How to Implement Dream Kitchen Interior Design?

The kitchen is without a doubt the most complex and functional room in any home. Different appliances, furniture, additional lighting, and systems are indispensable in this room. Here we come to not so easy task to combine all the indispensable elements in one often tight space. We can also admit that the number of those “indispensable” things is always growing. So, what should be hidden and what can we show? How to organize space with maximum effect? And at last, how to implement dream kitchen interior design? We will try to answer these and more additional questions in this article as modern homeowners would like to see their kitchen not only functional and comfortable but also a very attractive place.


Furniture and Style

So, what furniture should be located in the dream kitchen? Last trends tell us it should be the furniture set. And there are plenty of options to be chosen. Somebody tends to a more conservative look and Classic design with the traditional allocation of furniture pieces. However, there is an increasing number of people tending to choose modern-looking modular furniture. It is all a matter of taste. But we should mention that even Classic designs contain many elements made of modern materials. In addition, we can trace the tendency to use modern flowing minimalistic lines instead of massive and carved facades.

Rural style of the multicolored kitchen with module island on castors

A mix of styles is the trend these days. Look at how exquisitely it may look the combination of vivid Loft style with modern furniture and materials.

Brickwork wall finishing in the loft modern designed apartment

And here we can see the combination of light wooden facades with wooden butcher block countertop and modern lighting, smooth facades of the kitchen furniture.Spacious open layout apartment with very large island and butcher block

But the modern designed kitchens take the confident lead among the most successful and in-demand designs for most spectacular interiors.

Blue and white fresh design of the spacious kitchenComplex designed structural wall of speckles white interior for the modern kitchen


Any dream kitchen must be full of appliances that extend functionality. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all gimmicks are sticking up from every corner. It should be a harmonious symbiosis between interior and modern technical devices. It is a successful design when the latter are fulfilling a successful interior atmosphere but not interfere with the stylistic concept of the room.

Gorgeous galley kitchen with light wooden furniture and panoramic window

Some people prefer combining the kitchen with the laundry to take full advantage of the precious square feet of the area. But we have explored scrupulously such option in another article. But there are lots of unique and unrepeatable ideas for small kitchen space out there. Consider the combination of concrete countertop utilizing the windowsill and even the sleeper at the narrow galley.

Tight narrow kitchen with sleeper and concrete countertop utilizing windowsill

Modular even kitchen sets can hide the most of appliances (such as a refrigerator or microwave oven).

Gray modular kitchen furniture setBlack rods at the ceiling for lighting fixtures and wooden trimming for contrasting modern kitchen

Modern style makes modern demands to the storage systems and organization of space. Take a look at quite an unusual approach of placing the shelf right on the lampstand. It turns into a comfortable place for mini-bar and storing cut glass for drinks. In addition, you make the lighting closer to the working area thus providing more light.

White multifunctional island in the middle of the ultramodern space

In larger spaces, you can afford even not so necessary but effective inclusions as aquarium and photo collection on the walls for decoration. Also, pay attention to the latest trend of hiding the extractor hood into the ceiling or furniture set.

Gray facades of the kitchen furniture to add contemporary look

The extractor hood can be hidden not only in modern interiors. Classic and rural styles are also up to such an innovative approach in design.

A bit rustic design of the kitchen with blue carved facades Rough wood and stone backsplash for the Classic kitchen

Zoning and Color Scheme at Your Dream Kitchen

To highlight your own style in the kitchen of your dream, you can boldly combine the kitchen area with different functional spaces or come up to the decoration with colorful accents. As for the first design trick, we have already reviewed the possibility of combining a kitchen with a living room. Below you can see the stunning kitchen within the eco-styled sunroom.

Gorgeous large sunroom looking kitchen with cathedral glass ceiling

And speaking of colorful accents, you should choose the appropriate style. For example, Fusion, Art Deco, or Vintage styles or great for daring experiments.

Grandeur designed kitchen with gray concrete walls and steel appliances

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