DIY Bedroom Renovation: Step-by-Step Instruction

Great attention is paid to the renovation of bedroom despite the fact that it is a “non-public” place in an apartment, where children do not play, guests usually don’t enter. We spend a third of our lives in this room. We come here when we want privacy, and therefore, people always try to put all their intimate plans and the most unrealizable dreams in the interior of this room. And it turns out that bedroom renovation with your own hands becomes not only an excellent opportunity for financial savings, but also creating a special, unique environment in the room reflecting the individuality of its owner.


DIY Bedroom renovation: step-by-step instruction

  1. Drawing up a design project.

It must reflect what you would like your bedroom to be after completion of the repair. The sketch can be made on paper or, if possible, use a special computer program. When choosing a design, you must take into account the size of the room and zone the space of the room properly. Traditionally, the bedroom is arranged in isolation from all other premises of the apartment. But, if you want, you can also arrange a dressing room or a workplace here. All these details should be carefully thought out at the design stage.


  1. Drawing up an estimate for repairs.

Once you have decided on the design of the room, a list of materials necessary for the work is drawn up and a renovatino budget is formed. Whether the choice of finishing materials is done in cooperation with design specialists, or this issue is decided by the owner of the apartment, the main thing is to keep the ratio of high quality and reasonable price when repairing the premises.


  1. Preparation of the workplace.

Before you begin to renovation the bedroom with your own hands, you need to take all furniture out of the room, remove chandeliers, sockets, switches. If windows and doors are not to be changed, they should be protected from scratches and dust by covering with a special film.

  1. Dismantling of old coatings.

Now it’s time to start removing old finish: wallpaper, whitewash, paint, tiles, flooring. Dismantling is a very long procedure requiring some skill and attention. Do not forget to remove skirting boards and thresholds.


  1. Re-planning of the premises and replacement of its structural elements.

Renovation can begin with the redevelopment of the room, which provides for the demolition or erection of partitions. In addition, DIY renovation of the bedroom can include such types of work as replacing radiators, air conditioning system, electrical works, replacement of windows and doors.


The bedroom, like no other room, should be finished with environmentally friendly, safe for human’s health materials. So, when choosing material for windows, it is worth considering that plastic, unlike wood, does not “breathe”, and can cause allergic reactions in people. On the other hand, the high heat and sound insulation of the room is best provided by plastic windows, which, in addition, do not require special maintenance.

As for the doors, they are not so much a barrier to strangers in the bedroom as it is an element of enclosing the room from extraneous sounds and smells. Therefore, the issue of choosing a door needs to be approached with the utmost care and responsibility.


Decoration of the ceiling in the bedroom

The ceiling is a rather significant detail in the bedroom, and most often it is performed in one of three ways:

Puttying is always very difficult procedure for inexperienced master, because this it is very complex and time-consuming.

The ceiling from gypsum cardboard can be done by own hands with a certain skill. The advantages of gypsum board constructions are obvious, because they are:

  1. equalize the surface swings;
  2. hide all communications;
  3. suitable for any lighting;
  4. Ideal for creating multi-level ceilings of any complexity.

No less popular are stretch ceilings, which also hide all the disadvantages of the ceiling surface, and protect the room from the flood by neighbors from above and have a wide selection of textures and colors. Stretch ceilings can be mounted in multi-level versions, which will bring a note of uniqueness to the room.

Particular attention is paid to the color range of the ceiling in the bedroom. Its choice depends both on the size of the room being repaired, and on the chosen style. Dark shades visually reduce space, light ones increase. Glossy as well as multi-colored ceilings are not recommended for installation in the bedroom. This would distract attention and it is not contributing to relaxation. Selected shades should be calm and unobtrusive, if you want to include a saturated color in the interior, it is better to do this in the form of a small color accent in the middle.


Wall decoration in the bedroom

DIY renovation of the bedroom can not do without the decoration of the walls. First of all, they need to be leveled, and two options are available for this:

  1. leveling of walls with plasterboard;
  2. plastering.

Each way has its pros and cons. So, the use of drywall is a simple and time-saving option. Gypsum cardboard is able to hide a fairly large surface twists and creates a perfectly flat surface. The downside of this material is a decrease of the room’s area and the unusual hollowness of the walls.

Plastering is a more complex, time-consuming and costly procedure. In addition, it is not suitable for rooms with large surface swings. The plus of this method is to preserve the useful area of ​​the room.

Finishing the walls in the bedroom is most often done using wallpaper or decorative plaster. Given that for such a room to use only natural materials, natural wallpaper will be an excellent choice for it. It is quite inexpensive, but they are not a durable enough way to decorate the walls. For those who are creative in an interior decoration, non-woven wallpaper for painting could be the right choice. It is eco-friendly material, passes air well. It can also be repainted if you want to change the color and style of the room. Textile wallpaper has very original look in the bedroom. It is durable material, providing a large abundance of color and structure, as well as excellent sound insulation in the room. Vinyl wallpaper is not recommended in the bedroom.

Using of decorative plaster will become a more expensive way of finishing the walls. With its help you can create an entire work of art in your bedroom and be sure that the design of your room will be exceptional and unique.

To decorate the walls in the bedroom, experts recommend using soothing color shades – blue, light green, pearl gray, light pink, etc.


Flooring in the bedroom

The floor in the bedroom should not be cold, of course. And if there is a possibility of installing a “warm floor” system, it will be an excellent way to solve the problem. In fact, you can use any materials to taste as a floor covering in the bedroom:

  • Laminate is a very affordable material that can be easily laid with your own hands. Coverage does not require special care, however, it is recommended to use a sound-insulating substrate when installing;
  • Parquet is a rather expensive material, very capricious and demanding to care;
  • linoleum famous for its durability and unpretentiousness;
  • Cork floor is very nice to the touch cover, warm, comfortable and eco-friendly. Does not tolerate aggressive cleaning methods;
  • The self-leveling floor is a very interesting and modern kind of decoration. It allows you to get a perfectly flat surface with the ability to apply a 3D drawing.

One secret: if the bedroom is small, then the parquet or laminate laid diagonally will make the room more voluminous visually.


Furnishing the bedroom

Furnishing a bedroom with furniture is no less important than the renovation itself. It is thought out in advance, at the stage of drawing up the design of the room. Today, the furniture salons offer a wide range of furniture sets for sleeping. You can choose interior items individually. The main thing is to ensure their perfect combination with each other. The choice usually starts from the bed. The rest of the furniture is selected in unison to it.

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