Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017

The decoration of our house or apartment is kind a hallmark. This is a reflection of our style and rhythm of life, taste preferences and our view on comfort. Many owners of homes and apartments prefer to entrust the decoration of their homes to professionals who, in close contact with them will be able to create an interior that best meets all the requirements of comfort, aesthetics and functionality. But when you have free time and a desire to create a dream you can do it by your own. Just explore the latest trends and try to choose the design ideas that will most closely meet your needs and criteria of beauty, practicality and comfort. It is best to begin this difficult path of designing your own home with one room. For example, the interior of the bedroom is an important link in the chain of drawing up the design of an apartment or house. We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Good, comfortable and deep sleep affects our health, emotional state and activity level. All of us are waiting for luxury, comfort, atmosphere of maximum relaxation and calmness from the design of the bedroom. So what will be the most trending modern bedroom interior decoration & design ideas 2017? Let’s find out together.

Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Royal black accents Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Built-in hi-tech lamps at the headboard Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Nice rope lamp for modern room

Basic design trends of the season 2017

In the formation of modern design projects, experts are trying to find that difficult balance between cutting-edge design trends of residential spaces and that fashion ideas which be called – “at all times”. Not every design idea, which is now at the peak of popularity, is reflecting the specific needs of the customer; not every creative solution is applicable to everyday life. When choosing interior by himself, the owner of an apartment or private house will be in need to necessarily separate the “complicated” or impracticable design ideas in relation to his own stylistic and taste preferences.

Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Coffe & milk colors for relaxing Classic luxury space Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Pastel tones for tender atmosphere Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Quilted headboard and luxurious crystal chandelier

Modern style of decoration the dwellings is trapped between two stumbling blocks. On the one hand, actual design ideas are associated with minimalist trends, prompting us to get rid of all the excess, surrounding ourselves with only necessary interior items with maximum functionality. On the other, modern style advocated the creation of an atmosphere of maximum personal comfort. But many of us can’t do without basic items of furniture and decor to achieve a sense of comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Canopy frame for the modern Scandinavian style Totally white decoration of the bedroom with purple drapes 2017 Nice modern Classic interior with quilted headboard qurquoise wall decoration Orange platform for transforming bed with steel frame

There is another aspect of creating a modern interior, which cannot be but affect its creation – it is multifunctionality of the rooms. The shortage of usable space for apartments or houses dictates uniting of functional segments within a small area on the premises. For example, modern bedroom is not just a place to sleep and rest, but also a dressing room, an office or a workshop, a library and a room for the baby.

Sandwich platform bed in original Marine styled bedroom White neat Classic interior with nothing superfluous Blue quilted ottoman and canopy frame for the Scandinavian room set Classic ascetic bedroom with sliding doors

And yet it is possible to identify the main trends in the creation of the modern bedroom interior from where you can make a start by making an corrective to the size, shape and layout of the room:

  • modern bedroom is often a separate room; even in studio apartments, where the kitchen, dining and living room (often hallway) are combined into one space. The privacy of sleeping area is preserved;
  • bedroom 2017 is bright and spacious room (even if your room can not boast with a large number of square meters, you can create the illusion of space, freedom, interior image lightness);
  • personal comfort is the main priority, which is why a lot of attention is paid to ergonomic layout and furniture execution, as well as the use of safe and the environmentally friendly materials for finishing the interior and pieces of interior;
  • if we need to save space we should use transforming furniture, built-in constructions and multifunctional surfaces like consoles and modules that you can use doubly;
  • concise solutions are often the most relevant. If it is possible to simplify the design of one or another piece of interior, the modern style will surely do it; even the classic motifs are reflected in the preparation of the new modern design;
  • communication with the environment, highlighting of the natural interior motifs is transmitted through the use of natural materials and the use of natural colors in the color palette.

Mere Classic bed with the wavy upholstered ottoman Classic bedroom interior with quilted dark headboard and platform bed Three pictures in the bedroom Small masterstroke design in the loft bedroom with wooden surfaces

Decorating the room. Options of colors and combination of materials

Choosing a color palette for the bedroom decoration and the entire interior design will depend on the size of the room and its position in relation to the sides of the world. If the room is located on the southern, south-eastern side of the building, it will be enough lit with the sunlight and you can use the colors from cold group. If the bathroom is located on the north side, it is better to prefer warm colors, so will be able to “raise the degree of” of interior color temperature.

Large private house bedroom in pastel color gamma Large pictures and wooden surfaces of the modern bedroom 2017 Gray wall decoration and soft square quilted headboard Gray combination in the modern bedroom

Experts recommend using no more than three colors in the design of living spaces. Wherein the light tone should be the main. White and all its shades is the most popular color scheme for the registration of the bedrooms for many seasons. This is partly due to the fact that white color goes well with any other color solutions. It is able to visually increase the space and reflects natural light in it. The versatility of white shades allows to create original and at the same quiet image of the room even for those people who do it for the first time.

Ceiling beams of large logs in the modern Scandinavian style bedroom image naturalistic theme for fresh interior Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Quilted ottomanModern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Luxury decoration and bed linenModern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Typical Scandinavian style with natural motifs Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Scandinavian style in the loft small space

White is associated with purity, serenity and ease. It is the very atmosphere that many of us have come to expect from the room where we have to rest and gather strength for new work, new achievements and victories. Use white as the main color and two more as accents and your room for sleep and rest would be not only easy for emotional perception, but also stylish and modern.

Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Absolutely white idyllWhite calming interior of the bedroom near the oceanunique chandelier design with right stained coverlet at the bedClassic interior in modern large bedroomWhite bedroom with arch to the bathroom

White is the best fit to the concept of the modern style, which tends to the use of Scandinavian motifs. Nordic style is simple and concise, but also comfortable and cozy at the same time. It has a lot of light and space, there is a sense of freedom. And not minimalistic and cold but warm, homely. It is simple to create interior of the bedroom with the motives of the Scandinavian style, especially if you like to use white color as the background and place it on the contrasting elements of the interior in gray and wood tones.

Modern Scandinavian interior in white setting of the modern bedroom Absolutely white ascetic bedroom atmosphere with metal headboards of the beds White ceiling beams and metal sides of th bed Bright view through panoramic window to the natural outdoor Black drapes look chic in the ascetic white interior

The simplest way of bringing the brightness into the room design in the Scandinavian style is using the textile – bed drape and carpeting. Even small blotches of color can transform a room, which is based on bright colors design. Large indoor plants located directly on the floor will help to bring freshness and closeness to nature.

Fresh Marine and eco style mixing in the modern small bedroom with bed near the large windowModern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Abstraction at the headboard Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Typical Scandinavian style example in small bedroom Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Absctract contrasting picture Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Bright art-deco

The use of brickwork in modern interiors has not lost its popularity. Even such a “distant” from the loft-style room as a bedroom can harmoniously take a textured finish. If the earthy colors of brick wall is too bold decision for you, so the light bricks treated with water-based paint would be an excellent backdrop for furniture and decoration even small-sized bedrooms.

Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Headboard upholstered cover and textured wall trimming of the modern minimalistic bedroom Turquoise Classic reality

Combining the methods of finishing is one of mainstreams of living spaces design in the current season and the future. The ceiling design is more or less predictable – often we just need to achieve a perfectly flat snow-white surface. For the finishing of floors, experts recommend to use the classic floorboard. Natural material will ensure environmental safety and attractive aesthetics. But we can make interesting experiments with the design of the walls. Design technique called “accent wall” has become popular for bedroom interior as never before.

Bold idea for bedroom for two in minimalism Typical classic bedroom interior with sleepe at the windowsill Warm tints in the bedroom Contemporary style in the modern bedroom 2017 White bedroom with photowallpaper instead of headboard decoration

Surface behind the headboard “becomes” accent wall most often. It is possible to highlight it by means of the original wallpaper with photoprint, wall plates (made of wood, acrylic, ceramic or even glass), fabric, plaster or liquid wallpaper. Wall panels made of wood and MDF are very popular. There is no other thing that brings a natural warmth in the room design as a unique pattern of wood.

Solid massive frame of bed's canopy in contemporary style Wall decoration with large planks in eco styled bedroom Another chic and luxurious wooden headboard Wooden headboard is always relevant to almost any interior design style Natural style in the modern interior

If your bedroom has a fireplace (no matter it is real or only the imitation), then the space around it just needs finishing of “natural stone” looking material. Modern masonry imitation look no worse than a natural material, but are also easy to install, weigh much less and less capricious in care. Even a small piece of the surface decorated with the help of artificial stone will bring the mood of country house luxury, even in the framework of a city apartment.

Slant ceiling and fan at the forest side private house Modern mix of interior design styles in cozy setting of the bedroom 2017

Wallpaper with metal embossing, velor, velvet, viscose and other textile finishing materials are literally created for the dormitories. Luxury fabrics can not only blends into the sleek design of the room, but bring elegance, sophistication and a touch comfortable atmosphere to its image.

Spring theme of the headboard wallpaperModern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Velvet ottoman and the textured wallpaperModern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Neat gray color palette for modern spaceModern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Gray wallpaper and quilted silver headboard

Furniture and decor for the bedroom. Emphasize main and connect functions

No one will argue the fact that the bed is a key element in the bedroom. Sleeper is not only convenient and comfortable area for recreation, but also the coordination center of the interior around which often the whole concept of design builds up. Even modern style which is tending to minimalism accepts not just attractive aesthetics but luxury in the design of the bed. Expensive headboard velor upholstery, decorative elements with glossy surfaces or luxury textile design – all these trappings do not exclude orthopedics and ergonomics of the product and a mattress for him.

Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Noir style with Classic touch Contemporary interior of the bedroom Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Shabby chic Classic mix of styles Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Shabby chic touch in the standard modern interior Modern Bedroom Interior Decoration & Design Ideas 2017. Pop-art color palette

Most often, the design in the room is not limited to sleeping place only. Setting up your work space in the bedroom is determined by relaxed atmosphere. It is often impossible to concentrate and immerse yourself into the work in the living room, where the whole family gathered. In addition, ​​the desktop can play the role of the dressing table as part of the sleeping area, just having undergone a minor metamorphosis.

King bed and ottoman Nice textured drapery Classic light olive bed Absolutely light airy interior unique canopy frame of wood

If you want to equipped not just a working place, but the whole home library in the bedroom, you wouldn’t manage it without the book shelf. Designers recommend to give preference to open shelves rather than bulky bookcases with glass inserts on the doors. Even if the wall of books will be floor-to-ceiling height, the structure will not look massive if it is executed in white (or the lightest type of wood). Of course, there is a definite disadvantage of using rack, shelves of which start from the ceiling, because you’ll be in need of a stepladder or ladder. But this problem can be solved with the help of a lightweight, but strong at the same time ladder which is easy to find in the chain stores of household goods.

White library-bedroom interior Scandinavian style Library-bedroom zoning ideas

You can use all the space around the window opening for the bookshelf. Most often, these surfaces are not used at all. Even small artificial niches can accommodate several rows of open shelves, which will become a spacious storage system for books, documents and home office.

Large picture in the multifunctional bedromm Platform bed and bookshelves urban style for small bedroom

As for decorating windows with curtains and drapes, the modern style tends to the complete absence of any textile or the use of thin, translucent tulle. It is easy to apply this rule for the living room, allowing sunlight to freely spread around the room, but the presence of blackout curtains in the bedroom is most often not a decorative element but a necessity. Designers recommend the use of fabric blinds or Roman blinds for rooms in which there is a need to hide the situation from prying eyes and sunlight.

Classic gray setting of the bed Wooden ceiling and canopy frame Ottoman in form of two chairs Dotted headboard decoration

Modern interior for a small bedroom

If the room that it was decided to be a bedroom is not distinct with a large area, then some of the standard design techniques for the design of the space just will not fit it. First of all, you must get rid of everything unnecessary. A small space can become messy very quickly if you’re not consistently keeping track of the emergence of “necessary” interior pieces and sifting them. Only the most important pieces of furniture should be left in the small bedroom. They are bed and storage system (in some cases, we’ll have to give up even the cabinet or chest).

uphosltered headboard contributes to atmosphere Light bedroom with mirror cabinet Classic, eco and Scandinavian style mixes in bedroom Light interior

Use bright and warm colors for the decoration of the small room for sleep and rest. Mirror and glossy surfaces will help to visually enlarge the space. Stretch glossy ceiling visually increase the height of the room. And the mirrors as partial wall finishing or wall decoration will help to erase the boundaries of a small space.

Classic light bedroom Light Scandinavian loft bedroom Gray tints color palette for contemporary bedroom Classic bed frame Contemporary minimalism

But this does not mean that small bedroom does not have place brightness. On the bright background of the walls contrast will look not even the brightest shades. Use textile bed design as an accent (bedspread and “runner”, decorative pillows, bed linen) – it can always be changed, if the coloring is bothering.

Warm palette for the top-tier bedroom White bedroom with ethnoc motives Zoned sleeping place

The lighting system requires special attention in small rooms. Since properly selected and arranged light sources can perform a miracle in a space. They can visually increase the room, create a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere. A small area of ​​the bedroom is not a reason to confine yourself with only the central chandelier. It is better to be able to maneuver – lightings for bedtime reading or for creating a special, intimate atmosphere.

Turquoise palette for Rustic bedroom caricature pictures at the headboard Quilted uphosltered emerald headboard Olive green color palette for painted walls

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