Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas

Some models of staircases are fully a flight of designer`s fancy. Such constructions are able to raise the level of your interior uniqueness to soaring heights. But in the pursuit of extraordinary design ideas it is important not to forget about the security and usability of the structure.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Unusual boxes for the construction of stairs

You can give a uniqueness even to the most traditional staircase be original decoration of railings or the space under the stairs. For example, facing of the risers using ceramic tiles with bright patterns allows you to bring not only uniqueness, but also a positive mood, festive appearance into your home decor.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Impressionistic paint for the risers at the loft styled apartment

Interior staircase original design ideas. Different styles

Staircase with curved base, but not a spiral one, wherein  having a smooth shape, looks more than impressive. Stairs are fixed to the center of a curve shaped base. Certainly, will be difficult do without handrails with such stairway design. This construction does not take up much space and does not require a massive foundation-stand.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Bewutching white curved construction with central rail as the foundation

Stairs with one turn of the run is most often used in multi-level apartments for access to the upper level. Sometimes these structures can be found in private homes. If there are no small kids and the elder people in your home, we can be satisfied with design without railings. But still, this diminish the safety level, as it will be hard to use the stairs in dark or with some bulky things in your hands, not to mention about the parties when some people can be inebriated.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Semi-spiral wavy wooden stairs without handrails leading down to the library

We can often see rustic elements in the construction of stairs if the apartment or house is decorated in a country style. As a general rule, rustic style touches railing elements, sometimes their supports.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Wooden rustic hut-styled stairs in the country house Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Raw untreated eco materials for the production of modern stairs in country style

Lighting of ladders is an element of safety and decor

Highlighting steps or space near the stairs can become not only an element of the safety of your home, but also add the originality to the interior. It can also give you the ability to create an atmosphere of different options depending on the use of a particular type of lighting.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Unique stairway with highlighted stairs suspended on strings

Illumination of the stairs looks impressive and allows you to safely move between floors of housing in the dark.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Flying stairs effect with the proper backlighting

The space under the stairs – a practical and aesthetic use

Storage systems are never too much. This thesis is familiar to any homeowner. That is why the most popular use of the space under the stairs is arrangement of various types of cabinets, shelves and even entire racks.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Cabinets under the stairs

You will provide your households the opportunity to read a book for privacy and relax without using storage space rooms, which are often just is not enough for these functional areas only by erecting bookcase under the  staircase and putting a comfortable chair and floor lamp next to it.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Rest corner under the

Sometimes, under the stairs it is possible to locate a working place or even a full-fledged home office with a desk, chair and storage for books and stationery.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Small improvised home office under the stairs in rustic country house design

Some homeowners choose to equip the space under the stairs as the wine rack. In addition to the functional motive, such storage systems look spectacular and modern, becoming a highlight of the interior.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Wine cellar right under your glass fenced stairs

Sometimes you can see the use of the risers` space as a storage limited by walls from both sides. But it is important to remember that you should not overload the capacities of such a drawers` construction, as the security of the stairs will partially depend on it.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. Nice cozy storage system in the risers

Sometimes (depending on the architectural features of the building) it is possible not only efficiently use the space under the stairs, but also the areas of landings between runs in some houses. Soft seating at the windows can help to arrange the area for reading or chatting.

Interior Staircase Original Design Ideas. White house with neat stairwell with nicely elaborated seating places at the winders

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