Spiral Staircase as Graceful Element in Your House

The spiral staircases are impressive not only with their stunning appearance, but also are among the most practical ones. They save space and effectively decorate spacious apartments. This type of staircases is quite versatile and can be applied in almost any interior style. In today’s review, we will tell about materials, intricacies of installation and visual techniques with the use of spiral staircase as graceful element in your house.

Black stairs in the modern exquisite design Wooden stairs and the laminate look in harmony with each other Cute flowing hi-tech design of the open space cottage and open steps of the stairs Black contrasting staircase for the Loft designed space Wooden trimmed interior design with the stairs having wooden steps Modern open space design of the floor with panoramic window Small space is optimized with small white stairs Hi-tech design of the large apartment with strip of the stairs around the pillar

What is a spiral staircase to the second floor?

The spiral staircase has a complex spiral shape that captures the views of others. It consists of rails, supporting elements, and also spaced wedge-shaped steps located under a certain radius.

For screw lifting as a support, you can:

  • rack;
  • central pillar;
  • bowstrings;
  • bearing wall;
  • the pains;
  • spiral-shaped

Ultramodern design of the house with figured stairs Marbled walls ni teh Rustic house with black metal staircase Broad steps of wood of the white staircase at the angle of the room Library in white color with the steel railed stairs Stunning black colored staircase in the modern open space Classic design of the stairs in the Retro styled room

Varieties of spiral staircases: photos of luxury design options

There are 4 types of such stairs. Each of them has its own subtleties and installation features:

  • A spiral staircase with simple steps of wedge shape. The narrow end of the steps is attached to the support post, and the wide one rests on the walls surrounding the ladder.

White and beige mix of colors for modern apartment

  • The screw construction of the staircase can also be made without supporting walls. This type provides for console mounting of steps on the middle support monolithic column.

White modern design in the room with the spiral staircase resting on support pillar

  • screw metal stairs are among the most popular to date, especially steel with an internal support rod. It performs the function of the carrier of the basis of the whole structure; therefore it is made of a metal pipe with a thick wall in diameter of 50 millimeters or more.

Totally black stairs for Industrial apartment

  • Stairs without a standard pillar are one of the most spectacular, but the most complex in their design and installation. The steps of such a ladder are fixed in bowstring, which are curved in the form of a spiral and pass into the railing.

Modern complicated constructed spiral staircase for the cute minimalistic design of the apartment

Spiral staircase with your own hands: installation features

Whichever type of lifting you pick up, you can not do installation without the help of a specialist. In addition, you need to take into account the features of the room and the general technical requirements for such stairs:


  • installation is possible in a room, the ceiling height of which will be not less than two meters;
  • the angle of rotation of the spiral staircase is 270-360 °;
  • height between the steps should be not less than 18-20 cm;
  • The supporting part in diameter is usually in the range of 20-50 mm;
  • most of the spiral staircases twist counter-clockwise, and it’s because most of us begin to rise or descend from the right foot;
  • the width of first step end must be at least forty centimeters (usually 41-50 cm), the narrow one – no less than 10 cm.

Telpherage looking flowing stairs on the white base Spiral staircase of semicircular metal sheets Unusual airy design for the staircase on supports Industrial metall-and-brick design of the large apartment Almost invisible stairs of thin metall rods

The size of the lift can be completely different – wide and narrow. Here everything depends on the area of ​​the premises. But anyway, it is important to understand that the spiral staircase occupies from 2 to 2.2 meters of the entire area.

Tip: To avoid injuries, equip your ladder with reliable handrails. It is important to observe the optimum height of the steps and calculate the correct width of the tread. In a house with young children it is better to make a closed version of a spiral staircase.

Producing a spiral staircase is not easy and responsible business. To design such a structure is desirable at the initial stage of interior design. So, you can not only avoid unpleasant surprises during installation, but also play around its design decision, provide additional functional places under it, if necessary.

Black leather furniture corner, open fireplace and spiral staircase for brutal Industrial apartment Stone trimmed accent wall and the white spiral staircase Chrome shining spiral staircase to the mezzonine Synthetic design of many styles in the modern apartment


As you already know, spiral staircases consist of steps, railings and supports. All of them can be made from the same material or be combined. Let’s consider different variants of each element:

Absolutely unique complex design of the black staircase on the coffee colored apartment Stairs to the upper floor in the light modern interior Cute modern design of the staircase with light wooden steps Modern design of the stairs with black steps Wooden steps for the metal dark colored staircase

Steps are wooden boards of valuable species (oak, ash, and beech), metal, glass, plastic. Bolts, welding or couplings can be used as fasteners.

Railing is made of metal, a combination of metal and wood, hardwood (glued).

Support should be manufactured from wood, stone, brick, steel or asbestos cement pipe.

Spiral staircase in interior design

This type of staircase is popular not only because it saves space, but also differs by its refinement, richness of design and even can change the visual perception of space.

Metal (forged) spiral staircases

Forged metal stairs will become an elegant decoration of country houses. The abundance of design options allows you to inscribe such an element not only in the classic style of the interior, but in any other one.

 Metal staircase with forged handrails

Wooden spiral staircase

Wooden stairs are in great demand. Such designs ennoble the interior; give it a special atmosphere of home warmth and coziness. The wood by itself is very versatile in terms of decorating the premises and, depending on the design, perfectly suits any style. Therefore, a minimalistic wooden staircase will look great both in eco-style house, as well as a luxurious design with carved patterns – in classical, Empire style.

Closed construction of the staircase with solid handrails White sides of the wooden stepped staircase in the casual styled apartment Wooden stack of steps designed into the stairs Wooden risky staircase clamped between the walls Absolutely gorgeous spiral staircase in the epochal scale design full of unexpected solutions Black solid sides of the spiral staircase withing modern house

Stairs with glass elements

If you are dreaming of creating an easy, pleasant atmosphere, give preference to the glass steps that will complement the wooden railings and metal balusters. This option is an ideal solution for modern or high-tech style.

Glass spiral staircase with metal base to the pool level

Aesthetic function of elegant design

A twisted rise in luxurious private houses often performs an aesthetic function. Near it, the original console with live flowers or plants looks impressive. In apartments, such a ladder saves space, and under it you can arrange additional storage space.

The screw structure can also act as an art object – an unusual color, interesting shape, with LED backlight or a beautiful decor.

Orange juicy staircase White interior with brickwork and painted white spiral staircase Black steps of the white spiral staircase with chrome handrails Black designed metal staircase in the futuristic interior UFO looking spiral staircase in the ultramodern apartment Top close-up to the laminated steps of the spiral staircase Black spiral stairs the couple of levels high

By the way, the stairs of dark tones visually seem bigger and more spacious, but if they contrast with white walls, they will act as an effective element in the interior. If you maintain the integrity of the composition with a few details (curtains, pillows, accessories), then the space will noticeably change.

Metal pillar based spiral staircase in gray Metal rod based steps of the original open staircase Classic design of the interior with same classic forms of the spiral staircase

Without a doubt, the spiral staircase is that element of the interior that captivates with its beauty, grace, style, is the main highlight of the design. It does not matter if the staircase is made to order or with your own hands, the main thing is to observe all the technical nuances, and it suits your interior. Only then will the real atmosphere of style, warmth and coziness reign in your house.


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