San Francisco Apartment Wooden Interior Design Ideas

Have you ever encountered the design of the dwelling where the dreams of a hunting lodge were embodied in the interior with a modern twist? Now you will have the opportunity. The original, unique, distinctive – there are lots of epithets can be given to the visual style of a private house in San Francisco. The use of wood for surface finishing and stuffed animals as wall decor creates the feeling of being in a country house. But modern motifs of the San Francisco apartment wooden interior design ideas are bringing us back to the bounds of the bustling city. An unusual mix of stylistic directions, colors and design ideas led to the creation of a completely unique, interesting and memorable image of a modern home.

Nice wooden country design ideas for real apartment

We start our little photo tour of the premises of the American home with a living room that combines dining functions too. A white finish of the ceiling and most of the walls visually expands the space, creates a clean and fresh image of the room. While the wooden floor and using of the wall panels for accent wall decoration allows you to bring notes of natural warmth, sense of presence in the country to the interior of a spacious room. Rack wall panels of wood with different texture, color and natural pattern and located horizontally contribute to the expansion of visual space of the room. Light upholstery on the background of wood furniture tones look particularly expressive and bright. And colorful print of the cushions brings a variety of colors in the atmosphere of the most San Francisco apartment wooden interior design ideas.

Animalistic and wooden interior in the US

Upholstered furniture of modular modification allows you to create the greatest possible number of places to seat and, in some cases, to sleep at the minimal amount on the usable space of the room. As a result, in the living room is always a lot of places to accommodate not only households, but also visitors, some of which may be left overnight and stay comfortably on the sofa, bed or chairs.

To enhance the effect of the presence of accent wall, its surface is decorated with unusual decor. And bright art work was not the only center of attraction. Using the stuffed animals for decorating the surfaces of the housing has a long history. And it probably will never ever lose its relevance for some homeowners.

Stuffed roe deer heads and rustic plaid covered the wooden bench

The originally decorated living room has a lot of live plants. They are placed in large tubs, decorated in the form of wicker baskets, small pots, and even under glass, simulating a small greenhouse.

Decorative elements of the wooden interior design

Interior designers have chosen a non-trivial design of the fireplace for the unordinary American household. Only the flame of fire remained from the classic understanding of the hearth. The rest of attributes of such an important for many homeowners living room interior item have undergone obvious interpretation. As part of an eclectic image of the room was no harm from the use of live plants and small sculptures with oriental motifs in the design.

If we talk about the eclecticism in this San Francisco apartment wooden interior design ideas, its dining area deserves no less attention. Original dining table of lightweight concrete, designer chairs and the use of colorful upholstery to enhance the comfort of your stay at an unusual bench. Everything in this functional segment is working at creation of original and memorable image.

Living room and staircase at the wooden interior San Francisco apartment

By spiral staircase with a contrasting black-and-white execution we raise to the second floor of the American home. And even in the smallest spaces of the house we can see a clear adherence to the basic concept of interior design ideas: a combination of white surfaces with wood trim with images or sculptures of animals. It is not to mention about the application of modern design elements of decor, lighting and textiles.

Skull and leather upholstered headboard

Next, let`s review the large space of a bedroom, where the central and, certainly, the focal element of the interior is a big bed with leather upholstered headboard and frame. Such a bedding needs appropriate company – original bedside tables instead of the usual nightstands, unusual decor and interesting models of wall lamps.

Vinatge stuff in the wooden interior in San Francisco

Only really spacious rooms can afford an active use of wood for surface finishing. But even large rooms require dilution of natural materials. White surfaces in this case are the most successful mean. Metal elements of furniture, lighting and decorative items are also dilutes idyll in wood finishes and furnishings of the bedroom greatly.

Natural motifs present in the San Francisco apartment wooden interior design ideas not only through the active use of wood, but in the smallest details of the interior – living plants, pictures of animals, the use of carpets imitating animal skins.

Stuffed skull of a bison in the real San Francisco country styled interior

Well, the most obvious reminder of the interior hunting lodges – the use of stuffed animals and skeletons as wall decor. Of course, such a modern décor within the home environment looks differently in compare with forest huts.

Small but cozy and homey interior in the country style

For zoning of spacious bedroom designers have chosen the original screen with a graphical image of animalistic theme. These screens are attached to the wooden beams, which not only serve as a reliable system of overlapping, but also as a decorative element for an eclectic bedroom design.

Easy and vintage decorating elements of the premise are bringing it closer to the look of a real hunter hut

The use of black and white prints for decorating of planes and carpets as well as wooden surfaces continues in this segment with a spacious chest of drawers. It can be used as a dressing table either.

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