Art Nouveau Interior Design Style

Art Nouveau is a popular and undoubtedly beautiful style of interior design. Due to unusually soft lines, bizarre shapes of furniture, and interior style Art Nouveau will be pleasant for almost everybody: for couples, romantic natures, and fans of all-natural designs.


Unique futuristic bathroom in Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau style in the interior design of the house or apartment is quite complex and its realization will require a deep understanding and knowledge of its features.

Today people all over the world are increasingly beginning to choose the style of Art Nouveau interior design for residential and commercial premises. First of all, this is due to the amazing, ideal for pleasant pastime, the atmosphere of the environment.

Also, a large selection of modern materials and the ability to manufacture any furniture bizarre shapes allows for creating a functional and elegant interior in the style of Art Nouveau.Nicely decorated living room with recration zone at the countryside house

From the History of the Origin of the Style

Art Nouveau was established in the second half of the 19th century in France as a style that combines many artistic movements. Initially, it was widespread in art and architecture, but quickly won the hearts of the people and began to be used in the design of furniture and accessories.Nuique grid ceiling in the Art Nouveau interior of the roomy kitchen

Over a relatively short period of time, there was a new “complete” style formed with a number of its characteristic features, successfully combining elegance shapes, smooth lines, and functionality.

It is remarkable! Word of Art Nouveau translating from French as “new art.” In different countries the style was called differently: “Modernisimo” – in Italy, “Liberty” – in Spain and the style was “combined” with other contemporary trends and called in one word – “Modern” in Eastern Europe.

The Main Features of Art Nouveau Interior Design Style

Art Nouveau style in the interior design of the house or apartment is a complete rejection of clear lines in favor of flowery and smooth contours, symbolizing the bent stalks. This is the main feature of the style, its main focus.Art Nouveau Interior Design Style in the living room projections with all its exquisite thin floral lines and tender colors

  • Art Nouveau interior design pays special attention to colors: a palette of shades is quite wide and varied, but it must be a natural color. White, cream and sand colors are often combined with the color of grass, leaves, and stones, and they are complemented by the hues of wood and earth;
  • Art Nouveau style in the interior implies the combination of different materials: wood, glass, stone, etc;
  • Art Nouveau in the interior of the apartment means the mandatory presence of floral motifs and images of aquatic plants (algae, lilies). Paintings with such images, textiles and wallpaper with a similar pattern will be very relevant in the interior.Carved natural wooden furniture in the Art Nouveau Interior Design Style in the living room

Decorativeness as the Main Principle of Rooms` Decoration

  • The room in the style of Art Nouveau should be framed in such a way that it would represent more a kind of “work of nature” than human labor. When making a room, you should be guided by decorativeness – interior elements should be styled “a-la nature” or should be decorating by floral ornaments.Bedroom styled in the Art Nouveau style. Carved wooden bed, wooden crown in the ceiling and unusual furniture
  • Kitchen in the style of Art Nouveau involves asymmetry, gliding line, decorations in the form of the working kitchen arranging with wall tiles or mosaics, depicting plants;Spacious kitchen with the dining zone in the Art Nouveau style
  • The bedroom in the style of Art Nouveau can be decorated with spectacular mirrors (preferably in wavy and round frames) as well as asymmetrical vases that can be advised for interior decoration. Walls can be garnished by the custom picture in the style of Art Nouveau;Discreet design of the bedroom in Art Nouveay style with bedside tables
  • The bathroom in the Art Nouveau style, as well as other facilities, can be decorated with stained-glass windows. Artistic Stained Glass will be appropriate for windows, doors, and even lamps;Bathroom in the Art Nouveau style

Art Nouveau Furniture

Meanwhile, most of the pieces of furniture were made of wood. The items were decorated with floral ornaments and stained-glass windows. Headboards and chair backs often had curved shapes. The chairs had high backs, while the tables, on the contrary, were low and most often were decorated with colored glass top.

Lacquered wooden furniture for Art Nouveau dining room

The furniture characteristic of the style is found in antique dealers and is practically inaccessible. It is possible to make it according to sketches and catalogs, but this is a very expensive service. In the modern interior, the rarity is replaced by furniture made of natural wood with metal inserts of bizarre shapes.

Art Nouveau Interior Design Style. Ancient chest of drawers made of solid wood

Heavy sideboards, wardrobes, chests of drawers with intricate arched shapes with many open shelves. Glass furniture does not contradict the concept of Art Nouveau if it has stained glass paintings and sandblasting drawing. Vintage Art Nouveau elements – antique clocks, “antique” photos, curved mirrors, the floral ornament of paintings, figurines, expensive curtains – look very impressive.

Art Nouveau in the Interior of non-Residential Premises

The interior in the style of Art Nouveau, which instantly attracts with its originality and a certain “magic”, is in demand for registration of non-residential premises.Nice pastel colors in the hall of the countryside house with the stairs trimmed with wooden elements

  • Framing interior in the style of Art Nouveau – a better design a place that is visited by people’s creativity: artists and craftsmen;
  • Art Nouveau in the interior of the bookstore, as well as an office in the same design, adjusts to the creative mood, helps to concentrate on the job;
  • Art Nouveau interior of clothing shop may become its main “trick” and one of the ways to attract customers;
  • The Art Nouveau style can be ordered for designing the office, boutique, or shop;
  • Art Nouveau in the interior of the hotel is a unique opportunity to attract visitors: many travelers appreciate the romantic, artistic atmosphere in the interior design of hotel rooms.Furniture of the Art Nouveau style in white tones

If you are an unordinary, sensual, and creative nature, then you can choose this style of interior. Art Nouveau Design will allow you to feel comfortable both at home and at work.Stairs and second level of the private house in Art Nouveau style

Important! Do not confuse the Art Nouveau and Art Deco – it’s two different styles, distinguishing from one another in their very different characteristics, and various sources of inspiration, while the Art Nouveau is the ancestor of the art deco style.

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