High-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment

To join “high-tech” style and colorful Marine style in the interior of one particular apartment is not easy. High-tech style, with its simplicity, brevity, processability, high brightness, and the almost complete absence of decor is literally opposed to marine style, the whole essence of which is based on a specific choice of the color palette and the method of decoration of the room. Strict geometrical forms, simple solutions and high technology, built-in furniture with light and chrome surfaces are surprisingly harmoniously combined with elements of the marine theme – striped print, the image anchors and steering wheels, life buoys and sailboats.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Light wooden neutral interior decoration

Nautical theme  for the living room and dining room

That’s the decoration of the living room combined with the dining room have appeared as the most striking and indicative mixing of two different styles by their origin. Considering the small size of the room it was doubly difficult to do so, but with the help of a skilled zoning, use of multifunctional furniture units and a bright color palette, it was possible to create not only practical and comfortable, but also extremely attractive exterior space to relax, receive guests and family meals.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Room decoration is a sailor`s dream: nautical stuff, succesfully picked colors to recreate the real marine theme

Concept of the marine style is “responsible” for the choice of colors – bright colors, the use of blue hues and to balance the cool palette – warm natural patterns of light wood. This comfortable for the eyes palette has been used not only for finishing the interior, but also in the executing of the furniture, decoration and textile design. Also, the whole concept of the room decoration is fully compiled with the marine style – an anchor, steering wheels, buoys, ships’ bells and even a stylization of a storage as barrels and boats.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Creators even allocate some space for the decorative boat to create more naturalistic seaside atmosphere

Open plan living room combined with dining area, has created a practical and ergonomic atmosphere in a small area of ​​the room. It has fulfilled every area with functionality. The use of not massive, but capacious storage systems, comfortable seats and wall decor mostly – all this helped to keep a sense of freedom, and even a space in a small room with a high functional load.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. The living space is full of allusions to nautical theme: helm, pillows with anchors etc

The high-tech kitchen

In a small apartment the kitchen area was given the least space. A narrow, but quite long room was simply unable to accommodate both working and a dining areas. That`s why the emphasis in the layout of the kitchen space was placed on the allocation of the maximum number of storage systems, work surfaces and appliances in a small area. The ideal solution became the parallel layout of the kitchen units.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Warm and natural minimalistic finishing completely unfolds the hi-tech core of the kitchen`s interior

Of course, the priorities in the color palette became lighter shades for such a modest amount of space. The snow-white finish perfectly combines with light wood of the smooth facades of kitchen cabinets, dark shiny appliances serves as a contrasting accent, the presence of glass and glossy surfaces contribute to the visual expansion of the narrow space.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Steel and wood is the modern symbiosis at the hi-tech arranged kitchen

High-tech and Marine style mix for small apartment with comfortable bedrooms

High-tech style have prevailed in the design concept of the bedrooms. We don`t see the sea theme any longer here; the blue shades in the colors of the room, abundance of the decorative elements so inherent to the style. But the simplicity, functionality and brevity so natural in the style of high-tech is becoming of paramount importance. A distinctive feature of this urban style is a high illumination of spaces, the active use of the backlight at different levels. Lighting fixtures are located not only on the ceiling. Built-in light can be seen in the structural elements, furnishing and even as decoration.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. The nook for personal things with mirror

The bedroom area, as well as the rest of the living space, can`t boast of a large area. Therefore, predominantly light colors that can visually expand the room were chosen to design a sleeping space.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. The bedroom in the mix of modern styles with the motivating table

Small office is isolated from the sleeping area behind the interior walls. In order to build a small home office you need a very little space – built-in console furniture and bright colors allowed to create a cozy and functional workspace in one.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Small improvised home office right here in the bedroom

The interior of the main bedroom took only the use of sand color and application natural wood from the Marine style. But the high-tech style “gave” a simple and concise form, clean lines and practical solutions to the interior space of the bedroom. With built-in lighting, even the most simple and unassuming in the design regard room becomes interesting, original and diverse. The bed as if hovers above the floor, and it seems like a leaves of some bizarre construction swing open over the sleeper with warm lighting flows from it.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Royal sized bed on the pedestal with the artificial lighting

Built-in storage of impressive size looks easily and gracefully due to the use of mirroring and glass surfaces. Built-in lights for glass doors not only gives you the opportunity to fully review the contents of shelves, but also create an original image of the entire structure.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Nice cabinet for clothes and bed linen with mirror surfaces in the bedroom


The very same warm, natural colors combined with a cool mirror and glass surfaces were used in the interior of the bathroom. The small space was able to accommodate all the necessary sanitary ware and storage systems through a practical and ergonomic layout.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. Bathroom sends us back to the nautical themes with its nice calm blue wall trimming

The combination of “heat” and “cool” in the design of utilitarian premises have allowed to create the favorable environment inexpensively. Glossy surfaces are executed in beige shades, opaque inserts made of natural wood bring original notes in the character of the interior.

Hi-tech and Marine Style Mix for Small Apartment. The bedige wall tiles is a compromise between to styles in the bathroom