and adds more inches to the area. That’s why a small living room of 150 square feet with white walls is always an excellent solution. To make the interior not monotonous, you can paint one of the surfaces with a light gray or light beige tone. The floor should also be as bright as possible. Light wooden panels are perfect for a small living room. It’s good to choose a thin cotton or linen mat in Scandinavian style on the floor. Wall decorations, in turn, can be replaced with large mirrors, which will additionally increase the living room optically.

Milky and cacao shades for high sun lit living room of the cottage

Today, any room can be transformed beyond recognition. If you are the owner of the living room of 14 square meters (150 sq. feet), then there are many successful and proven design ideas, which can be found in the photo gallery below.

Classic interior design with eco touches Black furniture on steel frames for modern living room Gray designed contemporary interior artificial fireplace Ageless mid-century classic for the living with wooden floor Business negotiation zone in the open space living room with high ceilings and beige color theme Classic designed itnerior with fireplace, picture and relaxing zone full of upholstered furniture Wooden trimmed transition in the living room with u-shaped upholstered sofa Firewood rack and round ottoman for the Scandi styled living Large scale American styled open space living room Fresh contemporary living room with turquoise elements Gray designed Classic interior with carved facades Aritificial stone trimmed accent wall with shelves on both sides Classic interior design in beige tones with metal frames of chandelier and coffee table Wooden trimming of the accent wall in ultramodern living room Large sash bay window for Classic styled room with blue furniture Gray intterior decoraion with carpet and upholstered sofa

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