Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality

If you have two or more children, and the children’s room is one, and even that one does not stand out with large area, then a bunk bed is the best way to create sleeping places. But the functions of this incredibly practical, space-saving furniture item do not end there. We suggest you familiarize yourself with hundreds of modern design projects of rooms with bunk beds. Find out the criteria for choosing the material and method of execution. Also, find inspiration for creating an individual design.

Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Great oceanside house idea for the styling with blue colors

Bunk Bed: Selection Criteria

Beds located in two tiers are mainly used in children’s rooms in which two or more children live. The obvious need to save usable space is relevant not only for small-sized children’s rooms. In medium and large-sized rooms, parents also try to leave as much free space as possible for active games, creativity, and sports. But at the same time, a bunk bed should not only effectively save the usable area of ​​the room, but also serve as a comfortable and ergonomic sleeping place for children.

Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Classic room with large sash windows and gray colored walls Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Totally white area with blue mattress plays in contrast Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Ceiling high bed with carved facades in white

So, the bunk bed should be:

  • made of quality material, durable and natural;
  • have a manufacturer’s certificate, which indicates not only the technological characteristics of the product but also the maximum height, weight of children to use the bed;
  • the model should be practical (after all, we are talking about a children’s room, mainly), comfortable, meet the rules of ergonomics (not so much the bed frame but the base and mattress itself will be responsible for orthopedics);
  • the bed should be stable – check the assembled model for swinging in the store, because the children will arrange a real “crash test” for the new piece of furniture;
  • children should like the bed and it should correspond to the chosen style of designing the room for your children (often these criteria are difficult to fulfill and, as an alternative to ready-made solutions, parents have to resort to the individual production of a bed in two tiers);
  • the last but not least in terms of importance, – the bed should be safe (the upper berth should be equipped with protective sides, the ladder should have a slope and comfortable steps, it is desirable to have a handrail or handles for convenient support when moving between bed levels).

Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Dark wooden bed with built-in shelves Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Whole complex of the furniture with closets and sleepers with drawers

Tier Options and Bed Design

In the production of bunk beds, there are many options that differ not only in design but also in the very principle of design execution. One of the most popular options for creating a bed in two levels is the classic model, familiar to most of us, in which the beds are parallel to each other at a distance necessary for comfortable placement. This is a universal modification, in which the length and width of the berths, the way of execution of the ladder, colors, and decorative elements can vary. But the principle of the bed remains unchanged.

Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Creamy colored kids room with straight ladder of the bed Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Great idea of creating multiple sleeping places with simple construction

The traditional model of a bunk bed is a universal piece of furniture that organically fits into any interior of a children’s room. If we talk about the most universal way of creating a classic two-level bed, you can use natural wood as a material, leaving a beautiful natural wood pattern as a coloring. The timber is easily combined with most shades of the color spectrum and always brings warmth and comfort to the interior of the room.

Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. The threee level bed with large ladder to the top for grown up kid Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Playground for children with green fluffy rugs and orange bean bags Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Light barely treated wood for bed in casual style

The second embodiment of the traditional bunk bed model is snow-white. This is neutral and at the same time universal design that will be appropriate in any stylistic design of the interior of a children’s room or any other room. Such a bed will not become an accent of the design of the space, but it will be able to organically complement the existing environment.

Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Two white beds Bunk Bed as an Option to Enhance the Interior Functionality. Sporty touch to the teenagers room with colorful atmosphere and surfing board

A white bed is perfect for a room in which finishing of one or more surfaces plays the role of the accent element. In a room with light, neutral walls, furniture can become such an accent. A bright bed will not only dilute the color palette of the room, but also delight the kids’ eyes because all children love brightness, they need accent spots to focus their eyesight.

Green colored walls and large bunk bed with green sides Dark wooden conrasting bunk bed in the white childrens' room

In the children’s room with two kids, there is often not enough space not only for organizing sleeping areas but also for installing storage systems. And in rooms of medium and large sizes, there are never a lot of drawers and cabinets. Therefore, many parents choose a bunk bed model, the lower berth of which is equipped with drawers for storing bedding and other accessories.

Contemporary styled kids room in pastel colors Pink colored room with white bunk bed at the window

Storage systems can be located not only in the lower part of the bed but also under the steps, in case the staircase is made with spans.

Nursery with classy elaborated bunk bed and pistachio wall Snow-white idyll for large childrens' room with puffy mattresses and crystal starburst imitating chandelier Light wooden bed frames with steps to the upper level and white colored walls

Write numbers (with letters) on the bars between the steps, and the child will not only quickly learn to count but will also remember the spelling of the numbers…

Four sleeper bunk bed in Marine style with numbered steps

Sometimes it is possible to equip storage systems and the upper berth too…

Green framed bunk bed in the form of tree

In some cases, it is necessary to purchase a model of a bunk bed, in which the lower level is represented by a double bed, and the upper level is designed for one child. The model is not the most compact, yet a double bed requires more useful room space, but in some cases, it is this arrangement of sleeping places that is optimal for a particular family. The upper tier in such a bed can be parallel to the lower one…

Blue matte colored bunk bed with orange coverlet White matte colored bunk bed with high handrails

Or perpendicular to a double sleeping place…

Accent black bunk bed with perpendicular berth location White full size bed with another one in the top for younger kid

If there is enough space in the nursery, the bed can be supplemented with a slide. At the same time, a ladder for rising to the second floor should be mandatory. An ordinary bunk bed becomes a gaming complex.

The dark wooden bunk bed in the form of slide with the ladder

A bed without legs is convenient if a small child is sleeping on the lower tier – he or she simply has nowhere to fall. But from the point of view of ergonomics, such a model is undesirable to use – the older the person becomes, the higher the berth should be located above the floor (ideally, the mattress touches the knees of the person standing next to its side).

Simple and reliable bunk bed for toddlers

The opposite option for arranging beds is hanging beds that do not have legs but are located at some distance from the floor. From the point of view of cleaning the premises, this option is incredibly convenient. But the design requires reliable and durable fastening, which implies thick walls without voids.

Hovering wooden framed bunk bed in two levels for modern styled room Gray walls and white bunk bed frame and ladder Light colored casual room style with black and white set beds

One of the options for a hanging bed is associated with the execution of only one level in suspended condition – upper or lower one.

Great minimalistic bunk bed on castors

The upper tier of the bed can be attached not only to the wall but also to the ceiling…

False wall zoning the sleepeing are with spectacular bunk bed on chains

Most often, children’s bunk beds are made of solid wood or MDF, but may also contain metal elements. Elements from metal can be bed frames, stairs, and even sides. Most often, such details are performed in a contrasting color to the entire structure to emphasize the combination and even act as decorative elements.

great modern kids room design with solid framed bunk bed with orange inlays A whole island made of beige wood

In some cases, ready-made solutions that can be found in furniture stores do not suit parents. This may be due to the non-standard layout of the room, the original architecture of the room itself or the requirements of the owners (their children) for the organization of beds. The built-in bunk bed allows you to rationally use the available square meters. Structures that are built into a niche or between two walls of a narrow room are most often equipped not only with berths but also with storage systems. In some cases, the built-in models are a whole complex of sleeping places, workspace (desk or computer desk) and storage systems of various modifications (not only drawers under the lower bed but also shelves, wall-mounted lockers).

Great modern bunk bed with the backlight Unusual wall pattern in the kids room with large white bunk bed containing closet Matte surfaces and gray paint for casual styled bunk bed

It is important to provide an individual privacy corner for each child. In modest standard apartments, it is difficult to find the possibility of allocating not only rooms but even areas in the common room for each child. A sleeping place can become such a corner for privacy. In this case, the bed is made in the form of a two-story house – not only sleeping places but also the walls that enclose and delimits the personal space of each child.

A real house made of bunk bed trimmed with wooden planks Loft designed bunk bed in pastel tones

Sometimes, in order to create a private area for sleeping and relaxing, it is enough to equip both levels of the bunk bed with curtains. This method is suitable for embedded structures and models having walls on both sides.

Classic white bunk bed with the storage system at the first level

Everything that surrounds a child becomes for it a method of knowing this world. Even a bed can be not only a place for sleeping and relaxing but also a kind of exercise machine. The thematic execution of this piece of furniture will help to create a special atmosphere of the children’s room and an occasion for the development of the child’s imagination.

Kids room with tulle and curtains to delimit levels of the bunk bed Bunk bed with dark wooden frame with open second level Great casual interior design of the children's room with classic and sports motifs

In most cases, a bunk bed is located along one of the walls of the room, sometimes in a niche or, in the case of a narrow room, between two walls. But in a spacious room, a high bed in two tiers can be used as a zoning element to divide the room into functional segments. Given that at least two children live in the room, creating your own zone for each kid will be a great way to distribute space.

Dotted wallpaper for wall finishing in the children's room with central bunk bed

Bunk Bed not only for Children’s Room

A model of a bed with two sleeping places located in two tiers can be used not only for organizing a sleep and relaxation zone in children’s rooms. This versatile way to save usable space can be used in private homes to arrange sleeping places in the guest room. You can “hide” two tiers of berths in the living room closet and open it if necessary.

Unusual barn style for the room with bunk bed Great idea to organize two sleepers in joyfully colored room with bunk bed and TV

For similar purposes, you can use a folding bunk bed. During the day, the room can serve as a living room or a game room (the bed “hides” in the closet), and at night it becomes a bedroom.

Unusual guest room with relaxing zone and open executed bunk bed

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