Small Kitchen Space Organizing Design Ideas

In our time, at the pages of the various thematic sites you can find a lot of valuable tips for small kitchen design. However, not everyone knows the basic rules to make it as efficiently as possible.

Little is considered to be a kitchen with an area not more than 8 m² as well as narrow, prolonged, or irregularly shaped areas. Even if you are among the owners of such kitchen, you should not be upset, because modern designers are able to pick up necessary equipment and furniture for such facilities, and place it, achieving maximum functionality.

White and silver small kitchen design ideas

Placing appliances in a small kitchen, you need to watch, to avoid clutter and narrow passages. The best option is built-in appliances, creating with kitchen furniture the overall composition. Furniture should be selected so that the working area should be in the range of 3 to 6 meters. This can be achieved as a result of thought-out transfer of the oven, washing machine and refrigerator. It is not difficult to realize such an option in practice, all the more in the future it will provide comfort for cooking.

Nice purple design experiment in the small kitchen with contrasting white oven

During the design of a small kitchen you should consider features of each element of the interior, in particular, do not place the stove or cooking surface next to the sink. It will be very convenient if between them will be with a small side table or countertop.

Do not place the hob near a window because the through-flow of the air can blow out the flame, and it can lead to a rather sad consequences.

During the design of very small kitchen should think about the effective placement of the oven. As a rule, most of the models have openable front door, so you need to place the oven or the kitchen stove so that its opened doors would have the distance between it and the opposite wall was more than 1 m.

High elements of kitchen units, such as a refrigerator or a pencil case, should be placed in the same plane with the edge of working surface. This will avoid its unwanted overlap.

Absolutely white designed kitchen with dinner table, oven and fridge

Choosing a wall cabinets for small kitchens, you should take into account the height of residents of the apartments. Wall suspended cabinets should be placed so that their doors could reach each family member, thus, tallest one should not impinge on their head. The most optimal to have the wall cabinets at a height of 0.6 m from the surface of countertops.

Space above the surface of the cooking plate is not recommended clutter with drawers. The best thing in this place is a small kitchen hood of 50 cm.

In view of these recommendations, it is possible to design a small kitchen with your own hands, makes it comfortable to cook and do not spend a lot of time for cleaning the room. To achieve extra space in a small kitchen you can improve the doorway. It is no secret that traditional doors take up very much of already missing space.

Greenish idea for small kitchen design

If possible, remove the existing door and expand the area of ​​the doorway, and then create a graceful arch there . This will visually expand the space. Instead dismantled swing door you can be installl sliding door or curtain to hide a doorway, what will prevent the spreading of unwanted odors within the apartment.

Design a small kitchen in the block of flats

Most often, when it starts a conversation about the interior of the kitchen in the low-cost concrete-paneled or other apartment buildings with up to 10 m2 kitchens, on the faces of can be seen a shadow of sympathy. This is due to an unusually small size kitchens in houses of this type. Yet the situation is not so hopeless in case of the correct approach, even in a small kitchen in the studio you can arrange the interior and visually enlarge the space of the room.

unique kitchen design idea with wooden inlays and plants at the tight area

It is important to understand a simple truth: the main enemy is a small kitchen is its unreasonably large clutter. Consequently, before the design development you should remove all unclaimed trash from the premises, accumulated here over the years. Increase the functionality of a small kitchen can be with a variety of ways, one of which is the organization in this area reserved ​​space exclusively for cooking, and transfer the dining area to an adjacent room, such as in the hallway.

Dining table and chairs you need to take out to a large room for this purpose, while in the interior of the kitchen to leave only necessary for cooking furniture and appliances such as stove, refrigerator, microwave etc. Get more space in a small kitchen in condo or any other small dwelling of paneled-house you can by purchasing and subsequent installation of the horizontal refrigerator, the upper surface of which can be used as a desktop.

There are many design tricks to visually push the boundaries of confined spaces. Examples of these methods include the use of cream and light beige tones, creating the illusion of lightness and spaciousness. Creating design in a small kitchen, keep in mind that there is no room for heavy curtains, massive carpet, shelves with a variety of decorative plates. If you get rid of it, the kitchen will be immediately increased more than 30%. Big chandelier placed in the center of the ceiling in the small kitchen will be look very beneficial. It will focus everybody on itself and brighten small size of the room.White and eco modern kitchen in the minimalistic style is the best option for small kitchens

In the small kitchen it is recommended to use the furniture-transformer. Turning sections and folding tables can be collected in the absence of the need to use them to increase the area of ​​the free space.

 One of the main problems of each low-cost dwelling is a very small kitchen area, the value of which rarely exceeds 6 meters. However, there are some quite effective ways to partially solve this problem.

The first method involves the dismantling of the partition separating the living room and kitchen. The joint area of ​​the premises as a result of alteration does not increase, however, the space in the kitchen will be much more. Within the space of a combined kitchen area will become cooking zone and living area will be the area for meal. We can also distinguish the different functional areas in several ways. For example, you can divide the kitchen and dining area with a bar, install a screen to hide the floor with different types of flooring.

Despite the obvious advantages of such redevelopment, you should take into account the possible disadvantages. It may well be that it is no other place for the bed except to stand in the vicinity of a gas stove or refrigerator in the new interior. When removing the wall between the living room and a small kitchen, you must install a powerful exhaust system in the latter. Otherwise odors arising from cooking, will be distributed throughout the entire conjoint room. And yet, a powerful ventilation is not able to solve the problems of dirt and grease occurrence on the surfaces of living room furniture, it will allow only to increase period between cleaning of the not very pleasant consequences of the remodeling. So you need to be mentally prepared for more frequent cosmetic repairs in the apartment.

As one of the possible expansion in the small kitchen is to combine it with a loggia or balcony. In this case, the walls and windows are need to be insulated, and then set the table and chairs, organizing a dining area.

Also, the kitchen area can be increased as a result of the transfer of one of its walls. Thus, the area of adjacent premises will be reduced exactly at the same amount of square meters. People are not often resort for such a step, since its implementation requires a significant number of permits and to conduct prolonged costly repairs.

The second way to expand the kitchen area in the paneled block of flats or condominium is also quite effective, although it does not imply a decision on a radical redevelopment. It is based on an increase in visual space by certain design developments. The implementation of this process begins with the removal of unnecessary kitchen interior. When choosing furniture, you should stop at the spacious models. It will be very good if hanging lockers will be very high, up to the ceiling. Using mirrors lead to deception of view and visually expand the boundaries of the kitchen. Also you can use the wallpaper to zone the kitchen to functional areas both visually and really of you do need to have a couple of areas within your tiny kitchen. This method is very rare but sometimes it could be very effective and relevant. (see the photo below).

The increase in the size of the window sill allows you to use it as a working or dining table. Also, dining or work table can make sliding and, if necessary, to collect or disassemble it. Tall and narrow refrigerator will significantly save valuable space at the small-sized kitchen.Wallpaper at the small kitchen is not in favor, unless rare exceptions when it gives contrast and logical zoning to the interior

And the most important issue in the realization of this option is the right choice of light sources and properly chosen color scheme interior. Lighting a small kitchen in the studio should be very bright, it can be displaced several luminaires here, sharing space of each of the functional areas. The color of furniture and other kitchen accessories must be realized in bright colors only.

What is not recommended during small kitchen remodeling in paneled apartments?

There are some rules, which violation during remodeling of the small kitchens may turn out quite serious consequences connected with the risk of your own life and dwelling people in the house, as well as a variety of penalties, and other troubles. During the repair is prohibited:

  • Remove the load-bearing walls. The only exceptions are interior partitions.
  • Unauthorized transposition of gas equipment.
  • Move the elements of water supply, heating and sewerage.
  • Self-willed remodeling of the ventilation system of the home riser.

Design of a small kitchens combined with living room

Small kitchen design living room contains a limitless possibility of implementing a wide variety of creative decor ideas, along with that there are certain limitations in the ability of the design. As you know, living room of any home can be used for both leisure and general hanging out of apartment tenants, and for the reception of guests and related get-togethers at the table. In this situation, kitchen, located next to the living, quickly and maximally comfortable  in serving the table and cleaning after the party or homely meal.Kitchen combined with living room in the paneled apartment or dormitory can look very effective

It should not be forgotten that combining the kitchen with a living room, you are trying to connect together areas with different functional purpose. Food is preparing within the kitchen, using all available technical means and pieces of furniture located there. In the living room you should only receive guests and have friendly conversation, thus creating conditions for a comfortable stay in this room you need to create a welcoming atmosphere. Working on the design of a kichen living room, you must correctly arrange the zoning. The space of a living room combined with kitchen can be divided into separate zones using a variety of screens, of certain pieces of furniture, as well as the use of finishing materials with different texture and color.Nice small kitchen design ideas for kitchen-living with structured stone tile and cozy leather sofa

All appliances used in the cooking process should be centered within the kitchen area. In the living area you need to organize the most conducive space for relaxation. At the same time, the use of carpet on the walls and floor of the kitchen must be abandoned completely, as their presence in this area is simply inappropriate. By the way, most of the modern design development does not welcome the use of carpets and rugs at all. Using color television set with a large screen as one of the interior element in the kitchen-living room is very desirable, as the current models, thanks to the flat screen, are compact and can be installed almost anywhere, occupying a very small area.Kitchen-living-room premises in the white and blue colors with dining, cooking and resting zones

The very small kitchen design ideas

Life realities of many of our contemporaries are that they must have a very small kitchen at their disposal. Many owners of small kitchens do not wish to resort to drastic measures to get rid of this shortcoming, implying the expansion of space due to the demolition of the wall or removing the doorway, so they use other ways to solve the existing problems.Galley kitchen with two sinks and a hob on the fultifunctional countertop

Creative people tend to use a variety of design tricks that allow to turn a very small kitchen into zest of their homes. Described further proposals would transform the small kitchen into a stylish, comfortable functional space for cooking.

Many designers recommend to make small kitchen design very simple. To embody this interesting idea in reality anybody can using​​ quiet color tones.

Compact kitchen in the style of minimalism

In the small area kitchen very this design style could be well implemented, like country, hi-tech or minimalism. From this point of view minimalism is of great interest, as it allows simple solutions related to the organization of space, making rational use of every available square centimeter.

Minimalism implies restrained tone color palette. As priority is given to cabinets, stretching from floor to ceiling, and the open shelves and compact furniture. Moreover, the style of minimalism means presence of additional covers for sink and oven that are allow the use of these interior details closed as additional work surfaces, thus increasing the workspace of small kitchen.

White and creamy colore kitchen design with a lot of folding drawers and cabinets, shelves and contemporary tech

Decorating the walls of the extra small kitchen

Finishing materials used for walls, floor and ceiling should be in neutral colors. The best option is to use a monochromatic paint, tiles, putty, since they will reflect the light better and thus, visually expand the space.

The color of the walls must be combined with colors of the room furniture. Do not install a small dark furniture in small kitchen, because it will contribute to the undesirable situation in the contrast.Wjite creamy colored kitchen with all necessary appliances and wide window

If you do not wish to have a dull or slack interior add vase filled with fruit to the surroundings, or hang a picture with the same content. During the finishing surface of the walls base colors of bright hues and a variety of colorful patterns should not be used, as they will narrow the visual space.

 Flooring for a small kitchen

Floor in a small kitchen, as well as walls, should be made in soft colors. The optimal option when the color of the kitchen flooring coincides with the tone of the floor in an adjacent room. By the way, laminate, laid on a diagonal, will rather allow to enhance the visual effect of the space expansion.Standard classic contemporary small kitchen design with light furniture, minimalistic and neat arrangement and cleanable tile at the kitchen splashback

Furniture design ideas for small kitchens

Furniture for a small kitchen should be chosen  in light colors only, as dark interior objects will appear larger. The color of the furniture should be combined with the color of the walls. Furniture made with glass or plastic visually expands the space too.Great idea for small kitchen design with dark contrasting working surfaces and multifunctional windowsill

When choosing furniture, you should not load space with different varieties of small furniture. This approach is able to create the illusion of clutter. Preference should be given to models that have hinged, sliding or folding elements. Corner kitchen sets also can significantly save space for extra small kitchens.

Design techniques in the implementation of lighting

Expanding the scope of small-sized kitchen, keep in mind that natural light greatly increases the space. Moreover, you can increase the amount of light using a glossy furniture and finish, bright shades of the ceiling and walls. Light curtains enhance the effect of visual expansion. Properly organized artificial light also can increase the amount of the area. To this end, the designers recommend the use of an overhead light, which does not create abrupt shadows. The best option is considered to be a lamp located above the surface of the table.

Corner Window is the best for small kitchen as allows to enlight every surface

Proper positioning of household appliances

No contemporary kitchens can appear complete without a cooking stove, refrigerator and microwave oven. Recently, many owners began installing in the kitchen washing machines.Small kitchen with hob and washing machine under it

Planning the equipment arranging in the small kitchen, keep in mind that the appliances can be hidden behind the doors of the same size and color. Washing machine can be placed under the sink, and microwave set specifically designed for its mounting brackets. These furniture arrangement methods allow to release a large surface area. An excellent option is purchasing and subsequent use of the oven, which in addition to its direct purpose may perform the functions of the microwave oven and gas hot plate. It is not necessary to collect various models of kitchen appliances, cause to have one multifunction device is much more practical.

Textile design ideas for small kitchen interior

Use large colorful prints in the furniture upholstery, curtains, towels, pillows and robes very carefully. Excessive décor contributes to Oriental motifs in the interior, which significantly reduces the size of the already small room. Choose light and airy blinds, curtains, tulle. This will visually increase the room.Small kitchen design ideas of the texile in the interior

Arrange the correct emphasis

Mirrors should be used on the creation of a kitchen as they are able to change the space. Incidentally, the mirror can be used not only as an independent element, lockers and other furniture may be trimmed with mirrors.

Glossy accessories such as various baskets, vases, photo frames will expand the amount of space.

Proper arrangement of photographs and paintings visually increases the size of the kitchen. For example, two paintings placed one above the other, visually increase the distance from the floor to the ceiling.

Unique island small kitchen layout with green ecological triming and white cupboard and drawers surfaces

Use plants in the small kitchen design

During creating a design of a small kitchen, do not forget about one of the basic rules, which states: large plants should be placed in large rooms, small ones are good for small premises. Therefore, violets or orchids, and other plants with small leaves must be present in the kitchen with small dimensions. They are able to perfectly fit into the interior of the tight premises.

Creative and contemporary small kitchen design ideas

Many owners of small-sized kitchen small kitchens consider the size of their premises a sentence. This is not correct. Area can be increased both visually and real. It is very important to correctly plan the course of the process and select the appropriate home furnishings and accessories.Minimalistic interior in the small kitchen with contrast and textiled unusual chandelier

To start implementing the ideas for the arrangement of a small kitchen is possible only after the rational organization of measures to change the contents of the internal space, which should be based on the following principles:

  • Evaluate critically the existing design of your kitchen. Get rid of unused items immediately! In the course of thinking through the new design forget about bulky pieces of furniture. Free the premises!
  • Place kitchen belongings in the corners. Corner sink with fitted system for storing kitchen utensils under it will look great.
  • Kitchen wall is an ideal surface. You can install railings and keep the dishes, spices, cereals and other things on it.
  • Use only the minimum necessary household appliances. If you never cook dishes in the oven, leave only the hob. If you have a food processor, you can get rid of blenders and mixers. Furniture print and green color as the dominant in the small kitchen

If you are the owner of a small-sized kitchen, buy a set of furniture for a compact kitchen. This set is an analog of a large kitchen, while it has all the necessary items in its composition.

One of the options to expand the kitchen area is remodeling of the apartments, made with the wishes of the master, which will increase the space of the kitchen.Discreet kitchen interior with red accents and minimalism style in the interior

If for some reason it can not be re-planned, apply the so-called functional method, which involves getting rid of unused objects in it to spare space. For example, if you never eat in the kitchen, the dining table should be moved to another room. Functional method involves avoiding of items that have never used before, and are unlikely to use in future.

Some small kitchen design tricks

There are some tricks, for a small kitchens will allow you to increase its volume and change the inner content. When choosing furniture you should prefer models with a smooth surface.

Do not be stingy with the implementation of the ideas associated with the lighting of the space. Remember that curly plinths, pilasters and other unwanted parts of the interior visually narrow the space. Lighting devices, on the contrary, make the room more spacious.

Keep in mind that dark colors take away precious centimeters, and light helps to extend it.

Greenish idea for small kitchen design

Certainly, modern designers, many of whom grew up in the apartments with small kitchens, do not forget about the problems of a small kitchen area and offer a few ways out of this situation. In some cases, they advise to remove the wall between the kitchen and adjacent spaces, expanding the available space. Miniature kitchen set was created especially for the housewives, who are not able to cook in a limited narrow space. Externally such piece of furniture resembles a folded cabinet, however, if it unfolded, it is converting into a full kitchen of small size. When assembled, the item takes only two or three square meters.

Currently among consumers there was a serious demand for ergonomic furniture. What it is? This is variety of railings, carousels, rotary mechanisms, “invisible” handles, compact storage of kitchen utensils and so on. Such findings do not take up much space and allows you to implement many design development for small kitchens.

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