Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen

Although in recent years new buildings have become more spacious, isolated small kitchens in typical houses are still common today. However, not everyone has the opportunity to put a dining table with chairs in another room, and not everyone wants. Therefore, a table in a small kitchen is still necessary, and convenient, roomy, and does not occupy much space. Consider the options for solving the problem by the example of best ideas on tables and chairs for small kitchens in real-life design projects.


Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Neat dining zone with pink chairs in the large modern designed kitchen in white

What is the Ideal Table Form for a Small Kitchen – Round or Rectangular?

Perhaps, this is the first question when choosing a table for a compact kitchen. It is obvious: the round table has no corners and it is possible to locate more people at it. But rectangular ones can be put close to the wall and save space.

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Casual design with blue chairs

When giving preference to this or that form of the countertop, consider the following 4 moments:

  1. Location of the Table.

If the table is not far from the passage, it is better to choose a round variant. Surely you have repeatedly stumbled upon the corner of a rectangular table. In a situation with a round tabletop, bruises can be avoided.

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Red accent in white modern design

  1. What to Sit on

In this small kitchen, a compact table is complemented by a chair and a banquet – an excellent option for the company. But if you plan regular family meals, we advise you to buy stackable stools.

In some situations, you need to plan your seats “in reserve”. This project was created by the designer for a woman who lives herself, so there is only one soft chair in the kitchen. Beautiful designer’s stools are provided for guests. You will probably agree, this scenario looks easier and more original than three large chairs.

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Modern dark designed kitchen with the washing machine

  1. Configuration of the Kitchen Set

Often the shape of the table depends on the design of the kitchen, as in these projects in the photos below. The concept of smooth lines and semicircles can be traced almost everywhere.

Green retro fridge in the modern kitchen with round streamline furniture

  1. How to Put a Rectangular/Square Table

When the exact location of the round table is sorted out, consider options for a rectangular or square one.

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Black and white furniture design for almost totally white space

In a small kitchen, as a rule, the table is located at the wall, and the chairs are on 3 its sides. But if you often meet guests select furniture that will allow you to change the scenario. So, the table and chairs can be folded.

Colorful picture for decoration of the white designed modern kitchen

Another option is a rectangular kitchen of 65 square feet. The comfortable scenario, in this case, is as follows: the table is located perpendicular to the window, the bench is over the entire width of the kitchen. By moving the table away from the window, you can comfortably place up to seven people.

Wooden table and soft kitchen sofa for big company

Another example is a rectangular table along with a narrow long kitchen. This arrangement is typical for the traditional design of the dining room, but no less practical for a small kitchen either.

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. CLassic white kitchen with rough wooden table and dark wooden chairs

The passage to the table is accessible from all sides, besides one can freely approach the window, which is very convenient: the window sill in a small kitchen is a functional item.

PIcturesque decorated wall with plates and Marine touch in braided cords of lamps

And this project presents we can see a compact table without visible supports. Bearing parts are pair of metal channels, mounted in a wall and under the screed, and the tabletop is made of corian.

Tiny kitchen in white with gray color theme with airy table built into wall

Folding Kitchen Tables for Small Kitchens

To stay in a small kitchen was with maximum comfort, the designers thought over several modifications of kitchen folding tables:


A folding compact table is an option, as in the train compartment, for one or two. Stools in this kitchen are not folding, but they occupy very little space – they can be stacked on top of each other.

Folding table mount at the wall

Resourceful designers also found an application and for this useless niche by inventing an interesting dinette. In the open version, it is a folding geometric table with creative chairs…

Unfolded wooden table with chairs of unusual form

in the closed-form – it is a neat tabletop, under which you can slide the chairs.

Utilizing space idea with folding table in the nook

The ultrapractical and modern solution in terms of organizing a compact dining area came up in this kitchen. Definitely, this part of the room is a “zest” of design.

With a Hinged Support or a Bar Counter;

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Contrasting minimalistic design with dark floor

Bar table on castors is an option for those who have not decided on the location. Out of use, the rack can always be pushed to the wall. By the way, bar stools are also foldable.

Snow white kitchen with colorful interior elements and mobile table on castors

In this kitchen project, a small counter is a continuation of the window sill. The main thing here is to find the chairs of the right height. The only option is the model on screws or with a smooth adjustment. Standard or traditional bar counters will not work: the first is too low, the second is too high.

Aloe at the window sill of the modern kitchen with glossy modular kitchen set


A pull-out table from under the countertops is most often designed to order. However, this solution allows you to save a lot of space in a small kitchen.

Sliding out table from one of the drawers in the kitchen

If the sliding table does not fit tight against the wall, it can be supplemented with chairs and a banquet.

Scandinavian styled kitchen with workzone

Compare the following two photos: on the first one, it seems, there is no table at all; on the second one, you can see that it slides from under the countertop, harmoniously combining in style with two folding chairs.

Modular kitchen furniture with open shelves

“book” table – on the sides of the table top hang two surfaces, which can be raised if necessary;

Condo with skillful zoning between dining and kitchen areas


Tranforming table with black sides for modern stiled kitchen

table with support is a continuation of the working cabinet;

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Classic gray cabinets

Folding fixed on the wall.

Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Folding table at the wall with chalkboard surface

Glass Transformer Table for a Small Kitchen

Such models are literally created for a modern interior in the styles of minimalism, high-tech, loft, art deco. The glass table extends for the entire length of the guide profile, so that the tabletop increases by half, and even twice. Disassembly and assembly of the structure are simple.

Spectacular table design of black plastic

Folding glass tables:

  • if compared with the royal designs, these tables are less durable;
  • the tabletop does not withstand heavy loads and impacts;
  • high prices. The cost is affected by the quality, reliability of the fittings and countertops.

And what furniture do you prefer for a dining area in a small kitchen? Share your experience in the comments!

Yellow chairs and folding gray table Open ceiling beams in modern minimalist interior of the white kitchen Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Scandinavian style with large table and wooden trimmed splashback Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Loft interior design in white with wooden floor and a colorful rug Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. Modern galley kitchen in light tones with small wall table for one Best Ideas on Tables and Chairs for Small Kitchen. White modern designed interior of large kitchen with the island and bar counter

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