9 Great Bathroom Design Trend for 2020 and Beyond

Some people treat the bathroom simply as a place to run in and out of as fast as possible and definitely not one to spend any more time than necessary in – like a means to an end. This is unfortunate because when a good deal of care is put into the design, the bathroom is a wonderful place to relax in and escape the stress and grime of the outside world. It’s also pretty easy to really inject some personality into this space. You can make it functional, tidy, and stylish, especially if you consider the following design trends that will be all the rage in 2020 and beyond.

Copper Tub

Porcelain is out! Copper bathtubs add something fresh and bold to your bathroom. This feels like an old school item that deserves a spot in the modern world. Some things just shouldn’t be left in the past.

9 Great Bathroom Design Trend for 2020 and Beyond. Chic Classics with copper bathtub

Using as Many Natural Materials as Possible

If you want to amaze guests and even give yourself a nice treat every morning, natural materials like stone and brick give much-needed character to shower floors and bathrooms walls. This a nice contrast to all the plain, white tiles that everyone knows.

Back to Basics

It’s easy to get a bit carried away by making big, sweeping additions to the bathroom, but even just a small change is great for the overall design. Adding tasteful towel racks, for example, is helpful for making use of the vacant space, and opting for wall-mounted, concealed showers provides a tidier, modern finish. If concealed showers aren’t your thing, however, there’s still a lot to be excited about these days in terms of new ways to update your shower.

Golden or Black Accents

Silver taps and fixtures have had their time, but it’s time to switch things up and try to be different. Black or gold are the colors of the future. Gold is bright, gleaming, and a little bit decadent, and the black is sleek and cool, adding a bit of mystery into the design. Both will really pop and you’ll never tire of either of these.

9 Great Bathroom Design Trend for 2020 and Beyond. Golden glitter of the shower zone

Check the Corners

The corners of the bathroom tend to get wasted. To ensure you’re using this space effectively, add a special bathroom plant in order to brighten up the room, as well as help cleanse the air. A smattering of green can go a long way and plants just help us relax sometimes.

Lean, Don’t Hang, Your Artwork

It’s always a shame to put holes in the walls when hanging up artwork in the bathroom, so why not just lean it against the wall? Find a photo or piece of art that really fits your bathroom design scheme, and place it on a counter to lean. You’ll find that you’ll actually look at the artwork more, and you can swap it for something else easily enough.

Don’t Forget the Floor

It’s easy to focus on the shower, toilet, sink, mirror, and walls, but have little regard for the thing you’re walking on! Some homeowners have been adding a Persian rug to help bring a bit of life to this space, but you can also use wood, marble, or some funky tile designs. Polka dot is something that never really goes out of style.

Place a Vanity Mirror in Front of Natural Light

There’s nothing better than pure, good old-fashioned sunlight when applying makeup or even shaving. With a vanity mirror in front of a window, you get a harmonious, beautiful light and some nice vitamin D at the same time.

9 Great Bathroom Design Trend for 2020 and Beyond. Great idea of black vanity mirror

Go Retro

One fun idea of late is to add a vintage item, like an older wooden cupboard, to the bathroom as an interesting storage space. It looks great, adds some personality, and can hold a lot of towels, bathroom products, and anything else you think is a bit unsightly.

9 Great Bathroom Design Trend for 2020 and Beyond. Mint cabinet and wooden trimming for retro space

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