Wine Cellar at Home: Secrets of Modern Trend

A popular modern trend in the organization of a residential environment is the availability of a wine cellar, which can become a decoration, a unique “highlight” of the house, it’s a most representative part, where guests are gathered and good drinks are tasted.


Wine Cellar at Home: Secrets of Modern Trend. Black leather furniture

A luxurious wine cellar is a great place for informal business meetings

Wine Cellar at Home: Secrets of Modern Trend. Ethnic motiffs and brickwork at the basement

Home wine cellar in the castle style is a sign of aristocracy, solidity, and prestige

Wine Cellar at Home: Secrets of Modern Trend

A photo compilation can be a source of inspiration for creating your own project.

The image of an ideal room for everyone depends on the tastes, intentions, and financial possibilities of the owners.

Wine Cellar at Home: Secrets of Modern Trend. Unique illuminatino of blue color

Interior of a wine cellar in the style of oriental tales

Wine Cellar at Home: Secrets of Modern Trend. Large space for storign wine with the island

The narrow but extended basement room of the wine cellar houses a rich collection of wines

Most people prefer to have a small cellar, and in the benefit of modern designs is your  possibility to store a collection of wines in a limited area.

Light wooden interior

The home wine cellar in modern style is equipped in a small-sized room

Black interior decoration with bottom lighting

Small wine storage is equipped with vertical metal holders for bottles, that allows you to maximize the use of space while maintaining a sense of spaciousness

Small improvised cellar at the nook

A small pantry is turned into a cozy and functional premise of a home wine cellar

Numerous bottles at the metal framed open shelving

The wine collection is successfully placed in the corner contour of the room thanks to an elegant vertical metal structure

Where to Place?

The organization of a home wine cellar begins with an exploration of available premises suitable for the planned project. Previously, the place for storing wines was associated with a dark basement, away from daylight and sudden temperature changes. Modern technologies of cooling, temperature control, humidity maintenance, lighting system, allow you to keep the wine in the most prominent place in the glass showcases in residential buildings for various purposes.

Gorgeous wine storage at the zoned box with black frames and dark walls

Glazed wine corner in minimalist style is organized in the free space in front of the bedroom and dressing room

Home wine cellar zone right at the hall

Free space under the stairs rationally used for a spectacular wine storage room

Improvised wine cellar right under the stairs

A small space under the stairs turned into an “aquarium” for storing wines, became an ornament of the “boring” corridor

Small bar behind the glass door

Glass panels make it possible to find a room for a wine collection practically on any free space in the house

If there are niches, you can create a “wine zone” with access to the kitchen, living room, cabinet through the arched or rectangular overlap.

Modern interior in pastel colros with bright picture

Glazing separates the dining area and storage area of ​​the wine collection

Exposed brickwork with metal shelving

The “wine zone” is separated from the living room by a glazed panel and a lowered floor level

Basement in sandy colors

The impression of presence in the wine cellar can be created in any free room in the house with the help of appropriate design techniques – wooden roofing and walls, a selection of furniture and fixtures

One of the popular solutions for the compact placement of wine storage is the spiral placement of shelves in a narrow underground space, access to which is provided through a hatch mounted on the floor and a ladder of the appropriate configuration.

Glass hatch to the wine cellar

Spiral organization of a compact wine cellar

If there is no basement in the house, you can always find the area to place the cellar. The closet, storage room, a niche under a staircase fit this purpose well. You can simply strengthen the lattice on the wall.

Open space for the wine storage in the modern designed light interior

The living room area looks more impressive and meaningful in the neighborhood of the glass storage of the wine collection

Fluffy ottomans at the black leather armchair

A compact way of placing a home wine warehouse in the form of a glass cabinet in the living room or bedroom

Dark wood trimmed business atmosphere of the negotiation room with wine shelving

A special informal atmosphere was created in the office with the help of the original solution for the location of the wine collection

Wooden designed interior with the ability to store wine

Corner space in the kitchen is allocated for a wine warehouse. Shelves and shelves are made of noble wood species and are consistent in the same style as the entire furniture ensemble

A recess in the wall for tasting wine

Grids with brackets for bottles and wooden floor stands with holes for bottlenecks effectively solve the problem of organizing a wine cellar in a confined space

Steel construction for modern styled wine cellar with the island

The cabinet for storing wines in the kitchen area serves a decorative function at the same time

Materials for Finishing the Home Wine Cellar

You should decorate the walls, the floor, the ceiling in the chosen place. The most suitable finishing materials are stone, brick, glass (transparent or toned), ceramics, stainless steel, wrought iron, and noble wood.

Mediterranean style in the interior with stone brickwork and wooden trimming

Wall masonry, “aged” flooring tiles, wooden ceiling ceilings create the atmosphere of old oriental luxury

The walls of the vault for the wines are decorated with unpolished stone slabs which create the impression of being in a grotto or cave

Contrast combination of polished stone in the floor covering and wine placement area with the decoration of the wall in the form of a large “untreated” masonry is not only decorative but also functional – it keeps cool even on the hottest day

Stone, wood, and glass are the main materials used in the decoration of the wine storage room with access to the living room

“Rough” plaster, painted in a light shade of dry earth and stucco decoration visualize the image of an old warehouse

Smoothly plastered white walls visually expand the small room of the wine cellar and serve as an ideal background for stairs and shelves of dark wood

Brickwork, arched ceilings, flooring in the form of large stone slabs are the main ways of finishing a home wine cellar in medieval style

Wooden decoration of walls and ceiling in rustic wine storage causes a sense of proximity to nature, a sense of peace and relaxation


Basically in the “wine cellar” there are two functional zones – storage and tasting.

Gorgeous Classic wine cellar design with noble wooden shelves for bottles

Most often, the wine storage area is located along the walls, which serve as the main or additional support and fastening. The place for tasting is allocated in the center of the room, where you can see the whole wine collection

Light interior with glass sliding doors

The tasting zone in a compact room is rationally located at the central wall with two adjoining ones with the placed copies of a small wine collection

Wine Storage Area

The most common furniture in the cellar is the shelving, which allows you to store bottles in a horizontal and slightly tilted position, so that the cork is damp, does not dry out, and does not fall to the bottom.

Unique design for modern wine cellar with special storage constructions of light wood

Wooden shelves with round cells provide the most important requirements for the proper storage of wine – stability and easy access to each bottle

The depth of shelves and shelving should allow placing the entire bottle completely: from the bottom to the cork.

Unusual design for a large house with a glass table in the wine cellar

Wooden racks with built-in grilles fulfill all the requirements for placing bottles of wine for long-term storage

Wooden shelving units and metal structures are designed to ensure the horizontal position of the bottle with wine during storage

Wooden racks with deep niches of various configurations make it possible not only to place the bottles horizontally but also distribute the bottles for certain features – type, manufacturer, year of manufacture, etc.

Tasting Zone

Furniture for the reception of guests is installed in the tasting area. There are no strict rules for furnishing. Everything depends on the overall design concept and the owner’s taste. The table can be traditional (round, square, rectangular) or function as the console. The choice of seats is very diverse: from high bar stools to soft deep chairs. If the area allows, you can set a dining table for several people. Put a couple of chairs with a coffee table to create a cozy and hospitable atmosphere.

The basement is turned into a cozy nook thanks to an organic combination of finishes in the form of brickwork of walls and floor, wooden ceiling and stairs, and also the furniture sustained in uniform style from natural wood of light breeds

The tasting zone is located in the center in a spacious room. A rectangular wooden tabletop made of luxurious mahogany is an element of the general geometric pattern implemented in the configuration of shelving and ceiling finishing. Floor tiles of colored stones complete the composition of the interior design of a home wine cellar

A figurine to decorate the wine cellar

Comfort and hospitality are created in the cellar by comfortable deep leather armchairs around a small round table lit by a decorative lamp

The table in the form of a console panel is the minimalist solution for furnishing a home wine corner in a modern style

Which Furniture to Choose?

The classic choice for furnishing a home wine cellar is high-quality wood, which allows counteracting the appearance of mold and absorbing moisture. All wooden parts in contact with bottles should not have a colorful or varnish coating to prevent foreign odor from entering the wine. Racks and shelves of various shapes should be made of hardwood.

Black wooden shelves in the wine cellar

Wooden shelves for storing wine are carefully polished but do not have a varnish coating, the smell of which can penetrate inside the wine bottle

A real tunnel of wine in the private house

The combination of wooden shelves and pillars, built of stone slabs, create an image of solidity and reliability

Suitable durable and decorative material is stainless steel. Designs from wrought iron, steel, or aluminum will look beautiful and modern.

The wine bottles mounted right at the concrete base of the house

The forged metal structures play the role of exquisite handmade jewelry in the interior of a home wine cellar

Metal brackets for wine bottles fit organically in the modern interior of a residential building

Today’s market offers a wide range of special metal holders that are mounted vertically on the wall and, clamping the neck of the bottle, allows it to be positioned in a wide range of positions. Such devices are suitable for compact rooms and perfectly match the style of minimalism. A similar function is carried out and by the construction of wooden panels, the round slits of which serve as the horizontal basis for wine bottles.

Metal holders mounted in the wall organically fit into the concept of a minimalist style of decorating a home wine storehouse

The decoration of the wall as a container for the wine collection in cells of the round section is a combination of designer art and the competence of the owner in matters of proper storage of beverages

How to Decorate?

The decoration of the wine cellar is, of course, its content – a collection of drinks selected by brand, year of manufacture, country… Wine bottles themselves, beautifully distributed on shelves, decorate the room.

Wine bottles located in the form of vertical columns seem to be a continuation and decoration of the brickwork of the wall

Practically invisible metal holders give the impression that wine bottles are part of the decoration of the cellar’s sidewalls

Various configurations of racks and shelves located from floor to ceiling are not only functional but also decorative. They allow creating a unique interior of a home wine cellar

Suspended glasses on the frame or standing on the side shelves can be elements of the decor.

Beautiful glasses contribute to the decoration of the interior of the wine cellar

Wine glasses are a decorative design element as well as a necessary attribute when wine tasting

In addition, you can find other decorative elements of decoration related to the wine theme. Barrels with plugs, tables, and benches in the retro style of village winemakers will perfectly complement the design of the cellar. Drawers for napkins stand, wicker baskets, and other attachments, which will help best serve the table to treat your friends and acquaintances, are good complements for the interior.

Wine barrels play the role of a decorative element of the interior, creating the impression of the presence of details from the past (furnishings of an ancient tavern) in the modern interior

Massive wooden floor candlesticks play the role of style contrast in the modern interior decoration of the wine cellar

Round form of the medieval castle formed wine cellar

Each element of the wine cellar (decoration, furniture, lamps, wine collection) performs not only its direct functional purpose but thanks to a careful selection and taste of the designer, it is an expensive element of the decor

The focal elements of the decor are: landscape painting in a beautiful gilt frame and a barrel on a bench as if borrowed from an old winery


Illumination (ceiling, wall, floor, or LED lighting of shelves and racks) serves to create a certain atmosphere in the room, highlighting certain furnishings, emphasizing the texture of the finish, but most importantly – allows you to admire the shape of the bottles and evaluate the color of the wine.

A combination of artificial lighting (with the help of directional ceiling lamps) and the streams of light coming through the glazing is normal for the kitchen but is redundant for the wine storage area which requires greater shading

Decorative lighting allows you to keep the wine cellar dark, which is necessary for stored wines and creates an atmosphere of mystery, solitude and dormancy for visitors

10 important recommendations

  1. The taste of wine over the years only improves with those wines that are sustained in wooden containers (oak barrels), and only after that are poured over glass bottles. If you put young wine even in the most perfectly equipped home cellar with the goal of tasting it after many years, the quality of the wine can be very disappointing, it will surely be spoiled.
  2. It is very important to maintain a constant temperature of 8 ° C to 18 ° C, an average ideal temperature of 12 ° C all year round. If the temperature is higher, the white wines begin the fermentation, the red ones turn sour. Conversely, lower temperatures spoil the taste and change the color of the wine, making it cloudy. Therefore, the presence of a thermometer, which is always at hand, is a must in the wine cellar.
  3. It is necessary to maintain optimum humidity: it should not be excessive, since in this case mold may occur and the wine will get an unpleasant smell of dampness, but it should not be below 80%, since dryness affects the corks that compress and begin to flow air.
  4. It is necessary to take care of noise insulation. Although wine can not “hear”, but noises, sound, and mechanical vibration can cause a change in its quality. All designs for the storage of bottles of wine should be located at a sufficient distance from the refrigerator or any other apparatus with an engine. Well, if you have already placed wine containers for storage, then you should not start a major renovation in the room, which serves as a cellar.
  5. Smells can also penetrate into the bottle of wine. Therefore, it is unacceptable to place cans of paint or cans of gasoline beside them, as well as food with a strong flavor – cheese and ham.
  6. Ventilation is another aspect of the proper storage of wine. The air must be ventilated and not static. It is desirable to provide a ventilation system without a motor to avoid vibration.
  7. The bottles of wine should be stored in a horizontal position so that the cork is constantly in contact with the wine. You should place the bottles so that it is easy to find the desired sort and move the containers with wine less often. If you have a large collection, you can create a catalog indicating where the wine is stored.
  8. Light is the enemy of wine. It spoils from a long stay in the light. The basement should be lighted very poorly so that there is no oxidation, which experts call “the taste of light.”
  9. All work on the installation of the cellar conditioning system should be carried out before you start placing the bottles of wine.
  10. A good and economical choice for beginning wine collectors will be the purchase of a wine cabinet, which is useful even when you have a real wine cellar.

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