Top 7 Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing

Decorating the walls affects the interior and the overall look of the room like nothing else. Therefore, you should approach the choice of material not only from the “oh, how nice it will look” position, but also pay attention to practicality. After all, each room has its own functional areas. Let us look at the most popular option of finishing the walls in the apartment and review their pros, cons, and photos. We present to your attention our hot top 7 most popular materials for wall finishing hit-parade with all the necessary additional information.


Top 7 popular materials wall finishing. Searching for a more suitable variant


Wallpaper is perhaps the most popular version of the decor of the room. There are different types of wallpaper, from simple paper to vinyl, or even 3D photo wallpaper. The material is selected depending on the room. For example,  vinyl (washable) wallpaper suits better in the kitchen. Obviously, it is very convenient, because at any time you can clean the walls of the soot and other dirt. And the bathroom requires choosing a moistureproof wallpaper type, otherwise the material will absorb moisture can get off the surface. Moreover, the fungus can appear in addition to all cons. In the kids’ room, there are several solutions to the problem: washable and lightweight paper (weights up to 110 g / m3) wall covering. The first option is more expensive and practical. It will be the perfect solution for a variety of “surprises” from the most active members of the family. No doubt parenting needs lots of resources: financial, emotional, and physical. Sometimes you’ll have to renovate the material in a short time. The paper option is cheaper and heavily soiled wallpaper can be easily changed. But you will have to do it more frequently than with washable wallpaper.

Nice colorful wallpaper in the classic bedroom

The living room will look great with non-woven, liquid, textile, photo, 3D wallpaper.  And one or the other option is chosen depending on the design. All the nuances of wall decoration wallpaper (kinds, photos, description, how to choose, etc.) here.

Naturalistic pattern of the wallpaper in the light decorated bedroom Top 7 Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Dark blue wallpaper for the contemporary bathroom

Decorative Plaster

For most of us the phrase “wall stucco” is associated with aligning surfaces and other rough work. But today, decorative plaster is a great solution for the original decoration of the room. Firstly, Its technical qualities, properties, and appearance of the material are varying depending on the type (acrylic, mineral, silicate, etc.). Secondly, the advantage is the ability to apply a variety of patterns. Even a few right strokes with a spatula can give the original look of the room. The complexity of applying the material can be considered a disadvantage. All the secrets of the plaster are here.

Top 7 Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. A lot of painting and patchwork on the wall of pop styled bedroom Top 7 Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Original design of the clock for the contemporary small kitchen with dark accent wall Top 7 Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Simple texture plaster decorated wall

Tile is One of Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing

Tile is moisture, temperature drops, and other troubles resistant. So it is best suited for the bathroom and kitchen. The disadvantage is the complexity of the processing and its high cost. For example, the tile “cottoforte” would perfectly complement any interior, but not everybody can afford the cost of its laying. The Interior of a room depends on the appearance of the material (ceramic, glass, PVC, etc.), each of which has its own characteristics. For more information about tile installation, and other kinds of nuances you can read here.

Top 7 Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Large tile for the finishing of the splashback zone in the kitchen Colorful tiles for the bathroom

Gypsum Plasterboard

Drywall finishing is a good option for almost any room. Moreover, you can use gypsum plasterboard by yourself to make your walls straight. Besides, it won’t take long.

Absolutely calm and pleasing atmosphere in the bedroom with panoramic windows behind the tulle curtains Contemporary bright design of the bedroom with plasterboard zoning Stone decorated home theater for all the family

Some advantages of gypsum plasterboard are:

  • it does not require any preparatory work on the walls entice;
  • conceal wiring, pipes, heaters;
  • experienced master is able to deliver a variety of room bends, drops, and other design solutions;
  • fairly quick installation.

Among the most apparent disadvantages we can see the following:

  • echoing and hollow wall;
  • weak moisture resistance (but there is a special moisture-proof material). Read more about drywall, click here

Wall Panels

Most often, you can see the PVC panels in offices, shopping malls, and other commercial establishments. Since plastic is not a natural material. Because o this it is rarely used in the bedroom or living room. But plastic panels will be a great solution for the kitchen or the bathroom since they have all the necessary qualities. Furthermore, the material is easy to assemble and in case of damage, any item can be easily replaced. All of the PVC panels here.

Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Large loft bedroom Unusual wooden plates for the interior decoration of the classic living room Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Nice dark toned living room in Modern style with white ceiling

Decorative Stone

The decorative stone in the apartment is very expensive. Also, you’ll unlikely succeed to apply it on the wall by yourself without the necessary experience, so it is required to refer to specialists. This is perhaps the only negative feature of the material. But otherwise natural, durable stones are able to bring the room originality and to emphasize the status of its hosts.

Stone decorated headboard in the bedroom Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Stone decorated dining room with transparent glass table

You can hire a professional to install wall decorative stone for wall finishing with the help of HomeAdvisor. The contractor-matching service will help you connect with thousands of professionals from wall finishing, electrical work, to plumbing and HVAC services.

Check the following tips when outside wall finishing using decorative stones:

  • Use an Extension Cord as a Marker: Lay out the wall curve, defining the area needed to be dug out for the foundation or trench, and use an extension cord as your marker. Also, you can use a garden hose as an alternative or a length of rope. For a straight wall, you can use strings and stakes. 
  • Dig the Trench: After laying the extension cord marker, dig out the trench. If the wall is long, renting a backhoe is a good idea. You can use long-handled shovels to get the job done if your wall isn’t too long.
  • Tamp Down the Gravel: Because the trench is the wall’s solid foundation, fill it with gravel and tamp it down until it’s compacted and level using a hand tamper or power tamper.
  • Level the Stones: Place the stones touching side by side, fairly snug when laid down. As you put each stone, level each using a torpedo level. Inspect the side-to-side and front-to-back levels. 

Natural stone slabs decorated bedroom with light fixtures

Painting as Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing

More often use of painting is for exterior decoration of a private house, but it will be also a great solution inside your home. Due to the wide variety of colors, textures, and forms, you can give the room a variety of options for decoration. And you can easily turn the apartment into a work of art by using a figured roller (or other specialized tools).  Noteworthy, even for applying textured paint, you need to have perfectly flat walls. Otherwise, you risk not getting the desired result.

Wall painted in gradient of bright colors in the fresh designed bedroom Most Popular Materials for Wall Finishing. Calmness and tranquility in the living room is slightly dissolved by dark olive accent wall Painting in the bedroom can be in the form of different patterns of wall paint

Pros and cons:

  • ease of operation,
  • low cost of the material opportunities in the decoration of the room,
  • paint emphasizes any defects and irregularities of the walls.

Well, all the secrets of the paint are described here.

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