Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas

The Republic of Singapore, the city-state, a country of 60 islands. there is a great number of different names for this small by area state located in Southeast Asia. Most well-known fact is that the country in a relatively short period of time (by the standards of the reorganization of the state system) has evolved from a poor small island state, which had to export even fresh water have into a prosperous, highly developed electronics leader of Southeast Asia. It is clear that the welfare of the country as a whole should be reflected in the standard of living of the population. Quick jump of the economy has allowed the majority of the middle class households to raise the level of life, well-being and comfort. In this publication we would like to show you the interior of a Singapore apartment, and such a long preamble was needed to make at least a rough impression of the mentality of local residents, more recently, dwells in poverty and now found themselves on top of the economic peak.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Hall in light wooden parquet

Vastness and comfort, luxury and splendor, natural materials and sheen – you can choose the epithets for the Singapore apartment for a long time. Beauty and elegance in the home are comply with the basic concept of interior decoration – creating a cozy, comfortable and yet luxurious environment. And if someone perceive convenience and comfort through minimum furnishings and decor, so for the Singapore apartment`s homeowners and designers, aesthetics and even some glamour in the design of the space are at the forefront.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. hall and armchairs to rest

Modern luxury living room interior

There are lot of contrasting combinations of bright spots and original, expressive elements in the spacious living room. But meanwhile the whole interior looks organic, modern, comfortable and functional. Using contrasting combinations of pastel colors with dark, deep colors has created a dynamic and even a bit dramatic design of the living room. Placing upholstery along large panoramic windows, closed with blinds from the ceiling to the floor, helped to keep the sense of space and freedom of movement in the room.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas in the spacious living room

living room interior has become the epitome of modern luxury, but the room design is incredibly practical at the same time. And not only because the soft zone living room can comfortably accommodate a group of several people, but also because all the furniture is interchangeable. The storage system turns into the stand or seats, the consoles are carrying both decorative and practical function.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas in dark color theme ans inwrought rug

Another spacious living room is a premise filled with a combination of gloss and matte, pastel tones and dark colors, modern art and antique interior elements. Integrated lighting and local lighting sources help to create the relaxed and more intimate atmosphere, which invites to plunge in at the end of a working day for relaxation and recreation.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas for spacious room

A large built-in storage of the living room is more like a exhibition showcase with many interesting items of decoration inside. Using a combination of glass and mirror surfaces on a black background of the base structure, highlights and shine of stainless steel, designers have managed to create a truly unique focal center of the room.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas wall cabinet decoration

In the space of a Singapore apartment much attention is paid to detail and decor. Lots of live plants and flowers in a vases, unusual decoration items are placed in the very same amount when you do not feel excessiveness, but tempted to view these cute little homey things for a long time.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. More flowers and natural elements Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas small figurines make the distinction

Singapore apartment modern design ideas of dining. Elegant setting for meals

Passing a spacious hall, we find ourselves in the pass-through room serving for family dinners and receptions with meal. Dark frame of passage looking like the gate to the other building is reflected in the glossy surface of the floor and multiplied among the mirror and glass surfaces of dining room.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. bright steel and glass elements in contrast with dark wood

Comfortable and luxurious at the same time dining group is represented by a spacious table with mirrored top and chairs, armchairs with soft leather upholstery. Mirrored surface elements of darkened glass, illuminated as if with use of built-in backlight, and by the suspended chandeliers of original design were used in order to keep the theme of expression in the arrangement of table space.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Dining zone with wooden furniture

The game of contrasts, highlighted by a variety of lighting fixtures, became the basis of the design concept in this stylish and modern dining room. Alternating of matt and mirrored surfaces, the black and white, of smooth and textured is the basis of Singapore apartment`s aesthetics.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Spacious dining zone in the living

Bedrooms: rooms with comfortable and brilliant design

There are multiple bedrooms in the apartment located in the city-state of Singapore. All of them are decorated in a common concept of dwelling interior: a combination of dark and light colors, different textures, shapes, objects and structures. The first bedroom of this spacious apartments, in fact, is decorated with shades of two colors – white and black. The alternation of the two contrasts made it possible to create a non-trivial, catchy and yet modern interior of the room for sleep and rest.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas for bedroom in the dark tones

There are wood shades in the flooring and beige tone in textiles of upholstered headboard added to a black and white two-tone interior in the second bedroom. soft, unassuming atmosphere of privacy and comfort creates in the bedroom space with the scattering light coming from the desktop of floor lamps. there is a built-in ceiling lamp system for a brighter room lighting.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Bedroom in light color palette

The console of original form, which can be used as a workplace by installing a laptop or a dressing table, is set in addition to comfortable seating along the large panoramic windows in the bedroom area.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. home office hi-tech and minimalistic design

Third in a row (but not in the level of luxury) bedroom is furnished with great glamor and glitter. Mirror surface and matte at several levels, built-in lights, various textures, rich textiles and leather upholstery – everything in this bedroom is working to create a comfortable, rich and noble design. Large bed is the central piece of furniture. It`s located in a decent company – light leather inlay in the center of upholstered headboard and mirror surfaces at the both sides over the bedsides.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. bedroom with curtain shutter of the window looks solitarily

Huge panoramic windows at night are shuttered with satin curtains with an unusual ornament, hiding the usual  day view of the open metropolis with its skyscrapers, buildings of glass and concrete, bright advertising and noisy streets.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Spaious bedroom with urban window view

In addition to a small recreation area provided by a leather swivel chair with a footrest that can be used as a pouf and a low table with mirror top, in the space of the bedroom is a corner with a dressing table and a selection of image area. Laconic, but full of glitter mirror surfaces, the decoration of this functional segment creates an incredibly relaxed atmosphere in which one wants to stay as long as possible.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Boudoir and the night table in the modern bedroom

Interior of the latest bedroom in the Singapore apartment is notable for its forms and, above all, a form of the bed as the “central” a piece of furniture in every sense of this word. Round, oval, smooth theme in the design of furniture, decor and different constructions became the basis of the concept of the bedroom`s interior. Not only the round bed, but also original design above its headboard with backlit alcoves, performing the functions of the shelves, storage systems, become the focal center of the room.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Unique rounded forms for the bedroom

Rounded shape also present in the design of a workplace located here. No less personalized model chandeliers, perfectly complementing the contrasting, modern but a cozy image of the room for sleep and rest rounding out the original image of the bedroom.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Unusual wall-long cabinets of peculiar form and contrasting yellow tone

Auxiliary premises in Singaporean apartment. Comfort in every detail

Even space near the stairs, allocated for seating areas and a library, exudes grace and comfort, luxury and refined aesthetics. Attention to detail forms the integrity of the interior, and the combination of natural colors with contrasting dark elements is at the basis of design concept of the small relaxation and reading area.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Bright couch with terry cushions


Nice luxurious kitchen of the modern Singapore apartment is the follower of the overall design concept but, as every other room, has its special features. We can see the minimalistic bright interior with glossy plastic surfaces and lots of auxuliary elements like mobile trolley, furniture set for fast meal for two and multifunctional island. We also can see that designers practically give preference to the light matte ceramic tile on the floor. The complex lighting only emphasizes the bright and clean image of the kitchen and ditract attention from the balcony outside.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. White color palette of modern kitchen


If we speak about the bathroom of this modern dwelling, we can say that it designed much more in the style of kitchen then other premises. Light interior minimalistic environment and practical functionality of every square centimeter. Blending with the overall chic of the bathroom makes you want to visit it as often as possible.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Bathroom narble finishing and contrast

A nice addition to a Singapore apartment is an outdoor terrace, located on the balcony. The possibility of rest in the fresh air for the city dweller is expensive. And designers treated with the greatest care the arrangement of the open veranda as places for recreation, barbecue area and even outdoor patio. Comfortable rattan beds with soft filling. A small table for them in the alliance, a barbecue equipment – all framed by large green plants. Add to this the image of the original realization of the floor covering in the form of a chess pattern imitating lawn and stone slabs, and you`ll get a unique, attractive and user-friendly version of recreation in the open air under the Singapore home.

Singapore Apartment Modern Design Ideas. Terrace with natural motifs

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