Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas

An integral part of the women’s bedroom is a dressing table with mirror. In the old days they were intended mainly for face washing. Now, in a variety of drawers of this small piece of furniture women usually store their little tricks – the means to improve the female image. We introduce women`s personal space: boudoir arrangement ideas – the ideas for indispensable part of the interior of the big apartments or private house.

Modern dresser for applying of make-up, hair styling and various treatments for skin. To all of these procedures could be carried out most effectively, a table must have a number of necessary characteristics.


Location, form and content

The table in the boudoir has to perform both an aesthetical and practical function. You should start with the form as the main criteria for selection of such furniture. There are three main types:

  • Classic;
  • trellis;
  • pier-glass.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas with glass chair in the minimalistic interiorWomen`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas in the darl wallpapered interior

The first type is a simple table with located mirror on it. Such tables are additionally equipped with drawers and cabinets to store everything you need. The trellis is different from other types with presence of three mirrors. One of them is securely fastened, the other two are hanging on its hinges and remain mobile. You can see yourself from all sides by setting them at a suitable angle. Cheval (pier-glass) is equipped with a large full-length of a human height mirror. Table itself can be of any size. In addition, there are kinds with a folding mirror which is compact and would be suitable in small spaces.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas in the ideally white bedroom with big cabinet

It is not necessary to arrange this piece of furniture in one set with the other elements of the design. If your liked store set does not contain the boudoir table you can pick it apart. The main thing is to harmonize it according the style and general atmosphere of the bedroom.

An important part of the dresser are drawers. Such storage systems are ideal for storing the little things that are uncomfortable for keeping on the table. Distributing of cosmetics by the boxes, you can save space on the table for a vase of flowers, pictures, beautiful perfume bottles and other decorative objects.

Materials for the manufacture of dressing tables can be:

  • tree;
  • glass;
  • plastics;
  • metal and others.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas in hi-tech interiorWomen`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas in the picturesque wardrobe

People predominantly select the wood with the metallic elements. This products are made in various styles and different colors. Such diversity allows to choose the most appropriate table for a specific interior.

The use of glass makes boudoir table stylish. Better if it will cover the entire countertop. silver-plated elements will also appear stylish:

  • trays;
  • photo frames;
  • fittings.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas eclectic interior in the interior with unusual print of green wallpaper

Besides, white porcelain figurines add tenderness and lightness to the female intimate area. Transparent plastic chairs, decorated with a silk cloth or a boa of ostrich feathers may appear as a supplement. The mere chair can also be adapted by making an elegant cover of a suitable color for it. It would be great if such a case is made from the same fabric as the curtains, bedspreads and bedside banquettes.

Dressing table does not have to replicate the color and shape of the rest of the furniture. If it has some special qualities, it is necessary to emphasize them by color. The dark element will attract attention white bedroom. You can zone the space by singling out this piece of furniture.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas in the contrasting dark interior

Typically, the bedroom is chosen for location of the boudoir. But you can experiment using the hall or dressing room if there is enough light. It is also convenient to place items for personal use in the bathroom. But to installation of the dressing table here will require a lot of place that unlikely would be found in the standard bathrooms.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas. Golden theme for women`s room Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas for multipurpose room

You can zone the space, allocating the place for self-care, by using of two types of wallpaper. Let one of them be monotonous, and the other one have a large pattern. One can be pasted over all the room, leaving the second one for zone of boudoir table. Besides, it is convenient to use a different floor coverings. It is enough to cover the space under the table with fluffy rug and beauty zone will be detached. A screen would be the ideal delimiter. It helps to hide the ordinances of creating the ideal image far away from prying eyes.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas. Folding mirror at the dressing table near the bed

Highlighting boudoir table

The most important factor in the functionality of the dresser is its illumination. The best place for the location of this piece of furniture will be a space next to the window. Natural lighting will allow the best way to see the shortcomings of the image and hide them.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas. Nice girlish salon for noisy gatherings and ceration of unique image

If there`s no place near the window, so the special attention should be paid to lighting equipment in the immediate vicinity. Light sources should uniformly illuminate the face, not allowing other objects to drop a shadow on it. The best option would be placing of a small halogen bulbs yellow on the perimeter of a mirror. White lighting is not recommended, because it makes the skin color unnatural and will lead to the creation of failed make-ups.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas in the spacious bathroom

You can also use two lamps on the sides of the mirror or one major fixture on top. It is important that the light should not hit in the eye. Downlights that can be adjusted for your needs will help you to avoid this.


Selecting the mirror

For the dressing table it is important to correctly choose the mirror. Many factors depend on its properties. For example, the absence the full-length mirrors in the house will require acquisition of trellis (boudoir table, equipped with a large mirror). You can create such a structure yourself, combining a bedside table with wall mirror.

It is believed that to sleeping in front of the mirror brings negative consequences in terms of energy. It is possible To avoid such situation using folding mirror. Usually, it is removed in the table, thereby forming a flat surface which can be used for various purposes.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas. Discrete woman`s room design with built-in boudoir to the cabinet

The mirror on the stand will also help to solve many problems. Any convenient bedside table can become a refined boudoir table with its help. To pick up a mirror to the interior is much easier than to choose one-piece boudoir table. Therefore, the use of one of the cabinets of the bed set and a mirror in a beautiful frame is a good design solution.

Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas for the gray designed bedroom Women`s Personal Space: Boudoir Arrangement Ideas in the room full of pictures

The main thing when choosing such furniture in the interior is the maximum preservation of its functionality in the overall balance of the visual effect.

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