160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration and interesting solutions, look at the pictures of the kitchens of 160 square feet, decorated in different styles. Find the most suitable version of the interior design that will work in your home or apartment. In today’s article, we will consider the best ideas for organizing a spacious kitchen.


Steel gray kitchen zone with dining table and high stools Classic kitchen design with light wooden island Galley kitchen with two sides of black furniture

160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas in More Detail

When repairing an apartment or a house, you should spend more time planning the interior of the kitchen. People seek inspiration in magazines, catalogs or portals representing various kitchen projects, from ultra-minimalist to rustic, which is referring to the rural idyll. Selected types of materials help determine the final style of the room. Then you should think about placing furniture and equipment so that the kitchen that occupies 160 square feet matched the functional requirements. Interior design and style should be adapted to the tastes and needs of the household. Inspiring kitchen designs, functional furniture, modern appliances – a combination of all these elements is a recipe for success.

Two colored laminated glossy kitchen facades Open ceiling beams in the wooden trimmed classic kitchen with white wall paint High-tech designed kitchen with neon-lighted facades of the kitchen cabinets Dark sash window for the white interior design of the kitchen with natural wood for the island countertop American styled kitchen with two -level central dark island and snow-shite furniture set with sash windows

160 Square Feet Kitchen: Design in Photo Projects

Professional kitchen design is the basis for creating a practical room. Because a well-designed kitchen of 160 square feet is the one where you can freely move, everything is in the right place, and the territory for each activity is allocated. When designing a kitchen, you should not follow only the latest trends or beliefs of friends. Kitchen ergonomics refers to four main areas: storage, cooking, and washing, which should be mandatory in the design of your room.

Mix of white walls and steel facades of the appliances Gorgeous dark and oak color mix in the palette of Eames-chair Gray kitchen cabinets and steel gray appliances contrasting with wooden floor


This zone is for everyday objects. Of course, in addition to the correct arrangement of cabinets, it is worth investing in various types of organizers to facilitate the storage of cutlery, utensils, all kinds of packaging, etc. In the cabinets, there are dishes and other utensils necessary for cooking. What you use for daily cooking should always be at hand.

Spectacular black glossy countertop for high-tech kitchen White kitchen with numerous windows and functional windowsill, sasj windows of kitchen cabinets Kitchen with pale gray facades at the classic styled space


Required appliance for the kitchen, where you stored the convenience food that requires cooling. Today there is a wide choice of refrigerators that will fit any design of the room.

Dark wooden kitchen furniture with white facades of the appliances Open light wooden ceiling beams in the light colored classic Turquoise kitchen wall decoration with white cabinets

Cooking and Baking

This zone includes equipment such as a stove, oven, microwave oven, and extractor hood. Next to them should be stored items for baking and cooking, as well as a place where spices, pots, and cookbooks are stored.

Industrial interior with whitewashed brickwork and gray furniture Loft design with steel gray color theme, concrete walls and latticed ceiling


The area with a sink and dishwasher plays an important role in the kitchen of 160 square feet. As a rule, it also includes a place for sorting waste and cleaning products.

Contrasting classic American style in the private house 160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Open ceiling steel beams and light beige floor

The main factor that creates the design of the kitchen is the surface of cabinets. Even in the kitchen of 160 square feet, you need to think carefully about the arrangement of furniture. You should consider the order of the closets and the minimum distance between them. In the case of a large kitchen, you can fantasize by applying any style of arrangement.

160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Dark glossy plastic chairs and two islands 160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Dark extractor hood and glossy white countertop of the classic kitchen

The Layout of 160 Square Feet Kitchen: How to Organize a Functional and Pleasant Room?

There is no ideal kitchen for everyone, so you need to look for your ideal option in the photo gallery. The choice depends on the space that you have, from your needs and preferences. The kitchen of 160 square feet is the central place in the house where the family life is concentrated and the time is spent together. It is worth every effort to create an atmosphere in the room where each of the family members will feel comfortable. Look at how to decorate the kitchen so it is not only functional but also beautiful.

160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Complex lighting in the large kitchen with white ceiling and light wooden floor

Bet on the Open Kitchen

A 160 square feet kitchen is often combined with a living room, which is an excellent solution since the open interior space creates the impression of natural light and air where it is “easier” to breathe. Fashion for uniting the kitchen with dining room and living room was created for people like you. If you do not like the smells of dishes cooked in the house, then install the most modern hood and sliding glass panels. However, it is easier to organize a closed kitchen. As a separate room, it can be of any type, regardless of the appearance of the living room.

160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Turquoise designed cabinets and low tier of furniture in Classic space 160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Classic designed kitchen with open wooden ceiling beam and car stools 160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Gorgeous dark ceiling with built-in fixtures

How to Arrange 160 Square Feet Kitchen: Choose Materials

To organize the interior of the kitchen 15 square meters, you should choose suitable materials (resistant to moisture, abrasion, easily kept clean, etc.) and functional furniture to facilitate daily work. But that is not all. At the same time, try to arrange the kitchen interior in your favorite style – industrial, rustic, minimalist, eclectic or another.

160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Successful gray and ligth wooden color combination for casual space 160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Gray classic cabinets with glass inlays

Kitchen Design 160 Square Feet: Photo-Novelties in Light Colors

Bright colors work well in small kitchens by the optical expansion of them. In large rooms, they add lightness to space. For several years, modern kitchens are dominated by light colors. The most popular color is white and all its shades. Not surprisingly, this color is the most universal of the existing ones. This is the perfect background for all colorful accessories. White, gray, beige colors look great in “solo”, so they will stay on top of the color palette for a long time. White is often associated with minimalist interiors, but it is also used in romantic and classical styles.

160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Black glossy plastic coating for modern high-tech kitchen with round steel extractor Absolutely white colored modern kitchen with functional windowsill and countertop with glossy coating Open ceiling beams and chairs in dark oak color and white classic kitchen facades 160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Light wooden laminate on the floor and white kitchen island 160 Square Feet Kitchen Design Ideas. Nice gray colored walls with built-in bar counter

In modern design, as a rule, there are high-tech interior items (cornices over the island, steel lamps and stainless steel). The functionality and ingenuity with which you design a 160 square kitchen will serve you for many years. Choose the most suitable design in the presented photo gallery.

Sash window of the kitchen cabinets in Classic kitchen Dark chocolate large island in the center of the kitchen Classic design of the Classic kitchen in white with natural wooden floor Minimalistic design of the galley kitchen with steel surface Kitchen with white facades and dotted splashback Dark wooden furniture and coffered ceiling of wood in ethno styled kitchen Intensive built-in lighting and marble imitating countertop of the island Gray granite glossy countertop and coffered ceiling for the classic designed kitchen Classy metal frames for lamps over the white island

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