180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

A bedroom is a place that basically serves for rest and sleep. The more you care about the comfort of this room, the better you will feel in its interior. When you are thinking of 180 square feet bedroom design ideas, make sure that it will be ideal for the individual needs of future users. The room of this area is spacious enough, so you can fantasize about the interior.

180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Futuristic design in gray and white tones with modern decorative structures 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Scandinavian minimalism in light pastel colors with functional windowsill 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Casual mid-century design with platform bed in the middle 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Modest decorated space in light color with dark gray bed and drapes 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Classic style and skylights with dark curtains

What is Your Bedroom Size: 180 Square Feet or Less?

In large apartments and single-family houses there are no problems with the organization of spacious apartments for recreation in one of the premises of 17 square meters. In this interior it is necessary to take care of all the elements of the decor and the corresponding accessories. The bedroom should be first and foremost cozy and comfortable for rest. Its design should be adapted to the principles of ergonomics, as well as to the individual needs of users.

 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Silkscreen wallpaper at the headboard of modern room with wooden ceiling 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Colorful picture to dolute the beige and gray finished classic atmosphere 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Classic master bedroom in different shades of gray 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Simple neat design in white with dark accents

180 Square Feet Bedroom Design with a Large Bed

The bed is the most important element in the bedroom, and its choice should be the most important issue when decorating the room. Remember that you sleep for one third of your life. The bed should be comfortable, spacious and equipped with a functional mattress. Well matched furniture for sleeping and a mattress have a strong influence on comfort and quality of personal rest. If you do not take care of it properly, you will be tired all the time. There large bed for every taste can be placed in the 180 square feet bedroom.

180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Spectacular modern style example with wooden trimming 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. White room with wooden headboard and small improvised bench at the legs 180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Amazing headboard arrangement in many levels and background lighting

Size of Bed

The bed should firstly be adapted to the individual needs and room possibilities. In a bedroom for a couple, a large king size bed of 160 x 200 cm is required, but in a room for one person or for a teenager the bed can be much smaller.

180 Square Feet Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Futuristic unbeatable red bedroom with quilted royal bed Absolutely gorgeous iceanside design of the cottage with panoramic windows White ceiling and bleached oak laminate on the floor for modern styled spacious bedroom with floor bed Wooden framed entrance to the large modern brown colored bedroom Fluffy carpet and beige color scheme in cozy simple designed bedroom Gray and beige combination of colors for casual styled bedroom

Type of Upholstery Material

The bedrooms are often dominated by different types of wood, which are great for the bed frame. A good solution is to use the wood which will correspond to the interior design. Bright pine is ideal for spacious bedrooms of 17 square meters. Also you can afford an elegant bed of exotic wood species.

Gray bedding in white designed bedroom of the cottage Canopy king bedroom with beige color scheme and round coffee table with quilted chairs around it Typical Classic interior design for bedroom with round lines and triffles


The bed should correspond to other elements of interior design. If the bedroom is arranged in a minimalist style, the furniture should also be as simple as possible. Sometimes it is enough to buy only a frame and a suitable mattress. In the “richly” decorated bedrooms, you can afford more decor, as well as many additional items.

Simple passable vedroom with queen gray bed and brown painted headboard wall Unusual impressionistic forms on the headboard wall of the bedroom White colored Classic bedroom with white wooden bed and carved accent wall


The bed should be placed so as not to prevent the movement in the room. It is better to put its headboard against the wall. Do not prop it with a window door, because in this case you will be exposed to unhealthy drafts. Consider the following tips when you put a bed in a bedroom of 180 square feet:

  • Access from two sides: if the bed is double, it should have an access from several angles so that both persons can freely approach the furniture for sleeping. The placement of one side to the wall can make it difficult to use.
  • The bed should never stand so that its headrest is heading towards the door.
  • Do not cover the radiator: the bed should never stand next to it. First, this installation is unhealthy. Secondly, closing the radiator leads to the fact that it automatically increases the heating power, provoking additional costs for heating.

Gray colored bedroom with complementary stripes of another darker colors Apparent Loft styling of the bedroom in white with open ceiling beams Gray colored walls in the bedroom with functional headboard wall Classic bedroom design with chandelier and pictures for decoration Dark silkscreen wallpaper for relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom


The ideal solution is a bed, under which you can put a box or drawer to place bedding and much more. Thanks to this, you will get extra storage space without using bedroom’s space. This option is ideal for rooms of 180 square feet, so as not to clutter up the sleeping area.

Gray designed simple styled bedroom with casual furniture Vintage style for the middle-sized bedroom with the ad posters at the headboard

Bedroom-Living Room 180 Square Feet: the Color of the Walls

The color in the bedroom is the most important decorative element of the decor. If we have a small room, you should avoid dark colors that can reduce it. In this case it is better to use pastels. It should be remembered that when choosing the right colors and applying stunts with a tone of walls you can optically change the proportions of the interior so that it becomes more beautiful. When choosing walls in the bedroom, it is also worth remembering the psychology of colors. Not every coloring that works in the kitchen or in the living room will be used in the bedroom. Look at the photo gallery to choose the most suitable room design for yourself.

Brown wooden inlay on the ceiling holds the lighting of the large bedroom with glossy floor Gray and beige combination for casual styled bedroom Unusual wallpaper for children's bedroom

Green Color in the 180 Square Feet Bedroom

Green color calms and relaxes. It is in harmony with the brain waves, ideal for relaxation. The shade can be chosen according to individual needs – the brighter the color, the more spacious becomes the interior.

Wainscotted pastel colored design for the bedroom

Blue Color in the 180 Square Feet Bedroom

Cold color will have a calming effect on your nerves, but at the same time it is neutral. This gives many options for interior design, so it is ideal for a bedroom.

Spectacular brown structure for the modern bedroom design Textured blue wllpapaer for vintage styled bedroom Blue colored narrow bedroom full of natural light

Bedroom of 180 Square Feet: Designer Photos with Beautiful Lighting

In the bedroom, in addition to top lighting, there are many possibilities for using atmospheric light. Scattered and gentle light guarantees the installation of a wall lamp – this is an alternative to night lights. In the bedroom with 17 sq. m of acreage you can use large floor lamps, and table lamps should be placed on a window sill or chest of drawers.

Gray modern designed bedroom full of different light sources Gorgoues two-leveled chandelier and vaulted design of the bedroom Classic gray colored bedroom with large windows and crystal chandelierBusiness gray design in the modern bedroom with relaxing zone

Pleasant Finishing Materials and Accessories for the Bedroom

Soft fabrics and materials will make your bedroom cozy and warm, so it’s worth taking care of accessories. The right color, texture of bedding, pillows, bedspreads, curtains or blinds are not about decoration only, but they are objects that affect the mood. Sheep skins on the floor or soft and fluffy shaggy carpets will provide pleasant touch in the bedroom of 180 square feet. In such a bedroom, you can even install a false fireplace giving the interior a little bit of romance. A large mirror in the right place carries not only a decorative function, but also visually increases the room.

Quilted design of the headboard and same design of the ottoman in classic bedroom Round designed bedroom with large windows and crystal chandelier, and dark bed Platform floor bed in the modern bedroom with round ottoman for rest Brown designed glossy headboard in the ultramodern bedroom with strict lined quilted chairs Canopy bed to separate the personal zone in the open layout of Contemporary cottage

The bedroom should be the main place for rest and sleep, i.e. fully meet the needs of people who will use it. When designing the interior, it is necessary to take into account not only the tastes of family members or the passion for decor, but also the internal conditions, the size and location of doors and windows. Bedroom of 180 square feet must be individually designed in such a way that combines the comfort of use with aesthetics and decor which will help to relax.

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