Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set

For anyone who decided to make the repair in the kitchen or just wanted to freshen up the situation, having made a small renovation, this publication on dining corner benches can be useful. As part of city apartments, often the kitchen area combines the functions of a dining room. If two people live in an apartment, then you can organize a dining area behind a bar or a small kitchen island, depending on the size of the kitchen. But for family meals, you need a table, which forces you to carve out precious square feet in small rooms. In this case, various modifications of kitchen corner benches and furniture sets come to the rescue. They can be compactly placed in the corner of the kitchen, in the bay window, or between the rooms in the corridor. Surprisingly, on a small piece of space, you can create a full-fledged dining area, which not only saves your space but also serves as a storage system.


Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Country styled house with the two-level ceiling and wooden furniture

Let’s take a closer look at specific examples of kitchen interiors, in which kitchen corner benches or their analogs are installed. How to organize a dining area in rooms of various sizes, configurations, and styles? Given that you can order the manufacture of a kitchen corner bench or set of any shape, size, and color, the range of models is impressive.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Nice casual interior decoration with large lamp

Kitchen Furniture Set of the U-shaped Form

If there is enough space in your kitchen for the location of the U-shaped bench or set, then, in fact, you get a full-fledged dining area, to which it is enough to purchase a dining table suitable for you and 1-2 chairs for household members or receiving guests.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Neat white Classic interior

This dining area is able to take up to 6 people if you add 2 more chairs to the table. Agree that it is a lot, given the small size of the soft kitchen. The snow-white palette of the corner design, in tone with the general decoration, expands and refreshes the space. A bright textile dilutes the monochromatic palette and brings an element of fun into the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Pastel colored light classic design with peach tint in lighting

It is very comfortable if your corner bench has a hard basis, and the soft seats are removable cushions. The dining area, as well as the kitchen one, is subject to increased pollution, so the possibility of washing the pillows can be a decisive factor in choosing a model of the kitchen corner, at least for the housewife.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Spacious white kitchen with white walls and marble countertop of the island

Some homeowners like the option of an absolutely rigid version of the dining furniture set, without pillows and bedding at all. For anyone who does not want to spend a lot of time at the table so as not to eat too much, such a model of the corner of the U-shaped form can be an excellent option for the practical decoration of the kitchen space.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. White designed dining near the kitchen with black table

The white-gray-blue dining group organically fit into a small niche of this snow-white kitchen with a bright kitchen splashback and the same colored textiles. The roomy table allows the whole family to sit at lunch or dinner.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Angular panoramic window and the windowsill area

The location of the corner dining set near the window is ideal for a dining area. If there is a magnificent view of nature outside the window, you don’t want to be distracted by the interior of the dining room and the simple, strict furnishing of the room will be most welcome.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Chair set at the long central island

L-Shaped Corner Dining Set

The most common variant of the organization of the dining area with a corner is L-shaped furniture. Even a small structure, which among other things saves space in the kitchen, will provide you with a soft sitting at the dining table.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Light olive kitchen island to zone different areas

In such corner sets, as a rule, the seats are raised and open access to spacious storage systems underneath. In these boxes, you can add kitchen utensils that you do not need for daily use, but are used periodically.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Casual designed kitchen with leather upholstered angular bench

As a rule, as a textile upholstery for soft seats of dining corner sets, they use a fabric with water-repellent impregnation, which can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge. But sometimes they use leather upholstery or artificial leather. When choosing artificial material, remember the likely consequences of using the corner set in a hot season.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Coffered ceiling for classic American designed kitchen

Some corners have completely solid performance, such as the option below, lined with wood panels, painted white. You can put soft bedding on the seats, put pillows and rollers, or leave a corner in genuine ascetic form. It all depends on how much time you plan to spend at the dinner table.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Angular panoramic window and the meal zone at the windowsill

There are no canons for the performance of the dining group in the same color range or using the same materials in the modern interior. Your dining set can be wooden with chairs plastic, and the tabletop of the dining table can be of glass. If the interior of the dining room as a whole is eclectic, then a certain disunity of the dining ensemble will be only on hand. Against the background of a calm, neutral finish, you can afford bright chairs or textiles for a soft corner.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Classic interior design and the steel pendant lamp over the dining zone

Sliding or folding drawers, which are located under the seats of the kitchen corner, is a great way to increase the number of storage systems in the kitchen.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Seating zone with black tops in the Classic styled kitchen

If a part of the design of a dining corner set is a casing for engineering systems of a kitchen, then storage systems can be arranged at the base of the corner from the end of the structure perpendicular to it.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Classic wooden chairs for small eating area at the wall of large kitchen

The soft corner of the dining set, pillows, and textiles are not only a place for self-expression in the choice of color and texture solutions but also the ability to link different segments of one room into a harmonious interior.

Dining Area with Corner Furniture Set. Large American styled kitchen in white with green chairs and gray bench

The combination of the white corner of the dining corner with the grayish color of textiles, the glitter of stainless steel and the mother-of-pearl of the chair’s leather upholstery created an interesting setting for a small dining area.

Retro design of the kitchen at the seaside cottage

Glass or mirror table top dining table looks great together with leather upholstered soft dining corner set. Together they create a luxurious furniture group that can be used not only for daily dinners but also for receiving guests if there is no separate dining room in the apartment or household.

Wooden trimmed kitchen with open ceiling beams

For a country-style kitchen, a soft corner with a wooden dining table and a bench became not only a place for organizing a meal but also a decoration. The original solution below is the use of wood for the dining group, different from the wood type of kitchen cabinets.

Sunroom in white with dining area

If you still planned to disguise all engineering systems under the window with a screen, then why not arrange comfortable soft seats at this place? Put a spacious table, several comfortable chairs, and get a full-fledged dining area with a luxurious appearance.

Wooden furniture and tiled floor for the typical Classic interior

Making the base of the dining corner and the oval table on the leg of dark wood, as well as kitchen cabinets, creates a harmonious cozy atmosphere of a classic kitchen.

Golden colored furniture set in contemporary styled dining

For sufficiently spacious premises of the kitchen-dining room, you can consider installing a dining corner in the center. This strange at first glance idea can bring incredible edges – placing a corner on the back of the island or a bar counter saves you space, gives you access to both the dining area and the kitchen tops from all sides.

Open space cottage first floor with dining zone made with central islandWhite deisgned large space of the cottage in green garden

For the kitchen-living room of impressive size, you can consider installing a soft corner sofa and a round or oval table with comfortable chairs to set it up. If there are guests in the house, the table and chairs can be removed by getting a full-fledged soft area for relaxing and chatting.

Cottage kitchen near the stairway

Place near the stairs was an excellent option for the location of the dining corner set. As a result, space is used rationally, and the dining area is convenient, comfortable, and roomy.

Wooden kitchen trimming for the large space in casual decoration

Dining Area for a Round Table

If your bay window has the shape of a semicircle or consists of several surfaces that you would like to smooth out or round off, then the logical option would be the location of ​​the round table with the seats arranged in an arc in the dining area.

Bay window dining zone with semicircular seating zone

Pentagonal bay-window organically takes the dining area with a round table and seats arranged in a semicircle. At the round table, as you know, you can accommodate a greater number of people.

Classic interior design in small room with round wooden table

There is another example of a semicircular dining area, inscribed in a square room. A soft cozy corner with an abundance of country decor makes an incredibly homely impression. Warm wood shades in combination with light colors create a pleasant and at the same time luxurious atmosphere of a small space.

White topped island with black sides and golden pendant lamps over it

Such an architectural feature of the kitchen room literally screams for a semicircular organization of the dining area with spacious soft seats and a round table. The color palette and the choice of materials for the design of the kitchen corner are luxurious but at the same time incredibly practical.

Lime walls and panoramic windows for windowsill dining area

The rectangular bay window can easily take the form of a semicircle on the inside of the room. Custom-made oval seats have a fairly wide part of the upper tier, which will serve as a windowsill. If you make this part of the lift, then in the cavity of the seat you can place the storage system.

Mini Corner or Dining Area for Small Rooms

It often happens that it is very difficult to make room for a dining group within the kitchen space. But even on 15-20 square feet, you can place a full-fledged ensemble for lunch and dinner. We bring to your attention several design projects of the kitchen and dining rooms with small furniture corner sets, which for the hundredth time prove that there are no small rooms, there is irrational use of their potential.

Nice classic built-in design of the tight dining area

A small kitchen corner can accommodate a maximum of three households, but with added chairs in the dining area resulting in five, which is quite good for such a modest room. Snow-white decoration in this case, of course, helps to visually expand the scope of not only the dining group but the whole room.

Zoned dining are in the corner of the open space

Even in a small corner of your home, you can equip a kitchen corner, if not for lunch, then for fast meals for sure. A bright monochrome finish that expands the space, shiny surfaces, a bit of bright decor and a minimalist soft corner is ready.

Green designed walls and the seating zone with black leather topped seats

A small seat with leather upholstery, which, together with a steel table and chairs, formed a dining group, organically fit into the contrasting interior of a small kitchen with retro style elements.

Colorful stained glass window in the classic styled interior

The small seat is mounted to one of the free walls, a table and a pair of soft chairs is set next to it and a dining area for a small kitchen is ready. Every square centimeter is counted.

Modern designed dining area with the bench

For small spaces, you can use the mobile version of the corner set. A modest-sized bench for two and a light table can be moved if necessary. The dining table can turn into a stand for snacks, and the soft seat just becomes a resting place for guests.

Wooden furniture set in small kitchen

The design of the kitchenette from the same material as the storage system ensemble gives you harmonious completeness of the interior; balanced, attractive appearance of the kitchen. Bright textile elements and upholstery will allow you to bring a variety of color to the atmosphere of the kitchen, to refresh it.

Green accent wall for dining area of the modern styled cottage

Cafe-Like Dining Area

Another variation on the arrangement of the dining group can be the arrangement of seating places like in a cafe – on both sides of the table for lunch and dinner. For some premises, such a configuration is the most advantageous option.

Galley kitchen with wooden floor and white walls

For a narrow and long kitchen, the “café imitating” dining-room became beautiful, an option that not only provided the kitchen space with a place for dining but also brings symmetry to the room. The table, which has only one support and fixing to the wall, saves space and is convenient for sitting opposite each other. Soft removable seats are easy to clean. In general, the area is comfortable and practical.

White colored classic kitchen with roche curtains

The interior design of the kitchen-dining room in the style of French country harmoniously adopted the original performance of the dining corner. Provence which is expressed in decoration, textiles and decorative items was reflected in the dining ensemble.

Coffee looking sofa location for the kitchen

When the seats are located on both sides of the dining table, the storage system is better placed at the end of the structure; otherwise, it will be inconvenient to use it because it is impossible to move the table away.

Black chalkboard of the white colored modern kitchen with smooth furniture setBlack accent for modern kitchen

An interesting design decision can be the location behind the soft sitting corner of the blackboard on which you can write recipes, shopping lists, notes, or just short messages to each other.

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