Curtains in the Interior of the Children’s Room

Curtains in the interior can be an important emphasis of interior design ideas, especially if it is a children’s room. The floor and ceiling should be customized according to the taste of the small owner of the room as well as the materials of the walls. The curtains should be chosen according to the same principle.


The nursery is the very place where you need to turn on the fantasy and create an original and even fabulous atmosphere so that the baby would be interesting to live in his or her own little world. The originality of the idea will please the child, but while choosing curtains you need to follow several rules:

  1. dark and heavy curtains will provide some formality into a room that is not suitable for a child’s room. Translucent fabrics that do not prevent sunlight from entering will be more appropriate;
  2. the design of the curtain and possible lambrequin should be easily removable for washing;
  3. the design of the curtains must fully comply with the style of the room. For this you can choose the appropriate wallpaper and furniture according to the pattern;
  4. environmentally friendly material of high quality is a prerequisite for children’s room curtains.
  5. variants of curtains themselves.

Curtains in the Interior of the Children’s Room for a Boy

The direction of the design of the curtains and the room as a whole, naturally, must be chosen on the basis of the child’s hobbies. So, if the boy likes the sea or space, you need to choose a fabric of blue shades with a scattering of bright stars or ships. For an older child, you need to pick something serious, or simply give the right to choose to the owner of the room. This process will not leave him indifferent and will emphasize its importance. As an option, you can offer Roman blinds or baroque styled drapes. It is preferred to choose light materials that will harmonize with the wallpaper. The color scheme is of male cool colors, can be in a checkered or with stripes.

The teenage boy will appreciate curtains in minimalism or high-tech styles. White organza with black thick curtains will be the perfect combination for a young man.

Curtains in the Interior of the Children’s Room for Girls

Little girls will really like airy, elegant French curtains resembling fabulous princess dresses. As for color, you need to listen to the opinion of the hostess of the room. Another option is tulle curtains. They will look lightweight and romantic. You can pick up fabric blinds to match transparent curtains. Younger and teenage girls will like floral patterns and soft lambrequins, and iridescent organza as a curtain.

Adolescent girls can be safely given the right to choose, they know more than anyone else what they want and they can create their own world. Girls should like Japanese or Roman shades of bright colors. Or romantic curtains in soft colors to match the walls as an option. Properly selected curtains for the window in the nursery will help create the original composition of the room, the main thing is to turn on the fantasy and listen to the child.

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